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    I think there should be less micromanagement and more automation. i have thought about this a bit before this email. Imagine how how cool it would be if you had multiple civilizations and two of them didn’t get along and waged war on each other, completely on their own. Like maybe if you were a benevolent god to one of those civilizations and made them angry towards others. i think that would be cool. Also if you don’t select someone to fill in a fishing spot or farming spot, the game could eventually do it for you. I want this game to feel like it advertises, at least in my eyes. Less like sim city and more like I’m a god and I interact with the nuggets. And they develop and grow based on those interactions.
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    To throw my 2 cents in... But too much micromanagement (especially if it is a repetitive task) is nothing more than a chore. Especially if the chores are as trivial as buy more water supply, check building health status and so on. During Kickstarter there was an Idea. The Live News System with some pre made Quests you can accept or neglect to earn bonus powers or something else... And user generatet quests. Has this idea died already? If we're talking about a god game... I could imagine Quests in the style of... the house is burning and you learn through prayers a new divine power like rain... and so on. The whole building and managment process is (in my opinion) a good bonus for a god game but should not be an essential. Spore was great but had to much repetitive micromanagement in the space age. Everyone has a different preference, but I don't want too much micromanagement to feel entertained. But there are tons of people playing cookie clicker ;-)
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    Don't get me wrong, but The Universim in the latest patch has nothing to do with the vision in the kickstarter campaign. Beside all bugs... Gameplay was called "Organic Gameplay" like managing your ant farm... Is the concept of a mighty god still in place or are we just an alien watching the civilization and tell them wich building needs to be build where and how they produce enough food to stay alive. From time to time we can unleash a bit of rain and healing powers through our intergalactic starship... ... that's the way i see it at the moment. Nuggets seem to be aware of a godly presence but still do not pray... Instead they send letters to god but are afraid if a godly power is performed like picking up a tree next to them. I'd call this unlogic gameplay. If nuggets are aware of a godly presence and send god a "mail" and of course if they wait for a godly order where to build important buildings like farms and what to plant on them... It makes no sense at all. The only difference between The Universim and every other RTS bulding game is some pretty useless and extreme costly powers that could be (as i said) technologies from an alien ship in the orbit... The universim seems to take path to RTS building games with micromanagement and resource management instead of a god game. Just to compare... Black & White 1/2 made me feel like a god. The Universim makes me feel like an Alien observing the planet and tell those stupid nuggets what to do to stay alive and take them by the hand every simple and small step. If they are able to build bunkers, why don't they get inside if it is dangerous autonomously. No the alien in his space ship needs to tell them that a sand storm is dangerous... But can the alien help? No. No energy shield, no weather control power... nothing. the alien is only a observer. not godly at all. Who needs a bunker if a god protects you? at least in stone age... stone age bunkers... yes... great idea. Oh and of course... nobody is praying to the alien... Only my 2 cents.
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    I have to agree with this, It's all well and good micromanaging initially but as it expands it would become very tedious, as for the screen saver comment - I didn't sign up to be a civilizations babysitter forever, they need to grow up and do things for themselves. They should be able to work out what they need to build, what they need to plant and how to behave with one another - unless you are planning on adding civil discord (which would be interesting in both concept and practice), I want them to splinter off and create their own 'countries', I want to be able to influence the leaders, bait them into holy wars in my name, smite the non-believers and fight the seeping corruption of heresy. I appreciate the fine line required between 'things to do' and total automation but we want to feel like a God, would God really care what crops need planting or who is working in the restaurant? I have politics to influence, heads of state to throw over mountains and cultures to shape and destroy with a whim. If people really need to play around with micromanagement give them a toggle and let them play the largest game of The Sims currently on the market. Johnny Nuggets nutritional requirements mean nothing! Just eat him my nugget followers and let's create our own version of the Wastelands of Mad Max!
