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    Well, I don't know about you guys but this years E3 was one of the best ones. Maybe it was because of the next-gen consoles that were presented or maybe because my favorite game is getting a tune-up (Thief), but this edition of E3 was AMAZING !   What do you guys think and what are your expectations from the next-gen games & consoles.
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    Forum Badges! PLEASE READ FIRST POST!!

    PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING A BADGE How to make getting your badge go as smoothly as possible: Make sure the E-MAIL you are using here on the forums is the same as your Kickstarter Backer E-Mail/PayPal backer E-Mail. If they are not, just leave a comment and we will contact you as soon as possible! Website backers should not have this issue unless you made your forum account first. DO NOT make a second account!If you used a different email to register than the one used for Kickstarter or PayPal, please PM MirrorIf your emails are the same please do the following: POST IN THIS THREAD letting us know if you are a KICK STARTER, PAYPAL, or WEBSITE BACKER (old/new site)If you donated during the Kickstarter campaign you are guaranteed at least a Kickstarter Backer Badge for any amount donated at or above the $5 range!If you donated on the Universim homepage there are two cases which have to be considered: Members who supported The Universim on the old homepage should have pledged $60 or more to get a badge. On the new homepage you have to pledge at least $100 to get a badge. Original Post: Hey everyone! Now i can finally tell you all that the badges have arrived! After going through the long list of all donations we have finished it and will roll out badges! You guys want to see them? Of Course you do here we have them! The kickstarter Badge! The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge The Golden Winged Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the old homepage: The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the new homepage: Brontosaurus Tier T-rex Tier Mammoth Tier As you might have noticed the badges of the higher tiers on Kickstarter, that didn't get any backers, aren't here! That is because we decided to not show them to you, so we can use them later on! Who knows, we might want to do some more fun stuff for you all and use them as reward! You'll have that shiny new badge sooner than you think and access to the super awesome private backer lounge! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your shiny new badges!
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    edit: link just incase forum breaks again lol: http://imgur.com/dYRlZaY
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    I found a game called "The Universe Project". Its very similar to Universim.I cant explain more.Just check it out. :)   Website: http://goo.gl/9NC3w   Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dREeDjQ0jIg
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    Research Prototype Panel

    Hi Guys, Due to numerous requests that we received from you, here we will provide current prototypes & ideas that we considering to implement and working right now for the Research based on your feedback. Please note that some of those prototypes are very ambitious and we would love to implement them, but they require a lot of man power and time, which unfortunately we don't have. So please consider that even though after finalizing the approach which we will take on that, we might still will have to cut some things from it due to time constrains. Also, this is something that we are planning after steam release, not before. Don't hesitate to post your ideas and thoughts about those prototypes. Constructive critics are also welcome. Sincerely, Sasha Prototype #1 Prototype #2 Prototype #3 @Lissa Gloom @threeheaded monkey as promised
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    Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    The Design team consists of two people Susanna and myself and we wanted to share a few things with you now that PA is out that might help with some of the issues on the design side of the house. Everything you do in the game right now was designed for Pre-Alpha, every major system, IE Farming, Skills Tree, etc will re-evaluated and properly updated a section at a time. So if you are seeing something gameplay right now that is not the final game version, it was the Pre-Alpha version, so no worries! It will have a big update as we go along. The idea in PA was to give you something to do and let you roam around in your new world and give you a little look into the future. The PA was designed really for 20 minutes and after that, things are going to start to fall apart as the AI and other systems are simply not balanced past that as none of the actual gameplay, true gameplay, is actually in the game currently. We did not want to spend hours and hours balancing a game for hours of gameplay when we would have to tear it all back out as we put new stuff in. Most things are at a set base number, which obviously doesn’t work well. So whats coming up! That’s the most important question right!! Most people in the game design world have what is called the “Whiteboard” It’s seriously a whiteboard with sticky notes on it that you slide around with your tasks and its used in SCRUMS. These are the tasks and their order currently however, I can say the order moves around very often. These will be your updates as we move along. They will be in chunks. So If we say update 5.3 is coming out, you will actually know what it is. And you can freak out. Because I know we will be! Note: Unlike PA these design systems will be very close to the final version, they will need to be tested and when you have them in your hands we will have spent a large amount of time testing them ahead of time. So when you play them, you should be getting a good product in your hand. Also Note: Many systems of course work with other systems so, you might get to see something over the horizon but that might not be functional yet and we will let you know in our release notes. So what is the list!!! 1. Resources 1.1 Minerals , distribution and mining 1.2 Plants and Farming (UI, functions) 1.3 Forestry 1.4 UI updates from newest systems 2. Research Tree + Upgrades 2.1 Complete skills from Start to Space Age 3. Animals 3.1 Creature Generator 3.2 Animal Loot Table 3.3 Sea Animals and Airborne animal Generation 3.4 Domestication 4. Nugget update 4.1 Stats update 4.2 Mating update 4.3 Job Assignments 4.4 UI updates 5. The Proving Grounds 5.1 Hunting 5.2 Trapping 5.3 Exploration 5.4 Defense 5.5 Upgrades 6. Exploration 6.1 Upgrades in travel IE Vehicles 6.2 Encounters 6.3 Discoveries 7. God Powers 7.1 Powers – UX 7.2 Events and Interventions 8. Space Exploration System basics 8.1 Telescope 8.2 Probes 8.3 Space Communications Center 9 Planet Health 9.1 Resources 9.2 Deduction System So finally, thanks for waiting for the PA and I am excited to send you some patch updates now, If you want to know which systems have the most traction right now. Systems 1.1 5 7 But again we will be focusing on one at a time, when updates come out from the design house. So look forward to talking to you in a bit and enjoy the PA! Peanut
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    Nuclear fallout Nugget. My fanart video www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnpBHht-6M
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    SUBMISSIONS - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    I present....the most classy nugget around!
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    SUBMISSIONS - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

