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    What's the current take on keeping the wood production chain sustained? I get that, initially, cutting down forests will have the benefit of opening up building spots. But mid game latest, a solution for the dwindeling number of trees will be needed. Maybe a god power, "seedlings" or such. Or tree farms? New funeral options where the dead are buried under a tree sapling? Each birth of a nugget is commemorated by planting one or several trees?
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    HOW YOUR CHOICES MATTER IN THE UNIVERSIM Our team is hard at work on that oh-so-sweet update for the Steam Release going live on August 28. We’ve got a whole lot of new systems coming with the patch, and we’re going to be discussing one of them today. Buckle up! Introducing God Quests. As a god, you have to deal with a lot of prayers. While some of them may be spam - and a fair amount will be ludicrous - there are a few genuine, reasonable requests you might want to take a look at. Nuggets will ask for help with various tasks, or request aid during hard times. They might throw in a few bizarre ones now and then, and it’s really up to you to decide if you want to fulfill them or not. We are also adding legendary Nugget Influencers and Inventors with this system. Inventors are notable Nuggets who will alter the course of your civilization’s progress with their quests. For example, you will be able to choose which technology path your civilization follows with the quests from Nuggola Tesla. Nuggola will have a dilemma; he discovered that there are several ways of generating Electricity, and he will need your help to end the battle in his mind over which technology to pursue. There will be three ways to generate Electricity: Kinetic - Wind Turbines One path leads to Wind Turbine Electricity Generators. This is a relatively passive and clean way of generating Electricity for your civilization. However, it’s a little unpredictable, due to the production relying solely on the wills of the wind. Wind Turbines will not work during Windstorms (to protect them from being ripped apart) or when there is no wind at all. The good news is, you’ll be able to store any energy surplus in Batteries. Stored power can then be utilized when Wind Turbines aren’t generating enough Electricity to keep your cities’ lights on. Kinetic - Nuggetic Motion Generator Now, here’s an idea. You know all of those Nuggets you have running around? Are they really all being productive members of society? We doubt it. That’s why you will be able to use Nuggets to generate Electricity for your civilization. It’ll be great for their health, it’ll definitely keep the lights on, and it only requires a bit of light whipping. If you have Nuggets to spare, and you don’t really want to take your chances with the wind, then this is a great system. Of course, excess Electricity is stored in the same way as other Generators. In a similar manner to fancy cars, there is an Insane Mode Button that pushes things into overdrive on the Nuggetic Motion Generator. Nuggets will run like mad, producing far more energy than before. However, use this with caution. Nuggets have been known to explode without warning. Cover expensive furniture beforehand. As mentioned, these methods of Electricity generation are 100% environmentally friendly. There is, of course, a far more aggressive approach that replaces unreliability with consistency and clean air with pollution - the Electric Gas Plant. Electric Gas Plants are behemoths when it comes to generating Electricity. They spew it out with ease. However, there are significant downsides. You’ve probably already guessed why, but it’s mostly because this system burns through Natural Gas, which is only found underground. In order to extract Gas, you will need to build Gas Mines. This precious resource will then be delivered to Electric Gas Plants to be converted into Electricity. Gas Plants will cause a steady decrease in air quality, with an additional side effect involving global temperature increases. But, hey, at least Gas Mine owners will get filthy rich. Inventors and Influencers There will be many more Inventors and Influencers throughout your civilization’s advancement, but they will appear randomly. Our goal is to offer you a different experience every time you play the game. Before you tell your friends all about it, here are a couple more Influencers you might come across: Elon Nugsk - A clever Nugget with some grand and occasionally silly ideas. He will help begin the Planet Colonization initiative. He also may or may not send expensive machinery into space for fun. Keep an eye on him. Donnug Rump - A Nugget who has a peculiar fascination with walls. He will allow you to build advanced walls around your civilization to protect against extraterrestrial threats or other unwanted intruders. He should never be put in a position of power, but his rants about wall designs have proven to be useful in certain scenarios. Florence Nuggingale - Her healing hands and tireless efficiency will lead to significant improvements in Hospitals, increasing the total number of patients a Hospital can serve at a time, as well as their Happiness. Kim-Joe Nug - His sole intention is to provide Nuggets with Nuclear Power. However, many Nuggets may need to be sacrificed to achieve his goal. Nuggie Curie - Her contributions will lead to the invention of the X-ray machine, reducing the time needed for diagnosis of injuries or pain. This will result in faster healing times for patients. Wrong Brothers - These guys are crazy. They think Nuggets will be able to fly like birds. We all know that Nuggets can barely walk to begin with, so we’ll have to see whether they’re wrong or wright. We hope you’re as excited as we are for these new features to make their way into the game. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Influencers or Inventors you’d like to see. Tell us their contributions and how they will alter gameplay, and don’t forget to come up with a terrible pun for their names. We will hopefully get a few more in before the Steam release, but rest assured that more will follow. Be sure to share this with your friends and family - they might have crazy ideas as well! https://crytivo.com/en/news/how-your-choice-matter-in-the-universim
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    Kickstarter boosts your nugget strength and speed, but it has nothing to do with traits. When your nuggets develop different traits, their kids will inherit those traits. So if your nugget has a trait called "lazy". His kids, are going to have the same traits as well and therefore your whole civilization can end up being lazy. You can fix it by connecting the nugget with a lazy trait to the nugget with a hardworking trait. This way the kids will have 50% / 50% chance to inherit either parent trait.
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    Sign the petition!