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    I absolutely agree with just about everything that Goldmos said. As the civilization progresses through the eras, more and more basic needs should be automated by the nuggets, such as by "chief" or "manager" nuggets who oversee the automation of one system such as water. It would be a realistic design choice, as the stone age obviously didn't have any sort of organized civilization, it was just groups of Homo Sapiens without any leader or directive other than to survive. As the civilization advances, different responsibilities should be moved onto the player, and others should be moved to the nuggets. From having to manage food and water, to managing wars and politics, to managing whole planets and (hopefully) star systems. This makes an incentive for people to want to experience more of the game, and prevents the progression from feeling too repetitive and grindy. No one wants a Universim where every era is the same but is only graphically different. Micromanagement should be constantly shaped throughout a playthrough, which puts more work on you developers, but can interest more fans into the game and the ultimate product will be much better.
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    Hey there! Welcome, everyone! It’s been quite a while since our last coffee date. We’ve missed our talks about world domination and cats. Most of all, though, we missed hearing your thoughts on The Universim. We want to hear your opinion on how we can improve a certain little feature in the game. Let’s talk about micromanagement. What do you think should become more automated as your civilization develops? How much micromanagement should remain? We are already halfway through the Medieval Era and have begun working on concepts for the Modern Age. Should Nugget assignment to the buildings be automagic? How should we prioritize who is assigned and who is not? Which buildings should be prioritized when there aren’t enough Nuggets in your civilization to keep them all running? These are the kinds of questions we would love to hear your thoughts about. We need your suggestions and ideas doesn't matter how wild they are. Also, to make your wallet a little thicker, here are some Crytivo Coins. 500 Crytivo CoinsClick Here to Reedem Learn more about Crytivo Coins Here This will help gravity to keep you locked down as all of the new changes distort the world around you. If being consumed by the infinite void of space doesn’t bother you, you can also redeem them for discounts on games in the Crytivo Store. These are the Rewards that Matter! Alright, you may now begin smashing your keyboard over on the forums. Impress us! With love, Crytivo
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    this is an important question. not easy to answer. In fact I created a really long answer, illustrating my ideas and concepts. In the end I think that's what you want, ideas and ideas to create the game. __ PLAY FROM GOD OR PLAY FROM MANAGER Let's start by talking about the type of game: you say you are a game of God, but most of the game is management. I refer to a style of play as "Age of Empire". I think that doing a mixed game between management and divinity is fine and is a choice that touches different types of players. Currently the Manager game is quite adequate. there are possible improvements that we will look at later. The game version from God is a bit limited: let me explain. A God must not waste time telling his believers what to build and where to build it (the Manager's gaming system). A god must keep his faithful believers, he must make himself offers, he must have fun at the expense of his faithful. and more. In the primitive age, a god governs the elements and is good or bad. And I'm fine that you put the tree type, but I'm not good that I pass from good god to bad god because the system of collecting corpses is INEFFICIENT, even though I myself to dispose of most of the corpses and trying to make them happy . So as god I would like to see them pray or praise me. (maybe to see nuggets standing in front of the altar, and they could approach religion (pray) whether it's a benevolent god or a scary god. As God, I would like to make them happy, or to punish them. you have made this possible with godly powers such as healing or moving or falling in love. (but some costs are too high 20 points to make them fall in love too many! And also the cost to make them all happy (but everyone becomes happy or just a little man?) For the tornado calamity and more I think the cost is plausible. As god I can want some gifts. in these primitive beings usually the gifts are of food, a dead hen. if I were a god of death, a beautiful virgin girl ... At the same time, if I were a good god, I would like to give some gifts. And in times of famine grow a bush of flourishing food ... (FOOD). o SPEED plantation growth. or REPEAT a lake that has lost fish. __ QUEST prayer requests from the Nuggets I really like the idea of prayers by post. But do not make it gmail style, please give it a religious and divine style !!. I saw that you put 2 of them. One is the missing child. and the other is to punish the enemy. Good idea. But there is a technical problem: the child is not on the list of nuggets and knowing where he is without a name in his head is impossible in a camp for 50 people. you should make these requests feasible. I like it as an idea but give it a red halo that is clearly visible to this child. While for the punishment of the enemy, how should you punish? you should help us understand what we can do to punish it. I tried to destroy the house (it was difficult to find his house of residence), I tried