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    Some building never get resources collected but this might be because of too much building are in construction or upgrade and resources not being made fast enough. But some building seems to have all resources but no nuggets comes to construct them, all nuggets from all kind of jobs keep coming to different constructions, dont bring anything, dont do anything, just come and go and dont do their job. Some modern houses (in save its the line next to power plant and some industries i believe) have texture of house in construction but when i click on them, they show families inside (so they are functional i guess?). Modern houses also doesnt seem to upgrade but place next to tudor ones so i demolish them. The game slowly started to break when going to modern age as more and more houses kept upgrading and couldnt keep up. Now it seems unplayable and i didnt even get to build airport. https://sharefiles.app/download/7a0cb91059f24323b07f8f1ec1daa5b41ded7900
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    Yeah it might be because of many building placed at once. Till modern age I had enough resources, but then everything starts upgrade to modern and I cant keep up so I build more mines + first factories that get researched. It went to extreme when i found out im trying to build factories that need glass when i didnt build glass factory. But the glass factory never started being built and I didnt want to demolish other in progress because I did gather all other materials which took so long. There should be some clear guide which tells you in what order to build them. And if there is one, clearly its not enough, because I didnt notice.
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    Nuggets colors?

    Yes, I believe there are only those two abnormal colors
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    i have that exact same issue in the transfer from stone to refined stage, nothing gets built, tried to restart and now my game just loads forever, have no idea why.
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    Steam key

    Hi @JackSkeletron Your key for the crytivo launcher will also be your steam key. on steam go to Games> Activate A Product On Steam..> enter the key and it should activate your steam copy. If this does not work, please contact our support team through the help chat on Crytivo.com to get the key issue resolved!
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    I had that same exact problem. You’re not alone. I can’t even get past medieval era.
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    Can't click off the fishing pier

    Apparently what happened was I clicked a spot where it selected the nugget AND the fishing pier at the exact time. I started a new game and this is not an issue.