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    Grad Students

    Same thing happened with my playthrough. I managed to have three university grads, only to have one die on me seconds later. Both my profs were the university grads too, didn't help much.
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    Ambiguous: AI pathing issues - 3

    Currently there are no differences between the normal branch and the experimental branch, except that logs are written on the experimental (Which can actually lead to it being slower if there's some kind of infinitely repeating error the computer is having to write to the log file every frame), so main should actually generally run better. Pathfinding issue's we're not cataloguing at the moment as we're reworking the whole system, which should hopefully fix a lot of the problems people have been having. For issues like the one you're describing you'll unfortunately have to rely on in game tools to alleviate the problem. Telekinesis is your best bet, as you can sometimes use it to reset the pathfinding on a single nugget. However, it doesn't work all the time, is tedious to use, and uses CP that leads to nugget Fear (Which if you're doing a Fear run, is a bonus I suppose) meaning we recognize it's not ideal. Hopefully soon we'll have some brand spanking new revamps to fix it all, but until then we'll all have to get by with what we've got.
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    This is my first time playing the game... I'm 2h in, and I've just been attacked by some 4 raiders (nuggets from other clan?) The game is showing me a prompt: "We're under attack, Gifhorn are raiding the village! Protect your civilization be" it cuts out at "be". WHen I click the prompt, nothing happens... I'm watching as the raiders destroy 2h of my work and there is nothing I can do.. at least the game is failing to tell me what I'm supposed to do. I tried telekinesis on the raiders, but that didn't work. I can't defend myself, the (?) help menu doesn't have a peep about this situation. Is my game over because of RNG?