to make it fly. and finally I also killed him. but maybe there is a bug where all my actions do not complete the prayer quest. So you could make us play god by giving us different prayers from the nuggets, and if we grant them we will be devoted servants and "efficient workers". But beware, do not oblige us to resolve prayers at certain times. at least not all. I believe that a prayer is worth the whole life of the nugget and depending on the case the nugget can be satisfied after several years or rather disappointed because too late. (killing or giving poverty to the enemy can be satisfactory even after several years of prayer). Keep in mind that the God must also deal with the management and therefore may not have much time to make god in those minutes of updates to the age of the Middle Ages; but having so much time in the dead period. __ RELIGION AND CHURCH FUNCTION, and the power to influence the village through those who speak with God Moreover, a God should have ONE WHAT YOU SPEAK WITH HIM. a priest in the medieval era, a shaman in the primitive age. In short, a henchman who influences the ideas of the population. I believe that in the early and middle ages the God can have direct influence through the figure of the priest. Technically a place of worship will be created (the church) and assigned to a nugget. When the nugget has started you can have different commands (like for archidio or in theory the meteorological tower). You will have commands like: "daily life must be based on hard work" "daily life must be based on latin idleness" "daily life must be in balance between work and well-being" "Behave well for paradise" "Behave badly that you die so young" (I would use a slider bar from absolute work to total idleness where there are 0 in the middle which are balanced neutral parameters 0 is how the nuggets are now, or how you have planned them basic). In this way, God will give directions to how I want my nuggets to live. And like every church and religion there will be a level of church importance. In Roman times the Christian church did not have much importance (indeed they were prosecuted), but in the Middle Ages the church had a truly absolute importance. So here too a level of the number of faithful; the level of power of the church over the decisions of the village, the level of respect for the church and its rules (how many faithful are correctly practicing the church's rules). Hard work can be a rule, but we can also add: make more children, take more wives, or be vegetarian! Certainly a God who leads to the extreme of work at the beginning will increase the productivity of my village, making them work will increase production (of course only the religious nuggets, while non-religious will behave normally, but in the primitive and medieval era almost all they should be religious!). But after a while 'time there will be a rebellion to too much work and there could be a religious revolt: that is masses of nuggets could show disagreement and even get to burn the church (and inside his priest). In this way, I God should erect another church and choose another priest. (This cycle should represent the changes in religion that occurred over time, such as the change between the Roman gods and Christianity). But be careful, if I create another church and immediately arrange for it to be extreme workers again, the church will have practically no followers, its power will be 0 and I will not find new believers. At the same time if the new church preaches the Latin ozium, it will immediately have a lot of faithful happy to embrace a different religion! But at the same time the production will slow down! Let's jump into the future. Now, in the modern era, religion has lost some of its power over the state. And even if you can still give the religious directives we say that we will not have absolute control? It is also true that in the modern era atheists are very rare, which is very rare in prehistory and in the Middle Ages. So, your power from God is reduced ... BUT, we can see the world differently. Meanwhile, there will still be the role of Manager and not just of God, but then you can influence the individual in power. In the modern era there will be nuggets at the head of entire structures. There will be the nugget at the head of justice, the nugget at the head of agriculture, I imagine that create a building with the tasks of government divided by type (justice, environment, productivity, science, medicine ...). And each task will add a nugget. Now imagine you have the power to bribe the nugget like God. In this case I imagine a bad God, a god who wants to subdue them all and make them go back to a medieval mentality (modern technology but power to the church); certainly in the game usually the player wants to grow his village, but if the game is from God, he must also foresee a bad god. So a bad God (it is not excluded that in a complex phase of the game you God John, you intrude on the planet of the God Roberto and try to influence the social structure of the nuggets of John, corrupting with money and perversion the heads of government so that make the system malfunction, maybe in an online game version where you put your own planet into play); I said, a bad god will corrupt the single nugget with money and other things and will make sure that governments misbehave, leading to the downfall of civilization. Either a benevolent god infuses light and justice into the nugget and will make the nugget that governs that sector work the best. Or we put our Lord God very good and succeed in holding a Church with great power over civilization and keeping it in the modern era when atheists spread, but the church is so well