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    Imperial Nugget A tad monochromatic
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    First one to comment:) Im from Norway, have followed since the start of the kickstarter:) Can't wait to se how this game will be Proud owner of the universim
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    Just a topic where you can post your Jokes :D   F: How a many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? A: none, that´s a hardware problem :D    
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    Golden Nugget Knight!
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    I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations). It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
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    Don't get me wrong, but The Universim in the latest patch has nothing to do with the vision in the kickstarter campaign. Beside all bugs... Gameplay was called "Organic Gameplay" like managing your ant farm... Is the concept of a mighty god still in place or are we just an alien watching the civilization and tell them wich building needs to be build where and how they produce enough food to stay alive. From time to time we can unleash a bit of rain and healing powers through our intergalactic starship... ... that's the way i see it at the moment. Nuggets seem to be aware of a godly presence but still do not pray... Instead they send letters to god but are afraid if a godly power is performed like picking up a tree next to them. I'd call this unlogic gameplay. If nuggets are aware of a godly presence and send god a "mail" and of course if they wait for a godly order where to build important buildings like farms and what to plant on them... It makes no sense at all. The only difference between The Universim and every other RTS bulding game is some pretty useless and extreme costly powers that could be (as i said) technologies from an alien ship in the orbit... The universim seems to take path to RTS building games with micromanagement and resource management instead of a god game. Just to compare... Black & White 1/2 made me feel like a god. The Universim makes me feel like an Alien observing the planet and tell those stupid nuggets what to do to stay alive and take them by the hand every simple and small step. If they are able to build bunkers, why don't they get inside if it is dangerous autonomously. No the alien in his space ship needs to tell them that a sand storm is dangerous... But can the alien help? No. No energy shield, no weather control power... nothing. the alien is only a observer. not godly at all. Who needs a bunker if a god protects you? at least in stone age... stone age bunkers... yes... great idea. Oh and of course... nobody is praying to the alien... Only my 2 cents.
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    What do you think about research?

    My idea for a research system for a god game in which the player decides how much godly intervention should be avaiable.: My suggestion is to introduce minimum 3 Shrines which evolve depending on your decisions. You Start with a SHRINE OF WISDOM (or if you want to call it epicenter) This shrine provides the possibility to choose between different options that have direct influence on the society. Those research options can be bought by spending faith. Which could be generated in a prayer enclave or a temple. Like: Major options to choose: -secularity -freedom of will -prayer rules -Sacrifices Basic options to choose: -clothes -reproduction -basic technology By choosing either free will or strict prayer rules you decide if the Shrine of Wisdom changes to a "Heaven Shrine" or a "Secularity Shrine" Heaven Shrine Most technologies are avaiable but main focus is on pleasing a god. You decide by spending faith what to introduce to your Nuggets. Higher technologies have a higher faith cost. Some special technologies like a faith shield insted of a bunker to protect nuggets from natural disasters are avaiable. Or in the space age a "godly spaceship" that reduces risks if you land on a planet. Of course your faith gain is faster and you can decide how much nuggets pray or if you sacrifice one for an instant faith boost. Nuggets do most things autonomous to stay alive if you did not set a rule for a specific behaviour... like "god decides if you breed" Secularity Shrine This shrine is not powered by faith. You have to pay resources and nuggets have to learn to invent things. A school is unlocked if your Shrine of Wisdom transforms to a Secularity Shrine. Some nuggets still pray in this secular society so you as a god will not die, but you're not mighty... Your might does not suffice to perform mighy powers... So your nuggets have to learn to protect themselves with a bunker against nature. You're more like a manager insteat of a god. People are aware that you exist but most of them do not care about you but they agree that you're their mayor. ;-) Technologies reflect those circumstances. Your nuggets may evolve not so fast but will be more advanced in the space age when it comes to self defense. My2cents. What are you thinking about this idea?
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    Important Announcement

    Of course you are missing the main thank you. We as Kickstarter backers get a lifetime vip status and always 50% off on any game published by Crytivo... woderful isn't it? more unfinished games to buy that are already avaiable on steam and do not need an extra publisher or have published themselfes via kickstarter (prehistoric kingdom and goblins of elderstone)..." That was sarcasm. http://store.steampowered.com/app/625730/Cefore/ not out yet on steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/693580/Goblins_of_Elderstone/ buyable on steam but not marked as early access but unfinished and really mixed reviews. http://store.steampowered.com/app/666150/Prehistoric_Kingdom/ not out yet but free demo and unfinished as well Oh and crytivo... Development assistance for others? In my opinion you need development assistance if you can't build a good foundation with a good working ai within 3 years and nearly 8 months development time since funding on kickstarter. Bad decision in my opinion. Not a good choice for community freedom. You should have finished your main project first and have satisfied customers before taking this step.
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    Find my lost nugget Quest

    The easy way to find nuggets is to select the buildings tab go to residential and select house by house until you find the nugget half way across the world, then use telekinesis to move them back to the residential house they live at and your able to complete the quest.
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    18th Century inspired 'Marie Antoinette' Dress. HD Version
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    Videogame Acapella

    I just found a awesome youtube channel.Its called Smooth McGroove.He makes awesome acapella's with only 1 person.I can't explain more.Just watch the video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBBlLeqKaf4 Also check out the channel for more cool acapellas: http://www.youtube.com/user/SmoothMcGroove
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    What's the current take on keeping the wood production chain sustained? I get that, initially, cutting down forests will have the benefit of opening up building spots. But mid game latest, a solution for the dwindeling number of trees will be needed. Maybe a god power, "seedlings" or such. Or tree farms? New funeral options where the dead are buried under a tree sapling? Each birth of a nugget is commemorated by planting one or several trees?
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    I think it's just you. ...I like the idea of being able to see inside their homes and workplaces, but I'd much rather that come after the game is released. I don't think it really adds anything to the game other than allowing us to be creepers, and I'd probably look once, say "you lazy bugger, get back to work!", then continue on my way and forget about it.
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    Research Prototype Panel

