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    Grassy patch thoughts

    Wow thanks for all that. It legitimately means a lot to read the positive feedback. Even though the negative criticism is motivating to fix things, reading how much people enjoy the game (especially with as many details as you included) really means a lot and helps keep us going.
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    First, love the new update! Can get much further now thanks to the lumber mill allowing workers to plant trees and forestation. Nuggets seem to reproduce more. Just a thought: have you guys considered letting creators build bridges? It would help get from point A to point B. The water seems to get in the way of navigation.
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    [V27] Initial thoughts.

    So I'll start with the news and how I see the game developing so far. The update cleaned up a few issues, which is great I must say, the graphical level somewhat improved or that may be me not playing the game for a month because I was busy. I like the icons on notifications now, I know what they represent so it's easy to decide to skip or read. I like how I can check a Nugget to see if they are my faithful minions or not. I experimented and it's easier to impress the Nuggets than before, that's a good thing. My first use of lightning kinda surprised me, but it also scared the hell out of my Nuggets. I can clearly see some buildings went with some major overhauls, that's very nice actually, I haven't built all that many so I don't know the scope of the improvements but so far so good. I'm yet to enjoy punishing Nuggets so I'll put that off for later. Unfortunately this is where the praises end. Despite many posts the research is still an inconsistent pile of rubble, it's even more chaotic now than it ever was. Dependent research is placed early in the tree while it's requirement is deep in the forest, normally if you have a requirement for something you put the dependencies behind it not before it. It surprises me that algorithm makers don't see it. You guys are programmers and you use Algorithms in your game yet you do not make a convenient way of presenting Dependencies and Requirements. Since you insist on doing the research despite my concerns and many posts about this with which many people posting here do agree, at the very least you could make sure the research tab is consistent, the placement is convenient with requirements AFTER the Dependencies, and sorted properly with divisions instead of everything depends on everything else. Dividing research tabs gives more flexibility and allows focusing on specific tasks instead of chasing after food research while abandoning clean water supply. Water and food supplies are equally important so I don't see why fishing which was historically developed AFTER hunting because it requires more advanced tools should be before Fishing and fishing should be a hunting dependency. Current: Fire>eatery>fishing>something>something else>hunting Should be: Fire> Hunting >Fishing>Eatery>upgrades As I already explained this several times, there needs to be more divisions, less dependencies, consistent requirement Followed by dependencies and more focused work. Currently there's total chaos in the research tab and this is a huge problem. You also extended the research timers which is not a good thing. Saving games is still bugged, although a reinstall of the game does fix it for some reason. Some of the graphic options still require a game restart, if you do not want to focus on that how about making an external setup for graphics adjustment so people don't need to run the game twice just to adjust their graphics setup, most games allow anisotropy settings to be changed without restarting the game. I honestly don't remember a game that required me to do that last time.
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    Nuggets don't move

    Hey Mike, can you supply a save file please. Compress it and upload it here, or upload it to a cloud repository and send me the link.
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    DM means Direct Message. If the file is too big, I would upload to a cloud repository like Google Drive or Dropbox, and send me the link so I can get the save file. Otherwise we can't guarantee we'll be able to fix the problem.
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    Grassy patch thoughts

    I second the positive critique. You guys have developed a really special game and I am sure many users will like the fusion of a town management with the Black and White feel you're giving it. You know you have a good thing if the only thing I wish you guys would do is turn out updates faster
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    Looked into this. So definitely some errors occuring, however the nuggets who are dying are not ones inside the bunkers. They're ones who haven't gone to the bunkers for whatever reason. Now, that in itself is a separate issue, but hopefully we'll track down the root cause here and fix it. Thanks for the report! It helps a lot.