balanced and God is very active in the miracles that the faithful remain many. __ PLAYING FROM MANAGER improvements the first important thing to say is that the nuggets are too stupid. I'm sorry but the parameters are not worthy even for a primitive. _ Cut trees and stones away from the place of construction to which they are putting. _ In spring and summer they do not collect food from plants around, and there are times when they are dying of hunger. _ There is no basic food from restaurants but they do not collect it. _ Instead of repairing the most damaged buildings, the engineers repair the less damaged buildings and let the serious ones fall into pieces! _ The lumberjacks are in the building doing nothing if the trees are too far from the building. _ too many bodies and do not hurry to get them out by leaving them on the road years! But sooner or later you have them decompose these bodies? Honestly the nuggets can not be so stupid as not to get food supplies for the winter while having bushes handy ... So first of all you have to fix these bugs or wrong statistics. The nuggets, logically speaking, having the right buildings available should self manage themselves. And you created this self-management, you see, but it is also true that small details like those mentioned above make the system unbalanced. _ THE MANAGEMENT OF THE VILLAGE I find it right to choose the buildings to be built and their position. I find it right to decide how many buildings of what type to build depending on how I want to create my village. The basic management structure is fine, but there are no additional elements. _ Food management in fact If for the water I know how much I need it and how much they consume the buildings being able to build a precise number of pumps for every need; I do not know how much food my nuggets consume. The management of food must absolutely be improved. I can build restaurants, fishmongers, farms, but I've seen that sometimes the food is less than a following winter. I believe that the Village Manager has the right to create and organize it as he wishes, but workers must follow his directives. I have difficulty explaining this point. I try to make a description anyway. If I were a good village chief, I could tell my men exactly what to do. I could tell my men that they have to collect 10 food for the winter because we consume 8 food as a village. As a village chief I could know that wanting to build a hospital will take a lot of stone and so I want to tell mine that they have to get more stone that year than wood ... In theory this administration is done automatically when I build a hospital that requires stones and woods. But perhaps it would give us a way to be more efficient if we could tell our nuggets how many stones we want to stock stored as soon as possible. I as a Planet Manager know that the medieval era with the upgrades of the buildings will involve a lot of wood and lots of stone. I could think of wanting to collect it in the dead times of the primitive era. _ WAREHOUSE SYSTEM I believe that Warehouses should be organized as well as individually, even in a total manner on the interface of God. To see the available places of all the warehouses and the places occupied by type of object. And to be able to decide the quantity that is required to be kept in STOCK (to be kept in stock and not to be kept for example in a restaurant that is not a warehouse). This is especially useful for building materials that are used in all ages. _ AGRICULTURE SYSTEM I think agriculture is good, even if I do not really understand how cyclicality works. I think that putting a mini-calendar style seasonal tool in which the type of culture is studied for each season, could be interesting. _ THE MIDDLE AGES and future ages I'm already imagining the mess of an era in which the whole planet is populated. I already have problems managing 4 restaurants, 4 farms 10 fishing boats, 10 factories etc. It is problematic, for example, if the city center is far from the factories, I see several nuggets that make a long journey between the house and the factory. And even if I put restaurants and wells near the factories, there's still a lot of going away. I believe that in the Middle Ages it is necessary to start building real, structured cities. I have already tried to be schematic in the construction of the buildings, arranging the fishing areas together, placing the repairers all in a row, etc. But with a medieval age I have to be able to use a grid scheme better and bring buildings closer together. I built 8 refineries between wood and stone, but anyway I had to position at a certain distance. These refineries do not look anything like an industrial quarter of our 1700 style style. I also think of the fact that with 8 refineries I have to check that they all have a little man who works inside. And in situations of social problems I have to activate or deactivate the men in refineries. Let's take a practical example: full medieval times. The population rises too much and lacks food. I absolutely have to devote myself to gathering food and closing the refineries. So imagine 20 refineries and I hand one by one I have to remove the nuggets from the list of refineries and put them in agriculture. Then the food problem is again contained and I have to put the nuggets back into the refineries. It would be much more practical to shut down the refinery and immediately have the unemployed nuggets available, and then when you restart the refinery, again the same nuggets or if they are busy recalling new ones automatically. Do not have to do it by hand. If you think of a modern era, I should not have 10 refineries as in the Middle Ages, but have a refinery