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    You described settlers or every rts building game with fog of war. You even described some elements of Civilization. If the main mechanic in the advertised concept of The Universim is still the same - The Universim is a god game. It's not at the moment of course it's a RTS game at the moment and development direction seems to go straight to RTS city builder... so @(KG XST) PEDRO GAMER TV I understand your ideas to implement more RTS mechanics.... but I don't like the idea. not because your idea is bad. It isn't of course. But The Universim was advertised as god game. Not as another rts game. There are so many RTS games on the market. The Universim claimed to be a outstanding revival of the god game genre. There even is a stoneage city builder game in development which looks great. Ancient Cities So no. I don't want The Universim to be another "who cares about the game" city builder rts game. The uniqueness of The Universim needs to be the focus on the god game genre. We have a stoneage tribe to begin with. They need to learn to protect themselves from nature and wild animals. God does not play a role here. You're right. @AKoshelkov What lies behind this decision? What's planned Alex? We're still a spectator more or less and have no influence at all. Adding some new powers for a god does not help. Please take a look at the topic and it would be great to discuss with the devs and ohter The Universim players openly in the topic: What Do You Think About Research about your vision for The Universim. Do you vision The Universim as a RTS city builder civilization game with some add on spells for a "god" or something else.
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    Opinions on the new patch?

    If there only was a god in this god game to protect the poor little nuggets. Too bad... Sarcasm of the day was brought to you by snact. secular nuggets against church taxes
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    Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    Hey, Just got this game and ive been playing it a fair bit, overall enjoying it and am sooo excited for the full version when its all complete. BUT this wolf situation needs to be adjusted, I also keep having half my village killed off from a pack of wolves every single winter as i get closer to the medieval stage. I have been playing for three days straight and not once have i managed to progress to a successful medieval village. My frustration on this is ever increasing. The nuggets do not go to the bunkers when they are attacked, the watch tower nuggets....freak out..they are supposed to be the village protectors, and then my village withers and dies because there are not enough villagers to run the place. i had 12 nuggets die the first attack then the next time it was around 20... i have yet to have a village over 75 pop. As god i am helpless to protect my poor little nugz, why cant i smite these nasty wolves? Eliseth you are not alone on this one.
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    There will be announcemnt in a day or two regarding this.
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    Hey. I really would like to know what the others are thinking about the way we do research in the game. That's it,heh. See, I was playing Stellaris a lot and the game is absolutely amazing, there's just one thing that doesn't seem right to me and that's how you do research. I'm more the kind of guy who likes to see where I am, where I'm heading to and what I have to do to get there. But choosing from randomly popping up techs makes me feel like sitting in front of a slotmachine, pushing buttons for an unseen jackpot. As for The Universim I feel the same way, but with more "frustration". The research as it takes place right now actually offers no proof of progression. When selecting a certain perk and researching it, I can only imagine which opportunities may arise afterwards. The game deserves more.
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    Opinions on the new patch?

    I love the new patch but have found some minor issues. Because your enginearing needs a nugget with an education it will take a long time for buildings to get repaired. When wolves attack and you don't have your graveyard upgraded you are screwed. I have 15 dead nuggets dead lieing around town as we speak. I might need a smarter nugget. And I find that the count of PowerPoints we get are low. I can't even pick up all the dead nuggets to drop them in a pile. But there does happen alot more storybased so it's awesome to play. As Always with developing games it needs a few tweaks but it deffinatly makes it more fun!
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    Find my lost nugget

    Can't believe I didn't think of that >.< Well I know what I'm doing next time lol.
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    This bug was already noticed in the test version and i believe they have a fix but couldnt add it in time.
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    Remove building durability

    I would only like to add one thing to this topic which is that I think engineers need to be able to detect the worst building closest to their engineer hut. I've seen an engineer go to their hut and go to repair something far off when I had a weather tower right next door about to fall into pieces. I'm not sure if there is a max radius they have around their hut so I literally end up with 6 of them ( kind of in a giant circle if I can) and after they're all upgraded, I still get warnings about buildings being in bad shape with 12 engineers running around. But at least it's known it's not balanced and at least if it's an important building, I just heal it with my god power so I don't lose it. So it's not on my "OMG I HAVE to have this fixed!" list. Not that I have one of those
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    Make me smile again

    Dear @AKoshelkov, as a passionate Kickstarter backer from the beginning I followed the ups and downs of the development for almost 3 years and 8 months since the successful funding. You''ve made great progress yes, but the foundation is still broken and you need manpower to fix it. Starting with the completly misjudged release roadmap during kickstarter. Why this huge misjudgement? You are a creative artist and really great in visual design. But you're not a programmer. How many full time programmers work for Crytivo and since when? Full time programmers that are good at their job should be able to develop at least a working minimal foundation that works most of the time in more than tree years. Part time programmers of course with a daytime job have other things on their mind. You delivered great concepts and added add on and strecht goals but could not realize one of them yet because you have no stable base. The Kickstarter alone made $ 387,345 and you were able to get more support trough your site after kickstarter finished. Let me ask you some questions if we're talking seriously honest and full of transparency. How much money was spent on: Arts and Assets Programming PR Building up Crytivo as a Publisher including investments in other games. Thinking of developing a game... We talked about a stable base you can develop on... a non professional would think... investing in full time programmers would be a good idea, right? How many full time programmers work for crytivo since you're a publisher now and you offer development assistance. Be honest. Be awesome. Be true.
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