    Hey Guys, thank you for all the feedback. It is being appreciated. So currently we decided to go with the 3rd prototype with some modifications. Please let us know what do you think.
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    Research Prototype Panel

    I really love the 3rd and the 2nd type of research screens i think you should opt for creating a mixture between both of them : the graphical design of the 2nd one and the Ui cleaness and precision of the 3rd one. Let me just explain a bit what i mean : * the 3rd one gives you more control over the eras, over what conditions are required to move into the next era, for instance moving from the stone age to the iron age is researching the iron melting research and so on * the 2nd one is more precise when it comes to sorting out researches, that means sorting into social, scientific, ethical , and so researches and that would give you guys more room to add lots and lots of new researches when it comes to art , recreation, rockets . basically a limitless sorting and clear sorting * a mix of both would be really really nice to see the mixing and precision and control over the researches, that way we can opt for better research order and better appeal to when it comes to the eyes i have a small question though , perhaps it is already included, or even say planned for the game , but are random technologies a thing? instead of having the same order all the time i think perhaps having randomly researches might spicy things up and create an interesting game each save : it helps when it comes to replayability, and imagine the endless Possibilities . Thanks for going through my post, i really really really love this game and i truly believe in its potential to achieve the milestone of best game of the era. Great work guys and keep on rocking, from Tunisia
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    I think there should be less micromanagement and more automation. i have thought about this a bit before this email. Imagine how how cool it would be if you had multiple civilizations and two of them didn’t get along and waged war on each other, completely on their own. Like maybe if you were a benevolent god to one of those civilizations and made them angry towards others. i think that would be cool. Also if you don’t select someone to fill in a fishing spot or farming spot, the game could eventually do it for you. I want this game to feel like it advertises, at least in my eyes. Less like sim city and more like I’m a god and I interact with the nuggets. And they develop and grow based on those interactions.
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    To throw my 2 cents in... But too much micromanagement (especially if it is a repetitive task) is nothing more than a chore. Especially if the chores are as trivial as buy more water supply, check building health status and so on. During Kickstarter there was an Idea. The Live News System with some pre made Quests you can accept or neglect to earn bonus powers or something else... And user generatet quests. Has this idea died already? If we're talking about a god game... I could imagine Quests in the style of... the house is burning and you learn through prayers a new divine power like rain... and so on. The whole building and managment process is (in my opinion) a good bonus for a god game but should not be an essential. Spore was great but had to much repetitive micromanagement in the space age. Everyone has a different preference, but I don't want too much micromanagement to feel entertained. But there are tons of people playing cookie clicker ;-)
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    Make me smile again

    Dear @AKoshelkov, as a passionate Kickstarter backer from the beginning I followed the ups and downs of the development for almost 3 years and 8 months since the successful funding. You''ve made great progress yes, but the foundation is still broken and you need manpower to fix it. Starting with the completly misjudged release roadmap during kickstarter. Why this huge misjudgement? You are a creative artist and really great in visual design. But you're not a programmer. How many full time programmers work for Crytivo and since when? Full time programmers that are good at their job should be able to develop at least a working minimal foundation that works most of the time in more than tree years. Part time programmers of course with a daytime job have other things on their mind. You delivered great concepts and added add on and strecht goals but could not realize one of them yet because you have no stable base. The Kickstarter alone made $ 387,345 and you were able to get more support trough your site after kickstarter finished. Let me ask you some questions if we're talking seriously honest and full of transparency. How much money was spent on: Arts and Assets Programming PR Building up Crytivo as a Publisher including investments in other games. Thinking of developing a game... We talked about a stable base you can develop on... a non professional would think... investing in full time programmers would be a good idea, right? How many full time programmers work for crytivo since you're a publisher now and you offer development assistance. Be honest. Be awesome. Be true.
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    not sure why anyone else would try and compete with this. Mirror, please just send me the first place prize. everyone else will be fighting for 2nd and 3rd. =)
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    The leaves of the trees turn from a bright green to shades of orange, yellow and brown, before falling to the ground in nice big piles. The children loved this time of year, playing hide and seek around the village and in the nearby woods. The weather cools after a hot summer and food is plentiful, whats not to like? Elu had just come back from fishing for the day, a good haul slung over her shoulder on her return to camp. On her way back she had noticed something odd. A man was standing at the treeline near the woods. There was nothing particularly scary about this man, in fact she recognized him as Adahy. He worked at the eatery, cooking the fish she brought back. Elu thought he might be foraging for herbs or berries out here, but Adahy just stood there staring into the woods. Elu approached to get his attention and make sure he was alright, but before he could reach him he walked into the trees. That was a weird encounter, to be sure, but Elu wasn't worried. She'll check with him when they return to the village. Further down the road, up a hill that overlooked the lake she was just fishing in, she noticed some people walking out of the treeline towards the lake shore. What could be happening? Her curiosity caught up with her and she stopped to watch them a moment. To her surprise they were walking into the water. Elu grew concerned, as she thought it was a bit late in the day to be going for a swim. She left her fish hanging from a nearby tree to retrieve on her way back and made her way through the woods towards the crowd entering the lake. When she arrived, she found a macabre scene. Nuggets of men and women, and of all ages, were floating along the shoreline. She recognized many of them from the village. Almost all of her friends and family were floating before her, lifeless. At that moment a noise broke her from the scene, leaves crunching in the treeline behind her. She turned quickly to see Adahy exiting the treeline, like the others before. Slowly, Adahy walked, almost as if in a trance. His gaze was fixed on the lake, and before Elu could say anything or attempt to stop him she noticed him mumbling something. Quietly, as if whispered by a dying man, Adahy repeated his phrase as he stepped into the water, "the pat-... commin-... he patch is commin-..." and with that the water overtook him and silence fell around Elu.
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    As Halloween is coming up, the Nuggets have decided it's time to whip out their fancy dress costumes... So I present to you, Frankenugget
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    coming up to 4th week

    So we are aproachinng the 4th week since the pre alpha was supposed to be released, and we still have no more updates all the devs gone quite but are lurking on the forums so where do we stand now regarding pre alpha/alpha
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    Now one image
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    This my nugget i am terrible at drawing so hope you like it
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    Funny thing I just stumbled on...