park extended on the potion of 10 refineries that with one interface manages all the employees. Another very problematic fact is the request for a nugget to be included in a construction from the list of nuggets. The list with 100 nuggets is already a bit slow. If the number of nuggets has to start to increase a lot until the modern era, you will have to start evaluating the macro management of the nuggets. First phase divide between unemployed and employed. Furthermore, those who collect construction material should have a registered job and not on the list of those who do and do not. In this way I can have the list of those who do not have a job and assign it to the new factories, but without going to affect the group of collectors and builders who are vital as labor. Now I do not know if a Laborer is idling or is collecting material. The best thing for the future, considering even a population of 5000 nuggets, is to have automated assignment. _ WORK MANAGEMENT OFFICE for the modern era A building, for example, that opens a window with certain commands: first of all, every sector of work is identified (refineries, farms, fishing, catering, repairers). For each sector, the available jobs are displayed in relation to the buildings of that sector built, and depending on the needs all are assigned or dismissal people in the case of too much production or need to work on a specific request. The buildings that now select 2 or 3 minors at a time will be managed by the automated system and prepared by the system described above. For example, if I can have a 100% refined iron production, but I have collected enough, I can lower the production to 50%. the nuggets will lose their jobs and will go to work in those situations where men are needed on the occasion (building example, when you build something new). While if we have 10 iron refineries as buildings or a single refinery park, then it could be that half of the park sectors or half of the refineries are turned off automatically, consuming even less energy. And if they are still separate buildings, it would be better to close the most shabby and worn building, so you can have time to rearrange it. If you think about it with 5000 nuggets we can not manage the occupation of each nugget, but we will have to have automatisms that allow self-organization of work. Obviously you should still leave the possibility to change the single nugget from the workers' list, this to optimize with more efficient workers for that job, and then also for the first speech of a corrupt system in which specific nuggets are put to power do what you want. _ ROADS. AND URBAN PLAN I think it is necessary to have a mechanism of roads to optimize the city. As well as making our people evolve it is also nice to create refined and elegant cities and this can also start from the Middle Ages. Being able to design an urban plan for the future could be interesting. In practice, do not build immediately, but create a map drawn (technically a virtual map above the surface of the planet and even above other buildings) and start saying that you want a road, that of a rectangular area you want the district of the factories; but also to say that in that little square between the main road and the factory district you want a prairie bed, or a group of trees. Do practically urban furniture, preparing where to build things in the future. I would not mind telling my nuggets to create a new residential area near the factories, and obviously make sure that the workers assigned to that area go to live nearby. _ CIRCLE OF LIFE FAUNA AND FLORA this theme seems a little ignored, but I think it's fundamental. I left the day for about 600 years and I noticed that an area of trees has completely disappeared and the fauna has totally disappeared from the planet. Now, I do not know if you have already implemented the system, but you can imagine that you can not leave a planet in the primitive era with zero animals and trees that do not grow back. I understand that in the city areas plants do not regrow them, but do not grow back even in remote areas! Of course, it is right to say that the resources are not infinite. But let's talk about fauna and flora and water, which are recreated in the system. So you really should get them to regrow and repopulate, and rightly put a rate of regrowth. Then if the nuggets consume more than they grow back then they will rightfully become extinct, but I do not think it can happen in a primitive period .. Also I would like to be able to plant plants as trees and fruit picking plants, I am an artist and I would like to have a village full of greenery, but the system currently brings me to a bare primitive town. Full of braided logs still visible .... _ OTHER SMALL IMPROVEMENTS buildings that are destroyed or destroyed by push-button should be recycled by recovering some of the stones and wood from the rubble. It seems to me sensible because there are actually residues! _ the hunters should put the traps themselves, not you as God. It is OK to choose the type of beast and type of trap, but do not let us do the dirty work. _ I believe that in a Renaissance or modern era, cataclysms like sandstorms and tornadoes or fire damage buildings less. Certainly the nuggets that took a walk will be swept away .. but a building will not be completely destroyed. Also you should put evolutionary tools for building resistance to hurricanes and storms. And if you want a bit of an earthquake, a volcano for the planet. And obviously a God who saves the situation in drastic cases ... like if the volcano is about to erupt, use god points to delay 10 years. _ it would take in the construction work (such as refineries) that indicate how good the worker is, and how regular the work is. In this way if you work badly or little I could choose to replace it .. _ it would be the case already in the Middle Ages and then in the modern era, to have the first construction companies, because the repairers of buildings are not exactly construction companies. But in this specific case these companies will automatically take the nuggets (a bit like now) without a fixed job and use them to build. I think I've already written so much. I hope you come quickly to the medieval era. I have been following you for several years, and even if I enjoy trying every new pach ... we are + - always in the same position ...