    I mirror the sentiment and agree, but why the clickbait title and post in the wrong subforum? *boggles*
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    Hey guys, sorry for the delay. We just returned from E3. I will be checking all the feedback over the weekend. I have to catch up here with some things today!
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    What really is missing, is the "feeling" of playing a god game, literally. I'd say the current foundation of the game is fine, but all the managing aspects have to be driven/ruled by the godly gameplay. Every god game is a rts, but not every rts is a god game. The idea of having different kinds of "faith", similiar to Fable's approach of gathering experience. Energy production is a good example: When choosing the wind turbine we could get "eco-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a "green" technology, which does not harm anyone. Therefor we can use that faith for "eco/good god powers" only and/or progress towards being an "eco god". When choosing the kinetic generator we could get "grey-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a technology, which does not really harm anyone, but they aren't happy about it either. Therefor we can use that faith for "grey/neutral god powers" only and/or progress towards being a "grey god". When using the gas plants we could get "issue-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a problematic technology, which harms the nuggets and the motherplanet. Therefor we can use that faith for "Issue/bad god powers" only and/or progress towards being an "issue-god". So it somehow depends on our research choices, ofc (Again, we can't just be "a" god.) and the way the nuggets understand them and then generate faith accordingly. And becasue of that I think we need a far more "complicated" and "far-reaching" tech tree,heh. Mooar choices! The god quests could be modified in the same way, so that the players/gods in fact experience the result of their choices and get the "rewards" accordingly.
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    1) So the self build good bad building from the nuggets will be gone? What a pity. I liked it somehow. But yes it had no real meaning. maybe you can recycle it or some parts as sacrifice altar or shrine of life. 2) good decision. but i would use the altar as main prayer collector. but not with a gmail user interface called godmail. I'd spawn nuggets there that pray to god and you can click them to hear their prayer. maybe indicated trough thinking bubbles or something else. feels more natural than a inbox for prayers. As I said... i think basic god interactions like resource collecting should be really cheap or free. maybe even generate new belief trough your actions. for example... if you collect wood and put it down near a nugget you should gain belief. or [new mechanic] if you had the ability to use those resources directly to build buildings. In this case you have direct control over the progress and faith generation beside a temple. If you do more for your nuggets they have more time to pray. If you do less for them they don't have time to pray but you can simply watch them caring for themselves...
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    Ask Us:

    May I answer this. This is how your nuggets see your actions. Picking up resources is "evil" and healing is "good". The opposite is a fountain with a tree. So your nuggets think you are evil at the moment.
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    threeheaded monkey

    [TWITTER] "..."

    I'm going to randomly quote stuff from their KS from now on... "Keep in mind that this explorable version is nothing more than a teaser for what is to come, there will be no gameplay whatsoever. We are not quite ready to implement all of the features for public testing yet as they are in varying levels of development. We are also working on a great UI (including various research menus and the like) which is a pretty crucial element that absolutely must be included in any gameplay build we release. A good portion of the features (but not all as we want some time to polish them!) will be available in the official Alpha build which should be ready before the end of the year, if the campaign is successful."
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    threeheaded monkey

    [TWITTER] "..."

    "Because a game built by gamers with a budget supplied by gamers seems to be a formula for success." "That is why we need your support here on Kickstarter; we want you to be our publisher! If anyone should have the biggest say, it’s the community!"
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    My lords, my ladies, and everybody else here not sitting on a cushion! I humbly present to you my review and suggestions for this innovative and ambitious game in Q&A and bullet form (to hopefully keep it from being a TLDR monologue). I just purchased this game over the weekend and played it to the end of the consumable content, so I feel like I may present an outside perspective. Q&A How did you find out about this game? I first heard of The Universim from another Kickstarter game called Planetary Annihilation TITANS (generally a good game. They were arguing about clouds on the forums and how this game has them and PA does not). While I was not very interested in a god game back then the trailer stuck with me and I checked back every now and then throughout the years until this past weekend when I finally decided to give it a shot. Before playing the game, what did you know about it and what did you expect? Other than what I gathered from the trailer, I knew that players were generally stuck in the stone-age. After reading about how the devs were focusing on the systems needed for future eras by developing “the stone age” this did not bother me as I have had similar experiences programming various things. The foundation needs to be solid to build upon. I expected that I would play the role of a god and would have some control over my people but not directly. Other than this general idea I did not know what to expect. What was your first reaction when opening and beginning the game? First, I really liked the start screen. Unlike many games it actually stands out in a unique way and is very clean. When starting the game, I liked how I could choose the spot where nuggets would begin on the planet. (After failing horribly on the first attempt, I realized I should place it near iron, stone, and of course water) The art style was great! After turning off the God light I appreciated it much more. I currently play with it always off. Did you experience any bugs? For the most part remarkably no. The only issues I faced were god mail being broke after the first mission and boats being perpendicular to the water sometimes. This seems to me to be very stable for an alpha. What did you think of the stone-age city building and resource management? Coming from an RTS background I found it quite familiar and being the early stages of the game perfectly fine seeing as I am the god directing the people in their early life. I would like it to have more “godly” visuals. Maybe a light from heaven with some tablets detailing what they should build? Later in the game, say mid medieval times or a bit later I would expect the gods priorities to shift from micromanagement to macro and the nuggets to manage their own structure placement and resources. (taking a bit from one of my two previous posts here) Unlocking via research over the medieval times, the player should no longer have to: Place buildings such as farms, refineries etc.. (excluding major NEW structures the player unlocks) Maybe each type of auto placement should be unlocked via research Assign nuggets Deal with unfilled position The player should have new tasks to preform like Expansion location assignment Instead of placing each building the player should choose when and where the civilization attempts to expand Cultural conflict resolutions Choose which type of culture wins a war by helping with your godly powers Influence farther cultural presence via research choices Should your nuggets be good or evil? It is the player's choice based on their cultural actions Exploration Send nuggets to explore and find a brave new world via the sea, the land, and in the far future in space. Science choices (this should fall under nugget science discussed later) Crossroads in science should start appearing after medieval times, once you make your choice you can't go back. Study plants animals and learn from them for future buildings and farther research. (player chooses which animal to study and if the research should be kept. Astronomy: Learn about the other planets, in more detail as your civilization evolves or see what your civilization discovers about the other planets as they evolve and guide them to particular areas of their the sky. What did you think of the research? Research felt off to me. I feel like it should be split into three different things: god powers, nugget evolution, and nugget science. God powers The god should be able to use his/her points to unlock farther powers. (I really want lightning, so I can play Zeus) They should start out small like the telekinesis and cupid thing. Nugget evolution Nugget might Nugget speed Nugget other stuff Nugget science should be done by the nuggets. How would it be implemented and how would you interact with it? Let me explain by example: You get a notification that Jimbob is telling his nugget buddy the best idea: square wheels! You see on flat, water coated surfaces these babies slide like they are on oil but less so. So, what do you, the god of Jimbob, do? Do you: Strike him down with a bolt of lightning to insure the idea does not spread? Do you give him a dream of a round wheel? Maybe he will just figure out that it is not the best idea on his own? Maybe you like the idea of sliding square wheels and want to see how far the culture would progress. With this system the player would feel like they are actually guiding the nuggets instead of just “upgrading” them. I still think the tech tree should be used, but instead of being a basic “click and have it happen” thing, it would be a overview of what your nuggets are thinking about and who is thinking about it. Maybe latter in the game a future Jimbob decadent discovers oil. Now you really have a choice. What did you think of the current god systems? Even though the good/evil meter is not fully in place I really liked the choice and the fact the tower would change based on what I did. While I appreciated the god-mail meme, I found it to be rather immersion breaking. I feel like individual nuggets should randomly notify you in some other way, even if it is just through the notification system. And the god-mail building should be replaced with some other shrine or church system (the art could stay the same except for the mail piece). PS if I burn it, it means I am unhappy. (I actually did this in game to see if I would get more letters) I like the god powers in general. I especially liked that I could use the rain cloud to protect my nuggets from random fires. The fact it is under wrath seemed a bit odd to me though. What did you think about the transition from the stone-age to medieval? While a bit sudden from an art perspective, I liked it. It seemed to go smoothly, and it was cool watching my civilization grow a bit closer to the modern age. Any other thoughts? The school system is pretty cool, and I like the future implications, but it seems early to me from a historical perspective as most-of-the-time back then jobs were passed down by the family or by apprenticeships. Thanks for working on this innovative game and keep up the good work! I am excited to see what the future holds.
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    You will have a way to regrow trees with the god power
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    Research Prototype Panel