    Not quite relevant now, but after this week thought it would make a few people smile (if they've not also seen it before)...
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    Hey there! Welcome, everyone! It’s been quite a while since our last coffee date. We’ve missed our talks about world domination and cats. Most of all, though, we missed hearing your thoughts on The Universim. We want to hear your opinion on how we can improve a certain little feature in the game. Let’s talk about micromanagement. What do you think should become more automated as your civilization develops? How much micromanagement should remain? We are already halfway through the Medieval Era and have begun working on concepts for the Modern Age. Should Nugget assignment to the buildings be automagic? How should we prioritize who is assigned and who is not? Which buildings should be prioritized when there aren’t enough Nuggets in your civilization to keep them all running? These are the kinds of questions we would love to hear your thoughts about. We need your suggestions and ideas doesn't matter how wild they are. Also, to make your wallet a little thicker, here are some Crytivo Coins. 500 Crytivo CoinsClick Here to Reedem Learn more about Crytivo Coins Here This will help gravity to keep you locked down as all of the new changes distort the world around you. If being consumed by the infinite void of space doesn’t bother you, you can also redeem them for discounts on games in the Crytivo Store. These are the Rewards that Matter! Alright, you may now begin smashing your keyboard over on the forums. Impress us! With love, Crytivo
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    Already have fixes for this that you'll see in the October update
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    HOW YOUR CHOICES MATTER IN THE UNIVERSIM Our team is hard at work on that oh-so-sweet update for the Steam Release going live on August 28. We’ve got a whole lot of new systems coming with the patch, and we’re going to be discussing one of them today. Buckle up! Introducing God Quests. As a god, you have to deal with a lot of prayers. While some of them may be spam - and a fair amount will be ludicrous - there are a few genuine, reasonable requests you might want to take a look at. Nuggets will ask for help with various tasks, or request aid during hard times. They might throw in a few bizarre ones now and then, and it’s really up to you to decide if you want to fulfill them or not. We are also adding legendary Nugget Influencers and Inventors with this system. Inventors are notable Nuggets who will alter the course of your civilization’s progress with their quests. For example, you will be able to choose which technology path your civilization follows with the quests from Nuggola Tesla. Nuggola will have a dilemma; he discovered that there are several ways of generating Electricity, and he will need your help to end the battle in his mind over which technology to pursue. There will be three ways to generate Electricity: Kinetic - Wind Turbines One path leads to Wind Turbine Electricity Generators. This is a relatively passive and clean way of generating Electricity for your civilization. However, it’s a little unpredictable, due to the production relying solely on the wills of the wind. Wind Turbines will not work during Windstorms (to protect them from being ripped apart) or when there is no wind at all. The good news is, you’ll be able to store any energy surplus in Batteries. Stored power can then be utilized when Wind Turbines aren’t generating enough Electricity to keep your cities’ lights on. Kinetic - Nuggetic Motion Generator Now, here’s an idea. You know all of those Nuggets you have running around? Are they really all being productive members of society? We doubt it. That’s why you will be able to use Nuggets to generate Electricity for your civilization. It’ll be great for their health, it’ll definitely keep the lights on, and it only requires a bit of light whipping. If you have Nuggets to spare, and you don’t really want to take your chances with the wind, then this is a great system. Of course, excess Electricity is stored in the same way as other Generators. In a similar manner to fancy cars, there is an Insane Mode Button that pushes things into overdrive on the Nuggetic Motion Generator. Nuggets will run like mad, producing far more energy than before. However, use this with caution. Nuggets have been known to explode without warning. Cover expensive furniture beforehand. As mentioned, these methods of Electricity generation are 100% environmentally friendly. There is, of course, a far more aggressive approach that replaces unreliability with consistency and clean air with pollution - the Electric Gas Plant. Electric Gas Plants are behemoths when it comes to generating Electricity. They spew it out with ease. However, there are significant downsides. You’ve probably already guessed why, but it’s mostly because this system burns through Natural Gas, which is only found underground. In order to extract Gas, you will need to build Gas Mines. This precious resource will then be delivered to Electric Gas Plants to be converted into Electricity. Gas Plants will cause a steady decrease in air quality, with an additional side effect involving global temperature increases. But, hey, at least Gas Mine owners will get filthy rich. Inventors and Influencers There will be many more Inventors and Influencers throughout your civilization’s advancement, but they will appear randomly. Our goal is to offer you a different experience every time you play the game. Before you tell your friends all about it, here are a couple more Influencers you might come across: Elon Nugsk - A clever Nugget with some grand and occasionally silly ideas. He will help begin the Planet Colonization initiative. He also may or may not send expensive machinery into space for fun. Keep an eye on him. Donnug Rump - A Nugget who has a peculiar fascination with walls. He will allow you to build advanced walls around your civilization to protect against extraterrestrial threats or other unwanted intruders. He should never be put in a position of power, but his rants about wall designs have proven to be useful in certain scenarios. Florence Nuggingale - Her healing hands and tireless efficiency will lead to significant improvements in Hospitals, increasing the total number of patients a Hospital can serve at a time, as well as their Happiness. Kim-Joe Nug - His sole intention is to provide Nuggets with Nuclear Power. However, many Nuggets may need to be sacrificed to achieve his goal. Nuggie Curie - Her contributions will lead to the invention of the X-ray machine, reducing the time needed for diagnosis of injuries or pain. This will result in faster healing times for patients. Wrong Brothers - These guys are crazy. They think Nuggets will be able to fly like birds. We all know that Nuggets can barely walk to begin with, so we’ll have to see whether they’re wrong or wright. We hope you’re as excited as we are for these new features to make their way into the game. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Influencers or Inventors you’d like to see. Tell us their contributions and how they will alter gameplay, and don’t forget to come up with a terrible pun for their names. We will hopefully get a few more in before the Steam release, but rest assured that more will follow. Be sure to share this with your friends and family - they might have crazy ideas as well! https://crytivo.com/en/news/how-your-choice-matter-in-the-universim
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    Tips System