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    Just thought of something that would be nice, some kind of law enforcement or code that the nuggets have to follow. Sort of like a 10 commandments thing. On these commandments you could make rules such as no killing or even no breading with certain traited nuggets. This could even be iimplemented in early game with an upgrade that allows for record keeping.
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    Hello, micromanagement is fine in early game but I think you should implement a little with every new era. For myself, water should be automated first, like well and pump when Medieval is there, after, I think food and other basic need should be automanage and finally, when we will be in other planet, exept for new building that isn't "vital" to the game, everything else should be AI manage (i.e. environement, electricity, water, food, cemetary/hospital and such, don't know all the system that will be implemented but what is necessary to run your village/city in your absence should be automatic. You don't want to micromanage disaster also when you are out of your planet. I would also like to have an option to decide if I want my nugget to be autoassign to building. If possible, we could have some "type" of building that can be automanage (like for example Food, ressource management, civics and other) and toggle a switch to say yes I want those type to be automanage or not. Also, maybe add some more power if you actively manage your colony, that would incentivize the need to take care of your civilisation.
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    Dart Mada

    V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    Been playing v24 for the past couple hours good job but there's a few things.... 1. Something seems to be wrong with eateries/restaurants. I've gotten to a point that I have a pretty high, steady flow of raw food but cooks aren't picking any of the raw food up to cook it. The cook system seems to have stopped working. The Cooks just stay in their buildings Doing Nothing or they are stuck at Going to Eatery (even though they are already in the Eatery/Restaurant.) 2. The reproduction system. It was growing pretty steadily and got up to 180 Nuggets; I never had to use Le Cupidon. At that point the population seemed to remain stable around 180 with Nuggets dying and new ones being born (having 10-16 Nugget kids at any given time), but then it suddenly started to drop off. I am now down to 121 and am having a hard time keeping the population up and all the jobs filled 3. Hunting becomes a non-option for food VERY quickly. I realize that its because the hunting hasn't been fully implemented yet but eventually the Hunters seem to have run out of animals to hunt at which point they stay in their buildings Doing Nothing The game I am currently playing is at Year 189. That's all I have to report for now. I am going to save it and quit for now. I will come back and load the same game later and see if these same issues continue. I tried to post screenshots I've taken but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
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    I think the level of control in early game is good, but also that it's going in an un-godly direction. I'd personally prefer if even from early ages, your civilization was able to decide where to place more types of buildings on their own (with the exception of key structures maybe). I feel like the micromanagement needs to have more of an emphasis on helping your village by being a god, such as grabbing and throwing away wolves from an attack, trying to redirect tornados, change the landscape to prevent floods or to reroute lava flows, increase the speed that lakes refill or crops grow, etc. Now, going into later ages, as the other guys have said: allow villagers to be auto assigned to jobs. I'd also want them to build their own structures entirely (of course adding a toggle to manually over-rule them for those that prefer controlling this aspect). They should be able to act like an independent civilization that uses you for things beyond their technological prowess. One last thing... I'd love to see early villagers emigrate to build new villages that you don't have control over. Edit: Just thought of another change which would effect all ages - The passive trait evolution I feel shouldn't be chosen the way it is now, but rather be caused by how your village reacts to certain events, where you force it upon them or it's just natural. For example, if the village lives far away from some resources, they could eventually evolve a passive trait to move faster. Or if the village is constantly under threat from wildlife/other villages, they could gain several traits for defensive skills (life/health regen/attitude traits such as how hostile they are). This would have a direct impact on how you micro manage your village since you'd want to focus on ways to give them the evolutionary traits you'd prefer them to have.