    They only asked because some asked them in the forums. They did not really ask for years but did their thing without community interaction. As I said. This game has a long development time already (funded on Kickstarter May 24th, 2014) and the development direction was/is simply wrong for the advertised god game in Kickstarter. You both @rraccoonn (joined December 23rd, 2017) and @KittHaven(joined March 25th, 2018) are new to The Universim and did not see the advertised Kickstarter god game aspects. You saw the already crippled god game aspect where god is degraded to a building placer. It's great that you both are enthusiastic and optimistic. Every forum needs both sides. Optimism and realism. It's great that you make suggestions. (Which have already been made over and over again and fast responses you see now are a direct result of others expressing their thoughts of bad community contact. So you benefit from others that build the communication road.) And yes, a sarcastic undertone is needed if a game is advertised as god game in Kickstarter (while they collect money) and suddenly they change the concept after kickstarter is finished and develop a pretty god less godgame. So it's normal to ask why a called god game has mostly features as base gameplay that exclude godly gameplay. There was no (and is most of the time) still no information exchange what is planned to improve godly gameplay. So thank you for being optimistic, but realism and critizism is needed as well. Otherwise optimism will be destroyed soon. Reference: GODUS. Btw. I don't know if you've turned on signatures in the forum so i repeat my signature here which is a Quote from Kickstarter during the funding process. There is no need to worry about micromanaging your citizens as they will take care of themselves to the best of their ability. But, to sate your curiosity, you will have a handy News System at your disposal that will keep you updated about all major events occurring in the game. This is particularly helpful when your civilization spans across multiple planets! -Alexander Koshelkov CEO Crytivo, Kickstarter Update May 12th 2014 Source: Kickstarter Page This is the exact opposite of the actual gameplay development which added more and more micromanagement over time to keep the player busy and try to cover up missing gameplay mechanics. A different promise during Kickstarter was: We have some more exciting news to share with you today regarding the future of The Universim! We have already promised to keep you guys in the loop and build the game alongside you, and we plan to stick to this promise from here on out. We take your feedback seriously and we always listen carefully to what you have to say. We are finally ready to share a new community event that everyone can participate in! Introducing the Community Labs! Source: Kickstarter Page Community Labs were introduced but then later deleted. Why? The Universim never had a full time Community Manager. Community manager @Mirror is a volunteer that backed The Universim in Kickstarter as well. She sacrificed her time to care about the community. So stay true to you optimism but rest assured there needs to be realism voice too to protect your optimism. Best wishes.
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    Feedback and suggestions

    Hi Prossy, Thank you a lot for your feedback. You brought some points that are very interesting. For example combine the research with nuggets. This is something that we will think how we can incorporate in our requirements field without reworking a lot of things. I think you have a lot of valuable points and your information is very valuable and useful. Domestication part is something that we definitely talked about and it might be the case after we release the steam version. Currently all our development force aiming at God Aspect of the game. God Worship & Powers The God Mail on the latest build does not work the way it should. The improved version should be way better and more interesting. As for the payers, one of the ideas that we are thinking to work on will involve 2 different paths that you can take. Bad side or a Good side. Depends on your action, your city will look a little bit different, nuggets will build their own prayers that will perform differently based on your side. Nuggets will learn from your actions. If you kill, they will start killing. If you help, they will start helping each other. We are planning to hammer that idea more and more until we get the exact path that we would like to take with that. Again, thank you a lot for your feedback. Sincerely, Sasha
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    Thank you for supporting my point of view. May I introduce you to the South Park Episode: Human Centipede. Dont't agree without reading.
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    [TWITTER] "..."