    I'd recommend some basic tips for how the emergency shelters work. I had absolutely no idea the bell was used to get nuggets to go into the bunkers until about 2 weeks ago. That could've been explained and cleared up very easily if I had some tips for that.
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    this is an important question. not easy to answer. In fact I created a really long answer, illustrating my ideas and concepts. In the end I think that's what you want, ideas and ideas to create the game. __ PLAY FROM GOD OR PLAY FROM MANAGER Let's start by talking about the type of game: you say you are a game of God, but most of the game is management. I refer to a style of play as "Age of Empire". I think that doing a mixed game between management and divinity is fine and is a choice that touches different types of players. Currently the Manager game is quite adequate. there are possible improvements that we will look at later. The game version from God is a bit limited: let me explain. A God must not waste time telling his believers what to build and where to build it (the Manager's gaming system). A god must keep his faithful believers, he must make himself offers, he must have fun at the expense of his faithful. and more. In the primitive age, a god governs the elements and is good or bad. And I'm fine that you put the tree type, but I'm not good that I pass from good god to bad god because the system of collecting corpses is INEFFICIENT, even though I myself to dispose of most of the corpses and trying to make them happy . So as god I would like to see them pray or praise me. (maybe to see nuggets standing in front of the altar, and they could approach religion (pray) whether it's a benevolent god or a scary god. As God, I would like to make them happy, or to punish them. you have made this possible with godly powers such as healing or moving or falling in love. (but some costs are too high 20 points to make them fall in love too many! And also the cost to make them all happy (but everyone becomes happy or just a little man?) For the tornado calamity and more I think the cost is plausible. As god I can want some gifts. in these primitive beings usually the gifts are of food, a dead hen. if I were a god of death, a beautiful virgin girl ... At the same time, if I were a good god, I would like to give some gifts. And in times of famine grow a bush of flourishing food ... (FOOD). o SPEED plantation growth. or REPEAT a lake that has lost fish. __ QUEST prayer requests from the Nuggets I really like the idea of prayers by post. But do not make it gmail style, please give it a religious and divine style !!. I saw that you put 2 of them. One is the missing child. and the other is to punish the enemy. Good idea. But there is a technical problem: the child is not on the list of nuggets and knowing where he is without a name in his head is impossible in a camp for 50 people. you should make these requests feasible. I like it as an idea but give it a red halo that is clearly visible to this child. While for the punishment of the enemy, how should you punish? you should help us understand what we can do to punish it. I tried to destroy the house (it was difficult to find his house of residence), I tried to make it fly. and finally I also killed him. but maybe there is a bug where all my actions do not complete the prayer quest. So you could make us play god by giving us different prayers from the nuggets, and if we grant them we will be devoted servants and "efficient workers". But beware, do not oblige us to resolve prayers at certain times. at least not all. I believe that a prayer is worth the whole life of the nugget and depending on the case the nugget can be satisfied after several years or rather disappointed because too late. (killing or giving poverty to the enemy can be satisfactory even after several years of prayer). Keep in mind that the God must also deal with the management and therefore may not have much time to make god in those minutes of updates to the age of the Middle Ages; but having so much time in the dead period. __ RELIGION AND CHURCH FUNCTION, and the power to influence the village through those who speak with God Moreover, a God should have ONE WHAT YOU SPEAK WITH HIM. a priest in the medieval era, a shaman in the primitive age. In short, a henchman who influences the ideas of the population. I believe that in the early and middle ages the God can have direct influence through the figure of the priest. Technically a place of worship will be created (the church) and assigned to a nugget. When the nugget has started you can have different commands (like for archidio or in theory the meteorological tower). You will have commands like: "daily life must be based on hard work" "daily life must be based on latin idleness" "daily life must be in balance between work and well-being" "Behave well for paradise" "Behave badly that you die so young" (I would use a slider bar from absolute work to total idleness where there are 0 in the middle which are balanced neutral parameters 0 is how the nuggets are now, or how you have planned them basic). In this way, God will give directions to how I want my nuggets to live. And like every church and religion there will be a level of church importance. In Roman times the Christian church did not have much importance (indeed they were prosecuted), but in the Middle Ages the church had a truly absolute importance. So here too a level of the number of faithful; the level of power of the church over the decisions of the village, the level of respect for the church and its rules (how many faithful are correctly practicing the church's rules). Hard work can be a rule, but we can also add: make more children, take more wives, or be vegetarian! Certainly a God who leads to the extreme of work at the beginning will increase the productivity of my village, making them work will increase production (of course only the religious nuggets, while non-religious will behave normally, but in the primitive and medieval era almost all they should be religious!). But after a while 'time there will be a rebellion to too much work and there could be a religious revolt: that is masses of nuggets could show disagreement and even get to burn the church (and inside his priest). In this way, I God should erect another church and choose another priest. (This cycle should represent the changes in religion that occurred over time, such as the change between the Roman gods and Christianity). But be careful, if I create another church and immediately arrange for it to be extreme workers again, the church will have practically no followers, its power will be 0 and I will not find new believers. At the same time if the new church preaches the Latin ozium, it will immediately have a lot of faithful happy to embrace a different religion! But at the same time the production will slow down! Let's jump into the future. Now, in the modern era, religion has lost some of its power over the state. And even if you can still give the religious directives we say that we will not have absolute control? It is also true that in the modern era atheists are very rare, which is very rare in prehistory and in the Middle Ages. So, your power from God is reduced ... BUT, we can see the world differently. Meanwhile, there will still be the role of Manager and not just of God, but then you can influence the individual in power. In the modern era there will be nuggets at the head of entire structures. There will be the nugget at the head of justice, the nugget at the head of agriculture, I imagine that create a building