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    I bought this game because I wanted a god-game, not another city builder. Please allow for more automation and have players make the higher up decisions instead of being a logistics officer. Let us feel like gods.
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    At present the game is very micro-management, and with a population of c. 100, I feel very busy rushing around doing a lot of things that the AI should be doing properly - such as gathering dead bodies, repairing buildings etc. Perhaps these are more bugs/balancing issues. I like the idea of increasing autonomy as the game gets bigger, I think this is the way forward. This also then frees up the player to be more "god-like" and influencing the game more through their god powers., generating more belief and then being able to use this in the game for varying effects. Things like choosing which crop to plant, assigning nuggets to buildings feels very "me-too", so perhaps could be something that over time the game takes over. Otherwise we'll be in the position where you are on planet X, but meanwhile on planet Y thigns go pear shaped because you didn't allocate a nugget to a fishery. The scale of the problems would feel disconnected.
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    Since my last round of play the game runs so much smoother! The ai seems better, only had one nugget get stuck pathing between a tree and a building (I removed the tree and it worked again, unsure if tree was actual cause). Graveyards are much better (aside from my one "doing nothing" post about once they fill up), the fact that everyone didn't get diseased was such a relief. The new ui for buildings and nuggets is beyond helpful for anything from checking building durability to counting the number of engineers huts (and FINDING them among the mass) to make sure everything is balanced. The hunters seemed to function beautifully (with one exception I'll note below). All of this is based on being able to reach a 150 year 150 population game. Early game everything runs very smoothly. Population seems to climb steadily, no major spikes without them dying off either. - The flow of population with food gathering and building progression seemed perfectly balanced. I didn't feel like one or the other was causing me to rush to catch up. - The nuggets sprawled their huts out much further than previous patches, preventing the consolidated cluster issues of the past. - At one point I found my early game hunters wwwwaaayyyyyy far away, bringing home their prey, but uncomfortably far away and having pathing issues at the bank of the ocean (which they ultimately fixed themselves, I just healed them to ensure survival). - I feel like the archive shouldn't require a nugget. Sure make the building needed, it's a fun building to have anyways with other possible future uses. Maybe future job slots for some other reason, but currently all I end up doing with it is assigning a nugget, saving, then unassigning them again because I'd honestly rather have the laborer. It just adds another step. Mid game - say 75ish population I felt like they had a spring breed-like-rabbits episode, causing me to catch up my engineers, water supply, and food production. After a few years I balanced it out just fine. - There is a need to have the option to build previous tier buildings, instead of only upgraded buildings. I have learned to prepare and stock up resources before advancing the research for upgrades, but sometimes you run into a water or some other issue, and the ability to build the original non-upgraded building is necessary. Around year 110 I started to run into a couple issues, possibly contributed to from the engineers having some A.I. lockup. - It became much more micro-managy. Keeping track of how many of what buildings, where they are located as my town started to spread a vast zone. -- Also trying to keep track of how many herbs I had with 5 spread out warehouses showed the need for a resources display somewhere, anywhere would be fine, but the ability to see a number. - The building and nugget UI became very laggy as it attempted to load in a growing expanse of entities. Sometimes would end up clicking the wrong nugget in the UI because it would stutter and then drop down names (from births and deaths perhaps?) -The engineers began to have classic A.I. lockup. Around ~40-45 residential buildings, many started