    @Izar_Morghuliz Yeah people don't realize that "pre release" or "early access" release of a game on steam is 90% ALPHA testing.. I said it in another thread that TRUE beta testing for this game won't be until 2019. Beta = virtually ALL features are in game, alpha tested, and the devs need the testers to work out minor to moderate bugs (and this game is nowhere near that) Alpha testing = new features are still being added and the game needs MAJOR MAJOR debugging (this is what we are seeing in version 0.0.25) .. and there's often many, many "rounds" of alpha and beta testing LOL The problem is a lot of gamers (and even some developers) blur the alpha and beta lines (and they shouldn't) I'm not complaining, but people need to realize that what's coming out on Aug 28th is NOT the completed game. Heck even steam says early release games are "not finished" and still in "testing" and to buy at your own risk. Often people invest and back a kickstart game, or buy an early release on steam expecting to jump right in and beta test when the product is early on in the development process and it could take many months or a few years for the game to be completed. Also note the version number.. 0.0.25... it's not even close to 1.0 (the first full "true" release of a game)...
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    Alright, so a couple things to cover here. We're working on getting the twitter feed to aggregate right here, and will be trying to route people to the forums in official anouncements. That being said, the role of the forums is community discussion, which we're happy to have in paragraph long style as exemplified here. The social feeds will still be largely for announcements as there are more people there to the best of my knowledge ( @threeheaded monkey I appreciate analysis, but I'm not sure where you're pulling 40k from when the KS was backed by 11k. Is that all combined sales?) which goes through the Universim page, but also all the Crytivo pages, the Twitter alone has 24k followers. The fact is, we're already struggling to cover those announcements and every moment I'm typing this is taking away from my actual job in development. Now, the size of the forums is not to be disregarded, as it is absolutely notable, so like I said, we are working to get more announcements and attention here, for discussion on new and old features, the direction of the game, and so on. Like Ace said, forums in many ways are the best for this sort of discourse where people can write out their thoughts in full, and aren't stepping all over each other in a texting spree. As for NDAs, I understand you're upset about this, but we've previously had testers in the past who put down their time to help us make the game better prior to releases, who signed NDAs, and who would presumably be willing to bug test under the same circumstances. @AceOfSpadez I appreciate the insight into SC, and I want to point out that what we are talking about is that first round of bug testing, to make sure the game isn't broken and we don't have situations like you seem to be experiencing. (If you'd like to email about your particular bug, or just forward me whatever correspondence you already had, I'll look into it and see what's up since a bug like you're describing is absolutely something I want squashed. My email is cmagerle@crytivo.com). @Grapplehoeker to explain better, the NDA is not about reviews. We know that our steam launch is super important, and when we launch, there will be thousands of people who already own the game and have an opinion who will give their review. The NDA isn't about that. Whether on Steam or elsewhere, once the game ships, or even before, anyone who has already seen it and has loads of experience can make their voice heard and let people know. Baseline, when this thread was posted, a number of people responded after Alex mentioned an NDA, affirming that they would be interested in doing testing for us. This testing would only be for bug testing prior to the August release. Everything before then, anyone who has contributed to the game already has access to and has many avenues where they can make their thoughts known. When we launch in August everyone in the community will be able to voice their opinion just as well. Prior to that, the community is already making its voice known. Hope this has helped elucidate some things about our plan. I think if we want to continue this conversation we can, but should have it in threads marked individually with each topic, as the conversation around testing has splintered into a number of topics that are valuable, but irrelevant to the original thread. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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    Ok I will share some of my insight. Sorry for plugging a different game here but it is needed for the comparison. I am a avid player, and sometimes streamer of the biggest crowdfunded game/kickstarter game in history, Star Citizen. Star Citizen thrives on streamers and word of mouth to get the game spread through the interwebs. It is a open alpha game currently, same as this. When they release new patches they have it set up in a certain way which you currently are close to. They have their internal team, the first wave of testers (like your external QA team) 2nd wave of testers (mostly those who forked out the most money or has been apart of it the longest) and then the 3rd wave of testers (streamers and hardcore players) before releasing each patch to the public. Now the first wave is to make sure there are no game breaking bugs, and if they are what are they doing to break the game/system. Highest risk since it has the potential to brick a PC. And the first wave of public QA testers are the only ones that cant say anything. Once it hits the 2nd wave of public backer testing its wide open, because they use streamers and hardcore gamers to showcase what they are working on, improvements they are making, and stress testing the game/servers which just adds more fuel to the hype fire. The more people see a object become shinier and more fun to play with the more people say, that looks great I want to try it. Hell I backed this game from watching JackSepticEye play it on his youtube channel and thought hey this looks like a new Black and White meets Spore, you get to play god then colonize other planets THATS AWESOME!! I was hooked. Your public appearance is what draws people in, so allowing us to blab about it and show people look at this shiny new toy, or mechanic, or chaos. For a kickstarter game this is pretty crucial, because your public appearance