with the tasks of government divided by type (justice, environment, productivity, science, medicine ...). And each task will add a nugget. Now imagine you have the power to bribe the nugget like God. In this case I imagine a bad God, a god who wants to subdue them all and make them go back to a medieval mentality (modern technology but power to the church); certainly in the game usually the player wants to grow his village, but if the game is from God, he must also foresee a bad god. So a bad God (it is not excluded that in a complex phase of the game you God John, you intrude on the planet of the God Roberto and try to influence the social structure of the nuggets of John, corrupting with money and perversion the heads of government so that make the system malfunction, maybe in an online game version where you put your own planet into play); I said, a bad god will corrupt the single nugget with money and other things and will make sure that governments misbehave, leading to the downfall of civilization. Either a benevolent god infuses light and justice into the nugget and will make the nugget that governs that sector work the best. Or we put our Lord God very good and succeed in holding a Church with great power over civilization and keeping it in the modern era when atheists spread, but the church is so well balanced and God is very active in the miracles that the faithful remain many. __ PLAYING FROM MANAGER improvements the first important thing to say is that the nuggets are too stupid. I'm sorry but the parameters are not worthy even for a primitive. _ Cut trees and stones away from the place of construction to which they are putting. _ In spring and summer they do not collect food from plants around, and there are times when they are dying of hunger. _ There is no basic food from restaurants but they do not collect it. _ Instead of repairing the most damaged buildings, the engineers repair the less damaged buildings and let the serious ones fall into pieces! _ The lumberjacks are in the building doing nothing if the trees are too far from the building. _ too many bodies and do not hurry to get them out by leaving them on the road years! But sooner or later you have them decompose these bodies? Honestly the nuggets can not be so stupid as not to get food supplies for the winter while having bushes handy ... So first of all you have to fix these bugs or wrong statistics. The nuggets, logically speaking, having the right buildings available should self manage themselves. And you created this self-management, you see, but it is also true that small details like those mentioned above make the system unbalanced. _ THE MANAGEMENT OF THE VILLAGE I find it right to choose the buildings to be built and their position. I find it right to decide how many buildings of what type to build depending on how I want to create my village. The basic management structure is fine, but there are no additional elements. _ Food management in fact If for the water I know how much I need it and how much they consume the buildings being able to build a precise number of pumps for every need; I do not know how much food my nuggets consume. The management of food must absolutely be improved. I can build restaurants, fishmongers, farms, but I've seen that sometimes the food is less than a following winter. I believe that the Village Manager has the right to create and organize it as he wishes, but workers must follow his directives. I have difficulty explaining this point. I try to make a description anyway. If I were a good village chief, I could tell my men exactly what to do. I could tell my men that they have to collect 10 food for the winter because we consume 8 food as a village. As a village chief I could know that wanting to build a hospital will take a lot of stone and so I want to tell mine that they have to get more stone that year than wood ... In theory this administration is done automatically when I build a hospital that requires stones and woods. But perhaps it would give us a way to be more efficient if we could tell our nuggets how many stones we want to stock stored as soon as possible. I as a Planet Manager know that the medieval era with the upgrades of the buildings will involve a lot of wood and lots of stone. I could think of wanting to collect it in the dead times of the primitive era. _ WAREHOUSE SYSTEM I believe that Warehouses should be organized as well as individually, even in a total manner on the interface of God. To see the available places of all the warehouses and the places occupied by type of object. And to be able to decide the quantity that is required to be kept in STOCK (to be kept in stock and not to be kept for example in a restaurant that is not a warehouse). This is especially useful for building materials that are used in all ages. _ AGRICULTURE SYSTEM I think agriculture is good, even if I do not really understand how cyclicality works. I think that putting a mini-calendar style seasonal tool in which the type of culture is studied for each season, could be interesting. _ THE MIDDLE AGES and future ages I'm already imagining the mess of an era in which the whole planet is populated. I already have problems managing 4 restaurants, 4 farms 10 fishing boats, 10 factories etc. It is problematic, for example, if the city center is far from the factories, I see several nuggets that make a long journey between the house and the factory. And even if I put restaurants and wells near the factories, there's still a lot of going away. I believe that in the Middle Ages it is necessary to start building real, structured cities. I have already tried to be schematic in the construction of the buildings, arranging the fishing areas together, placing the repairers all in a row, etc. But with a medieval age I have to be able to use a grid scheme better and bring buildings closer together. I built 8 refineries between wood and stone, but anyway I had to position at a certain distance. These refineries do not look anything like an industrial quarter of our 1700 style style. I also think of the fact that with 8 refineries I have to check that they all have a little man who works inside. And in situations of social problems I have to activate or deactivate the men in refineries. Let's take a practical example: full medieval times. The population rises too much and lacks food. I absolutely have to devote myself to gathering food and closing the refineries. So imagine 20 refineries and I hand one by one I have to remove the nuggets from the list of refineries and put them in agriculture. Then the food problem is again contained and I have to put the nuggets back into the refineries. It would be much more practical to shut down the refinery and immediately have the unemployed nuggets available, and then when you restart the refinery, again the same nuggets or if they are busy recalling new ones automatically. Do not have to do it by hand. If you think of a modern era, I should not have 10 refineries as in the Middle Ages, but have a refinery park extended on the potion of 10 refineries that with one interface manages all the employees. Another very problematic fact is the request for a nugget to be included in a construction from the list of nuggets. The list with 100 nuggets is already a bit slow. If the number of nuggets has to start to increase a lot until the modern era, you will have to start evaluating the macro management of the nuggets. First phase divide between unemployed and employed. Furthermore, those who collect construction material should have a registered job and not on the list of those who do and do not. In this way I can have the list of those who do not have a job and assign it to the new factories, but without going to affect the group of collectors and builders who are vital as labor. Now I do not know if a Laborer is idling or is collecting material. The best thing for the future, considering even a population of 5000 nuggets, is to have automated assignment. _ WORK MANAGEMENT OFFICE for the modern era A building, for example, that opens a window with certain commands: first of all, every sector of work is identified (refineries, farms, fishing, catering, repairers). For each sector, the available jobs are displayed in relation to the buildings of that sector built, and depending on the needs all are assigned or dismissal people in the case of too much production or need to work on a specific request. The buildings that now select 2 or 3 minors at a time will be managed by the automated system and prepared by the system described above. For example, if I can have a 100% refined iron production, but I have collected enough, I can lower the production to 50%. the nuggets will lose their jobs and will go to work in those situations where men are needed on the occasion (building example, when you build something new). While if we have 10 iron refineries as buildings or a single refinery park, then it could be that half of the park sectors or half of the refineries are turned off automatically, consuming even less energy. And if they are still separate buildings, it would be better to close the most shabby and worn building, so you can have time to rearrange it. If you think about it with 5000 nuggets we can not manage the occupation of each nugget, but we will have to have automatisms that allow self-organization of work. Obviously you should still leave the possibility to change the single nugget from the workers' list, this to optimize with more efficient workers for that job, and then also for the first speech of a corrupt system in which specific nuggets are put to power do what you want. _ ROADS. AND URBAN PLAN I think it is necessary to have a mechanism of roads to optimize the city. As well as making our people evolve it is also nice to create refined and elegant cities and this can also start from the Middle Ages. Being able to design an urban plan for the future could be interesting. In practice, do not build immediately, but create a map drawn (technically a virtual map above the surface of the planet and even above other buildings) and start saying that you want a road, that of a rectangular area you want the district of the factories; but also to say that in that little square between the main road and the factory district you want a prairie bed, or a group of trees. Do practically urban furniture, preparing where to build things in the future. I would not mind telling my nuggets to create a new residential area near the factories, and obviously make sure that the workers assigned to that area go to live nearby. _ CIRCLE OF LIFE FAUNA AND FLORA this theme seems a little ignored, but I think it's fundamental. I left the day for about 600 years and I noticed that an area of trees has completely disappeared and the fauna has totally disappeared from the planet. Now, I do not know if you have already implemented the system, but you can imagine that you can not leave a planet in the primitive era with zero animals and trees that do not grow back. I understand that in the city areas plants do not regrow them, but do not grow back even in remote areas! Of course, it is right to say that the resources are not infinite. But let's talk about fauna and flora and water, which are recreated in the system. So you really should get them to regrow and repopulate, and rightly put a rate of regrowth. Then if the nuggets consume more than they grow back then they will rightfully become extinct, but I do not think it can happen in a primitive period .. Also I would like to be able to plant plants as trees and fruit picking plants, I am an artist and I would like to have a village full of greenery, but the system currently brings me to a bare primitive town. Full of braided logs still visible .... _ OTHER SMALL IMPROVEMENTS buildings that are destroyed or destroyed by push-button should be recycled by recovering some of the stones and wood from the rubble. It seems to me sensible because there are actually residues! _ the hunters should put the traps themselves, not you as God. It is OK to choose the type of beast and type of trap, but do not let us do the dirty work. _ I believe that in a Renaissance or modern era, cataclysms like sandstorms and tornadoes or fire damage buildings less. Certainly the nuggets that took a walk will be swept away .. but a building will not be completely destroyed. Also you should put evolutionary tools for building resistance to hurricanes and storms. And if you want a bit of an earthquake, a volcano for the planet. And obviously a God who saves the situation in drastic cases ... like if the volcano is about to erupt, use god points to delay 10 years. _ it would take in the construction work (such as refineries) that indicate how good the worker is, and how regular the work is. In this way if you work badly or little I could choose to replace it .. _ it would be the case already in the Middle Ages and then in the modern era, to have the first construction companies, because the repairers of buildings are not exactly construction companies. But in this specific case these companies will automatically take the nuggets (a bit like now) without a fixed job and use them to build. I think I've already written so much. I hope you come quickly to the medieval era. I have been following you for several years, and even if I enjoy trying every new pach ... we are + - always in the same position ...
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    I absolutely agree with just about everything that Goldmos said. As the civilization progresses through the eras, more and more basic needs should be automated by the nuggets, such as by "chief" or "manager" nuggets who oversee the automation of one system such as water. It would be a realistic design choice, as the stone age obviously didn't have any sort of organized civilization, it was just groups of Homo Sapiens without any leader or directive other than to survive. As the civilization advances, different responsibilities should be moved onto the player, and others should be moved to the nuggets. From having to manage food and water, to managing wars and politics, to managing whole planets and (hopefully) star systems. This makes an incentive for people to want to experience more of the game, and prevents the progression from feeling too repetitive and grindy. No one wants a Universim where every era is the same but is only graphically different. Micromanagement should be constantly shaped throughout a playthrough, which puts more work on you developers, but can interest more fans into the game and the ultimate product will be much better.
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    Someone mentioned it that they might add it later down the road.
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    Ok so here is my tree it sucks really bad but it's the taking part that matters XD