and how people see you and your game development being open to them since they are funding your creation. Side edit, the pushing the discord for the main source of feedback and communication is lackluster to say the least. The biggest CF games use forums and "ON SITE" (website) chat to communicate. I get a lot of people are migrating to discord because the voice feature but that is a more public forum for communication and not a local one that can easily be overrun and misled by people who have yet to back the game, or even test/play it. Forums are hands down the best for people who really care about communicating with the dev team as well as other gamers sharing the same issues or thoughts. Also, moving the main announcements from the forums of updates and patch notes to discord and twitter shows us that you are caring less about what we think and say, even though we have been giving the most support. It shows you want to show off to the open public what you are adding, or what they think you should add before asking the people who have been providing feedback and communicating with your team the issues here, which can make it muddled, because people who have yet to play the game can say ohh that sounds cool I want to see that even if it doesn't fit or isn't necessary for the game. Just like currently I have some kind of issue with this game where I can't play the game for more that 15 minutes before the game crashes and resets my computer, which kills the stream and any kind of movement I had going to showcase it. And, this bug has been shrugged off on me like I was doing something wrong. This is a game ending bug for me that makes the game unplayable in its current state, and now I cant play it until your next release in August. It's terrible. I have been keenly invested in how this game progresses, putting input on broken AI, flawed systems, game ending bugs and crashes, and contributing to polls and questions presented in these forums.
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    @Magecoerlin So please answer this short Question. With NDA... would you sue somebody from the Community that breaks the NDA because it's an affront against the transparency? Yes Or No? Only Yes Or No. Simple answer, simple Question. Would you sue your community? Yes or No? This will be the main promotional thing for you. Crytivo... The kickstarted company that is willing to sue it's supporters because of NDA violations. This "Could" be the logic headline if you insist on having a NDA. If you're not willing to sue your community members if they break the NDA, a NDA is useless. And suing your community is a really bad pr stunt. We're not employees with a pay check from Crytivo. We´re the ones that made Crytivo possible at all. All backers. Kickstarter backers first and all other backers later. Quick Edit: Bug reporting was made possible ingame. So the forum is not needed for bug reporting... and as @amigacooke mentioned... YOU promoted Discord as the main communication channel... Even pinned to your twitter account on top... not main promotion for the forum... main promotion for Discord... Edit 2: A description of what is planned would be okay. We're not the twitter community that reacts to shiny pictures with a like button. We can read and think and no... you're not pulling away suspense. There should be no suspense at all for the god game gamplay. This is a simple excuse for not wanting to talk about what is planned. Will the godly gameplay be empowering? Is god mail still a thing? Is god degraded to simple missions? Does god still watch nuggets being slaughtered by wild animals in the future without the chance of doing anything? Yes, The Universim was kickstarded and advertised as: "The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov." Original Kickstarter short text. What do we have? Planet management? no... nugget management yes. God game? not at all. The Universim is not unique. It's a management game that introduces questionable gameplay mechanics like stone huts that need repair after short time... engineers in the stoneage...those "buldings need repair" things were only introduced to keep people busy... micromanagement. it does not make sense.
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    It's a standard thing for developers that develop games with their own money. Sure. But the community made this project come to life. So if you want an nda what is your consequence of breaking a nda? do you want to sue the community? It's a simple "Can we trust you" question and answer. Nothing more, nothing less. We trustet you by supporting this game in kickstarter and you do not trust the community of the game in return? This ist the problem A selected group gives feedback. Who choses? Are those more rts style players, or people that prefer the original and advertised god game concept. To clarify it... most people on twitter voted for more buildings. we all know introducing only new buildings without changing gameplay is useless and a straw fire. So if you want constructive feedback all of the community should be heard. Edit: You do not promote your Forum as first adress for information in the "big updates and news annoucements. only facebook and twitter..." Edit 2: https://theuniversim.com/micro-to-macro-nugget-automation the newest update shows most things you will introduce in august. new buldings, old gameplay... So this game will develop more to a rts strategy game with resource management instead of a god game. god game features like god mail and god missions are only a "oh right... we advertised it as god game" excuse. even cities skylines has natural disasters you can trigger at your will. does that make this game a god game as well? You get the point. soulution would be... don't advertise it as god game any longer or change something fundamental.
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    I won't find any time this summer anyway,so... But as for the NDA.. I'm not quite sure what you guys at Crytivo are afraid of? How are you going to make sure that the broad audience is happy about said features? The steam people will know when it's released, but what about the early supporters? I already was paying solid money for this project, just to make it happen and I want it to be a success after all, but I also would like to speak openly about the progress telling the people wether I like it or not and why. I can't for the sake of it comprehend in which way this would harm the game and probably the release on steam. But it's your business, not mine. And I'm a "customer", not an employee.
  22. 1 point
    Lissa Gloom

    Sign the petition!

    Oh, that's easy. 4am.
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    Let me preface this post with my experience in the RTS/Simulation/City-builder genre to show the games that I am comparing GoE at its core to: Warcraft, Anno, Banished, Rimworld, Age of Empires, Civilization, the entire Impressions Games series (Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Caesar, etc), Sim City, Cities: Skylines, and Tropico. I want to be clear that I absolutely want to love this game. I see the massive potential it has. But, in its current state (and I understand that it is early in its development), I can only give it a 4/10 after my first six games. It is, sadly, below average with the features and management in the game right now. I may seem like I'm nitpicking on some things but I would rather point them out with the hope of making GoE stand out on the market than to let it fall short of its potential. So, in no particular order or importance, here are some of the things I noticed: At tribe creation it's very hard to see the names of the goblins with white text over light gray background. It's not clear at the start of a new map that the first thing you click on is where the campfire will place itself. My first game my campfire ended up placed in a lake making it so I needed to restart. Out of six games (not including the first failed attempt), I was unable to build a watch tower before winter. Subsequently, I lost half or more of my goblins during the winter to unstoppable skeletons that no one seemed to be able to fight against. Skeletons are incredibly overpowered. I understand there's supposed to be a challenge but even in a Low risk area, I survived the first winter once out of six. That's much too hard and frustrating. The one game I did survive to the second winter on I was met with not just two skeletons, as I had the following winter, but a horde of five or so that wiped out the entire population. The AI does not prioritize survival. I had several peons starve to death with tons of berries available. The Goblins are very weak and die easily, even when they do try to survive. This peon died from cold while getting warm, The newsfeed gives useless information. Knowing who has gone to bed/woken up doesn't seem necessary to gameplay. There is more that I wanted to bring up but don't have the time to add currently. I'll add it in a follow up post but I wanted to get to the things I do like before I go. Art style. It's very unique. Goblin design. They're very adorkable and endearing. Building designs. Simple yet fitting for goblins. The prospect of Diplomacy with other races. Depending on its implementation it could really give GoE a leg up. As I said, I want to love GoE and as it stands, I really like it and I want to give it all the support I can. ~Rae
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    I'm not as experienced in this genre as SnorlaxRae is, but I've played enough to know what I'm doing and enjoy the games. My first play-through lasted about 40 minutes and I had to end it and restart a new game as I hit a game breaking bug (see my post in Bug and Issue Reports). My first opinion without holding anything back is: Was there any kind of QA involved in this process yet? I really want this game to be successful and for the devs to do great things with it, but my first playthrough is really bringing me down. Good: I think this goblin point of view could be rather amusing and enjoyable to play. It reminds me a lot of World Of Warcraft, but GoE seems to be aimed more towards being cute and cuddly. (which isn't a bad thing) The goblins have some cool outfits that help make them standout and you can tell what kind of role they are assigned to. I don't know why, but I really like the bridges between the buildings! It's cool to have these little bridges instead of the usual dirt path connecting buildings. It reminded me of an Ewok village. The art style is definitely unique and will make this game standout from other games in this genre. Bad: (I understand this game is in very early development) Tutorial is lacking a lot. They start you off building four or five buildings and that's it. This isn't a huge deal because most Early Access games are the same way, but it's still mentionable. Some minor bugs here and there, but encountering a game-breaking bug in my first playthrough is not promising. This is just my first impression and will continue playing because I feel this game can be something. It has the potential and I hope the devs continue improving and adding to it!
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    · During tutorial play, when it says to build a building (Grand Hall, Storage Hut, etc.) the Build icon in the lower right should be highlighted or flashing and also the tab where the building is located to make it easier for folks playing for the first time to find. · In information panel at top left of screen (where it shows population, growth, and peons) make an option where if you click on total population a list of all goblins pops up and if you click on peons a list of peons comes up. · When placing some buildings, such as Watch Tower, have an arrow pointing which direction the building is focused towards. Another example is the Woodcutters Hut, have an arrow pointing which direction the door is facing. · Have an option to turn off/on edge scrolling. · Why is it set that each season is a game year? Why not have four seasons equal a year like in real life? (just saw that winter is 2 years!?!) · The tutorial never says how to keep goblins from freezing to death. Was playing along and noticed that I just had three goblins freeze to death. Tutorial should also talk about how/why to use the “Move to Campfire” button. · Explain what the progress bar above the goblins is. I have one goblin that is walking around being idle, yet he has a progress bar floating above him. No idea what the bar is for, but it is slowly being depleted. · The text on some info lines are too small to read (@1920x1080) Have a notification pop up that says when your goblins are almost dead due to freezing, instead of just the little text line in the bottom left hand corner that says a goblin froze to death (too late to do anything about it then). Make it more obvious so you don’t lose almost all of your goblins.
  26. 1 point

    Love Tower Not Rebuilding

    Sometimes building like the Godmail building and the Love Tower don't build where you would like them to, throwing off your whole city so when I see them building where I don't want them, I cancel them. In the case of Godmail, it'll automatically try to rebuild itself somewhere else. You can keep cancelling it and it'll just keep coming back in a different location. Not so with the Love Tower. If you cancel it, it's gone. It never tries to rebuild itself. I like the tower. I just did not like where it wanted to build at first. My suggestion going forward would be to give the player the ability to choose where those buildings go so we don't have to settle for bad placement or cancelling repeatedly and hoping to get the spot desired.
  27. 1 point
    I more and more think that the choices of technologies we make define what a kind of god we are. Either one using the alternatives and poducing/developing in a sustainable way or one exploiting the motherplanet and the nuggets without any mercy. The believe system shouldn't purely be dependant on the god powers or the god quests IMO, because so it would be possible to act "good" by using "good" god powers , but still we could use "bad" tech, so research is related to believe and the way the nuggets consider god's choices, isn't it?! Also we can't just be "a" god, there has to be a way to personalize ourselves: When using destructive technologies and god powers more often, then (a) the nuggets should/ could be more afraid of the "cursor" (b) the god powers that we may unlock should be even more destructive (c) even the god quests should go more into the destructive direction When using clean technologies and god powers more often, then (a) the nuggets should/could be more impressed of the "cursor" (b) the god powers that we may unlock should be even more clean (c) even the god quests should go more into the clean direction
  28. 1 point

    My journey in Universim

    Hey @KittysGameCorner , as Serbanescu said, several of these issues are already fixed, or will be fixed for the Steam release. However, the one that I don't believe I've ever seen before is your cemetery issue combined with the bunker issue. If you have any more details or can reproduce that exact problem, that would be fantastic for me to look into it more.
  29. 1 point

    Mail about the new uptade

    I did post it twice XD and I still can't see where the first one is :)). I go trough the alerts. Spammer me, nuggets will hate me uprise and burn down my altar for this, and I will use my last remaining powers to strike them all down with lightning I just accidentaly saw the BIG "Bug and issues window" :))))
  30. 1 point

    Mail about the new uptade

    @Serbanescu Seems like you created two similar topics in different parts of the forum (The Universim and Huff and Puff V 0.0.25). Maybe somebody with administrative rights can merge the two topics. This topic and this one here. And to you both. I encourage you to write in the official topic from @Magecoerlin. Please contribute there and share your thoughts so our feedback is bundled.
  31. 1 point
    Benno Hase