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    ARTWORK SUBMISSION THREAD UPDATE: The deadline has been extended! You can now submit your artwork through Wednesday, October 21, 2015 (11:59 PM PST). 2015's New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but Nugget Fashion Week is just getting started! While you wait for Pre-Alpha (coming soon!), we want to get you more involved in our creative process. Show us your crazy, unique Nugget outfit designs. Be creative and push the boundaries of Nugget fashion! From now through Wednesday, October 7, 2015 (11:59 PM PST), submit your original fan-art of sharply dressed Nuggets on this thread. The Crytivo Games team will select the top 10 entries. From there, we will open it up to a public vote on the Official Universim Forums. You, the fans, will choose the best designs. First, second, and third place will win awesome prizes! By entering the contest, you agree to these Official Rules, so please review them before entering. We look forward to seeing your submissions. Make it work, designers! NOTE: Please direct all discussion about the submissions to the Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Discussion Thread. This thread is for SUBMISSIONS ONLY. Contest Duration: September 21st- October 21st (11:59 PM PST). How to Enter: Submit your fan art, either in a link or as an image attachment to this forum thread in the Official Universim Forums. Entries will be showcased on the Official Universim Twitter and Facebook accounts after the contest ends! The Top 10 will be announced on October 9th. Fan voting will run from October 9th to October 13th (11:59 PM PST) and the winners will be announced on October 14th. PRIZES First Place Winner: One (1) Universim Track Jacket in the size and style of your choice and one (1) Universim Poster, Nugget Fashion Week 2015 First Place Forum Badge Second Place Winner: One (1) Universim T-shirt in the size and style of your choice and one (1) Universim Poster, Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Second Place Forum Badge Third Place Winner: One (1) Universim Poster, Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Third Place Forum Badge All Participants: Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Participant Badge Judging Criteria: 50% Originality and Creativity, 50% Artistic Skill RULES (Please read Official Rules here.) Fan art must include at least one Nugget dressed in some sort of outfit. The rest is up to you, but a Nugget wearing clothes MUST be in the artwork.Any 2D or 3D art is acceptable, but an image of your submission must be submitted to this thread either as a link or an attachment.Keep it PG-13. No nudity, sexual references, vulgar language, or excessive violence.Do not use any licensed logos, advertisements, product names, product placement, or characters. We can't afford a lawsuit!No altered renders of any official Universim artwork will be accepted.Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest. Invite your friends to have fun with you, Click Here To Tweet About The Universim Nugget Fashion Week Contest.
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    Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    All creatures , in the game will be worked in the 3.0 block. Yeah I figured knowing why the 20 minutes was so important would help out and why all these elements seem so half thought out. Its ok, Design did not freak out. It was just something put in so you can get a sneak peek and give you something to play instead of just the standard tech demo. An example of that would have been just having a civilization already placed, them being pre-scripted to do events, and you just enjoying a scripted series of events. Alex does a great job of making sure the community is involved so we made sure you guys got something to play around with. I think for something just placed in, not bad. Update frequency, as most people know or didnt know. Our team is comprised of mostly people who work part time on this project. So they work a full time regular job and then switch from that job and do this project. We obviously are looking for ways to get everyone together or get key staff members working full time. From the design area, our job is make the docs, test them and work with programming and make sure the design will work in the game, make some adjustments, then of course Alex has his changes then it shoots over to ART, UI and finally programming swings back in to put it all together. Design will then come back in and test it to make sure everything followed the original design doc and works as it should. So thats the workflow. The docs will be worked on a section at a time, So I wont speak for other departments but I would assume you are going to see updates (Concept Art, Updates , Forum posts) as each section is being updated. Programming will be updating bugs and making the game better, Art will be doing the same. Which is why the updating system was so important. So that will be moving in on a pretty regular basis. As for this list for each update from every department, too early for that, but I am sure Alex has a plan for it. The time frame will be based on a schedule that Alex will look at sometime after things slow down after PA. The calculations are taken from how long it took to complete PA, the staff we had and what issues we ran into, then calculating that over the list I just showed you and then that will give us a rough est on how long it will take for each update. That of course tells us how long the game will take to make with our current staff and what we need to add or what we need to add to make it more productive to reach a goal. On my side its pretty easy, I just give the list of things and give my time, its hard on Alex because he has to figure all that math out and personal issues and goals and how to reach them. But its hard to give exact times right now because we have so many systems that have some work done and some that have had no work, so we have to work on that next week. After PA things slow down. So its more organized not only for you guys but for us as team. So soon as we have that I am very sure Alex will make a announcement with his ideas on updates and his vision on how he wants to proceed. Right now its all about organization for the long haul.
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    I'm not sure if this image is going to show or not so here is a link to the full size picture on my Deviant art page: http://ctbrooks.deviantart.com/art/The-Fashionista-564922196?ga_submit_new=10%3A1444285572
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    coming up to 4th week

    Well honestly best thing to do instead of being quiet is just a quick head up on Monday or Fridays or both just saying something to the effect that you are still working on it and making progress. Instead of silence, which tends to bother people. Honestly that takes nothing more than someone from the dev team to take 5 minutes to make a new post with date in it saying that. Obviously more tasty info like hey we currently have this one bug that is throwing a mess into things but we are on it. That is honestly all the community asks for instead of hiding behind silence and broken promises. Also, at the slightest hint of trouble its best to say something than wait a few hours before a promised release date that was made many months before .
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    Sorry for my absence

    Hey people. Well, I'm really sorry that I wasn't around for such a long time now, but I just wasn't able for any social interaction recently, cause something really tragic happened. I won't go into detail that much, let's just say: Life gives and life takes and two and a half weeks ago a really valuable person left forever. It was hard and I needed some time to find back to myself. I hope you can understand. Now I'm almost reasonably well and I thought it would be time to check out the forum again. Sorry again. Regards