    Archive stops working

    I face the same issue. I activated autosave (every 35 min) , but when I finished and tried to save, I got the "never ending saving" dialogue. I used ESC to quit. I also noticed that the archive was empty (no autosave files too) After restarting the game I was able to load a very old savegame. It said day 41. I am not sure what day I had when I got the issue, but a little bit earlier I noticed day 119. No later savegame available.
  32. 1 point
    Hey Antiglow, Thank you a lot for such a great post and providing to us a constructive criticism & good suggestions. Some of the things that you mentioned are being changed. For example micromanagement. As your civilization moves forward, more and more automation will be introduced. Eventually, you will have other things to care about instead of constantly placing buildings. I liked the Nugget Science idea. It is pretty cool. Currently we are brainstorming similar idea but the idea is mostly concerned with the bigger scale issues rather then square wheel. God mail was simply created for simplicity of use. The current god mail has a lot of issues and we are working on the solution to those issues. Hopefully you will like the new system more As for the transition between eras our goal will be always to try and make is as smooth as possible. We do have a lot of obstacles with that, but we will do our best to make it feel good. Again, thank you a lot for your post. It is greatly appreciated and we will do our best to improve every aspect of the game. Sincerely, Sasha
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    No, I'm not refering to Cities: Skylines. Dude, I agree with you that the game tends to be more a city builder right now, but even if the whole building process would be AI driven, there should be more and more different buildings as the game progresses. Granted, I'd rather like to read news about the faith-system and the god aspect too,but obviously there is nothing to talk about yet.^^ Seemingly there is very little progress as they have to use the same concept arts for their tweets over and over again.
  34. 1 point

    Refined Stones and Wood problem

    Take note that once an upgrade is researched, any new building will be built in the upgraded version right away. So even if you're not upgrading any of the old buidlings, your new ones will come with the upgrade included (and the corresponding resource requirements) That took me by surprise at first...
  35. 1 point
    I truly can see the idea behind the water ministery, there has to be a way to make the nuggets regulate the waterworks autonomously. And tbh, certainly there have to be more buildings in the game in the end. But if there will be prisons, there also have to be police stations, courthouses, parliaments to pass legislation and most important, crime after all. ^^ Disobedience, FREE WILL.
  36. 1 point
    There is no tech difference in what he posted and what was voted, literally. Very big game in a very small amount of time? Come on, dont be so gullible. In order to have the kickstarter they've had to have some tech ready, but no. They've done concept art for the middle ages in 2017 (sometimes even the stone age) and beginning of 2018, thats is literally the first time you have seen some concepts from the ages (except maybe a few instances), dont you really ask yourself what they have spent their time on since 2014? And dont tell me the "its a very complicated game" stuff, there is another similar game being made by less people and its even further along then this. Game wont be in full version until at LEAST 2022 at this rate with what was promised, and thats just being realistic and comparing with other games and team sizes. If you can afford traveling to all conventions with great setups and spending time on publishing, you could afford tech artists way earlier. Its not aggressive to actually expect something from developers who spouts "fair gaming and trust". Specially since they help with tech stuff on Prehistoric Kingdom as announced by them. (Think its easy porting to consoles?) "Crytivo will be helping us with the back-end, technical, and business side of game development – ultimately pushing us to a number of new platforms and venues that we could have only dreamt of achieving by ourselves. Because of their involvement, our consumer outreach has increased astronomically, the game will be translated into six different languages, previous fantasies like console ports aren’t entirely out of the question, we have a booth at numerous conventions, and we now have a close relationship with people that have an equal passion for the project." Regarding the prototype tree, they said "we will go for this with slight modification" and then there is a new one posted on twitter just out of the blue. (and btw, the new design looks really bad tbh, the one that was voted is way more streamlined and clean) Other than that, I commend you for keeping your cool. I respect that.
  37. 1 point

    Research Prototype Panel

    It's called iteration? I'm presuming they've tested several things and because of programmability/aesthetics changes had to be made. Obviously they will be picking whatever they think is best for the game, and when building the one that was "picked" by the community they might run into problems that require changing things. I think this is what you sign up for when you support a game from the start to be honest. Just seeing this progress for me shows that they got us involved at the very start of the design process of this technology tree, rather than showing minor adjustments and asking for a vote on that. Getting to vote about one of the earlier iterations gives you a lot more power as less is set in stone yet. I agree that some features of the game still require some major attention at this point (maybe more than you would expect from a game that they have been building for so long) but sometimes we should also acknowledge that this is a very small team trying to build a very big game in a very small amount of time. Just cut the designers a break sometimes and trust that they know what they're doing! Judge when you actually experience the thing.
  38. 1 point
    (made my account to post this after just playing the game to the end of the current content) While a better prayer system to replace "god mail" in highly needed, I would rather have a higher focus from the devs on removal of micromanagement. As a disclaimer I love RTS games, but I did not back this for it to be just another RTS game. I liked the idea of an "organic" population doing all that they need to survive on their own after their early stages of development and me, as a player, guiding their development via natural disasters and other natural events, research, major event choices, population dispute issues, and other "godly powers". Currently I have no issues with the game requiring me to place structures and assign workers as this goes along with the idea that you, as the god, are influencing their major choices because the population is so small. However, I expect that in the early to mid medieval times I will not have to tell the nuggets where to place every farm, well, graveyard, school, pump, etc.. but instead focus on things like early astronomy, future expansion, science and discovery, and exploration. They should evolve on their own and require me less as time progresses. As for research there should be cross roads the player comes to as suggested in the trailer. It is my hope we will see these in the late medieval times. I am liking the game and its goals, however I am worried about its current directions as I have not seen any mention of removing micromanagement features as time progresses except for this thread.
  39. 1 point

    Forum interface

    Hi Serbanescu! We're also doing some more forum reorganizing and optimization so you might see a few features move around or get adjusted over the next week!
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    Lord Moist


    So i've been playing for a few days now and while i was playing i thought of some cool ideas i'd like to see in Universim. 1. I know this will be added later but having the ability to get to the main menu while in-game is a must. 2. I love the whole idea of when you bang into a mountainside your screen cracks but I think it would be hilarious if after a few dozen smacks at the rock your entire screen breaks and you either go to the main menu or get kicked out of the game... Either that or it just goes completely black for a few seconds. 3. Bridges/fairies would be a cool idea and possibly having more water on maps to make these more useful would be nice. 4. I don't know if this was planned or not but having enemy tribes in the game that you have to defend or raid would be a nice addition and would definitely add more of a challenge. And to make sure you cant just burn the hostile tribes to death you would have a zone of influence. Basically the other tribes have a god that they follow but the zone of influence is the area that you can use your godly powers on. This zone can be upgraded with the more followers and the higher the tower level is. You cant use your powers on their zone and they cant on yours. These are some of my ideas that i've came up with. I hope you like them and thank you for taking your time to read my comment!
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    Let me try to wrap my head around this all... We have an alpha version of the game that is being playtested by your Kickstarter backers. You now propose a closed beta branch of the game for the purpose of being tested by a sample of volunteers willing to abide by an NDA, before the launch on Steam. When it is launched on Steam, this closed beta will be the version released? As for that, it will be released to the public using steam's Early Access system. This is a popular method for developers to entice players to invest in a game while still in development. This allows the players on one hand, to get a preview of the game and be able to take part in the development by providing feedback - it also usually means that they get the finished game at a reduced cost. On the other hand the benefit to the developer is in addition to more funding through Early Access sales revenue, they effectively get a large new player base from which they can receive free feedback. In fact it isn't just free feedback, the players are actually paying the developer for the privilege to become play testers. This is why I believe you are so concerned about the NDA. You do not want any potential negativity to mar the launch on Steam which will be a very important source of revenue and potential play testers. I get that. It's wholly understandable, but is the closed beta really necessary? Isn't that a little too cautious? I mean there are still thousands of Kickstarters that have an in depth knowledge of the current state of the game that can and most likely will be vocal on Steam whether there was an NDA for the closed beta before Steam launch in August or not. On a side note, Crytivo's preferred choice of social media for feedback outside of this forum doesn't bode well for Steam. I have taken an active role in several Early Access titles and I know many like me that prefer a forum based communication system whether it be on Steam or on the developer's own forum. I personally detest Discord, Facebook and Twitter. I'm not too fond of Reddit either.
  42. 1 point

    [TWITTER] "..."

    Ohh maybe The Universim is the prequel to the real God game... The nuggets destroy themselve and start praying... To quote the Black & White intro text: A land of innocence has no need for a god until faith intervenes. When people pray a god is always born. Able to change eternity. That god is you. Are you a blessing or a curse? Good or Evil? Be what you will. You are destiny.
  43. 1 point
    First off, cause I've missed that, thank you Colin for taking the time to introduce yourself here. It's highly appreciated that at least SOMEONE is willing to participate. ( Yeah, I'm talking to you, Sasha! ) So let's talk about the numbers: There are over 40.000 people who have been supporting the Universim during Kickstarter and via online shop. The Universim has 7.600 followers on Twitter, no idea about facebook though; 7.600 people of which we don't even know if they are supporters at all. Close to 600 people have been voting in the end: (Until now, I see the poll is still going on) 600 people out of 40.000. Not exactly a very trustworthy basis,hm? EDIT: Just see that someone was(finally) updating Kickstarter. Thanks to whoever did this! EDIT2: Ok, maybe I could have been more precise in the op. The idea was to start a conversation about that in the first place, letting the studio know how others think about it as well. I think it's not just important for the game and thus the company, but also for those people you are having the game on their steam wishlist for years now, unsure what they can expect of the Universim. Sayin' that we gonna like what you are working on, that we have to trust you and that it's worth the wait, is not enough imo. Also you can't promise that for sure. I have been playing games for more than thirtyfive years now, so I think my oppinion is useful, but not just for you. Yeah, I'm not a YAY-sayer, even when I like the look of the game and all the concept art out there; I'd rather talk about things I don't like, cause that's helpful! Just think about this again; please, otherwise I fear that the whole thing is going to blow up right into your faces when released on steam.
  44. 1 point
    Closed betas suggest that the KickStarter phase of Universim is coming to a close. The mechanism by which this project has been developed has changed and those who have paid for access are potentially shut out. When Steam early access supporters join the crew, favouritism for KickStarter backers will be even more unpopular.
  45. 1 point
    It more and more seems as if they would more and more avoid the forums for measuring:
  46. 1 point
    Upgrading the Epicenter doesn't add new research items that I am aware of. Once you've researched everything, that is all to research for now. As more content is added, more research items will be added to the game. Currently, the Medieval era is what the game is up to
  47. 1 point
    Its great that you are being creative about it. But maybe not focus on "silly" things that adds to the scope? It is SO weird that a small team like this spends time on ideas like this when you have more core stuff to worry about. When you "finish" the game, thats when you can think about adding stuff like this. If you keep this up, you will burn trough the funds of dev in 5 minutes.
  48. 1 point
    Lissa Gloom

    Research Prototype Panel

    Similar to Fable's concept where some spells were only accessible if you were good or evil? If so I don't think that would fit particularly with this type of game personally.
  49. 1 point

    Research Prototype Panel

    Just a quick question about the research panel: would we have some specific research that we could unlock upon specific action/alignment or we would always be able to research everything?
  50. 1 point
    Yeah Goldmos, I've always liked the idea of letting the nuggets have more abilities to handle things on their own. Saw someone ask about having the nuggets do more of their own building choices instead of just the Hut. More of a teach them how to do something and then let them do it themselves. But I don't get to vote on this... so need all you Creators to make your voices heard.