to collapse, and I periodically checked community buildings to prevent destroy. -- I had a ratio of 1 nugget, all educated with speed genetic, to every 9 buildings. Might have been fine without A.I. lockup, unsure. - I had a death spike from one of the previous generations, or perhaps people dying from lack of housing? unsure. My population dropped from around ~154 down to around ~117. -- I went from 2 upgraded cemeteries all with speed genetic gravediggers to 4 in attempt to compensate. One of them had full resources, with prioritize clicked many times upon initial building placement, and the builders refused to go actually build the cemetery for about 6 years. Finally they completed it. (there were several other placed buildings at the time, perhaps priority was not functioning correctly). --- The cemeteries became full, resulting in the gravediggers "Doing Nothing", with bodies still laying around the town. I did see a pyre used at one point earlier in the game, so I know they were at one time functioning. But for years the gravediggers sat at the full cemeteries "Doing Nothing" until a slot decayed open. As the population and building count starts to grow it becomes much more difficult to keep track and micromanage balance. This has shown the need for some form of world overlay options. Perhaps various tabs at the top of the screen, click one and all the water pumps, wells, and reservoirs light up blue (because let me tell you... Finding all your wells without having to manually pull through a long list of buildings EACH time when you have 15 wells+ later on isn't going to cut it. Also, the building/nugget UI needs to be able to let you mouse scroll wheel, mine wasn't functioning.) -- This same concept is desperately needed for education, engineers, food production, and death coverage. Around year 130 I started to notice an issue with the eateries and/or farms. I had 4 total eateries, 3 fishing shacks, 1 hunters lodge, and 5 farms producing food; various ones upgraded. - They were spread around different sections of the town sprawl, each with a warehouse not too far away. All warehouses upgraded and all had space. - It took me a while to find where the heck my 150 food resources were (again the need for some overlay that shows how much of what is where). They weren't in any of the warehouses (except a few in one, and that was the only eatery that was functioning). For some reason ALL the rest of the food was not being removed from the farms, which were loaded with food lol. Meanwhile all the eateries were completely empty of any raw or cooked food/meals, and weren't cooking anything because there was no food in the warehouses. - I did have 2 couriers huts, fully staffed. Upon year 150 many huts started to collapse and my engineers wont function properly, The gravediggers sit at full graveyards doing nothing with bodies around town, so I called it a fantastic game and time for my report Overall the game play is incredibly fun and so much has improved since my last feedback. I am concerned that further on into the game, when we're looking at a thousand buildings and population, the micromanagement will become unrealistic, if not impossible. For early game it is fun as is, but perhaps later on with building upgrades it will take away the requirement for several of the micromanagement aspects as we move onto greater advances.
  15. 2 points

    GamePlay tips?

    Just came back to Universim after about 18 months away (now that it's finally in a state that makes it playable for more than a few hours) My first playthrough has been reasonably successful. Upgraded Farms, Fisheries, Hospital and Water facilities (pumps, wells and reservoir) Three upgraded Engineer huts finally starting to keep up with building repairs. No problem with running out of food or water, plenty of building materials. Population got to around 180 or so with regular births and a steady stable growth. Looking pretty good. Around year 80-90 things have started to go wrong. Old age is kicking in for the early generations and I'm losing a few nuggets every year. This is fine and easily outpaced by population growth, my problem is the bodies. The damn things always die in the middle of thoroughfare's or buildings, so infection spreads rapidly. The Gravedigger is super slow to collect bodies (incidentally is the red ring around the Graveyard when placing it, the radius of effect? Is that the area the gravedigger will collect from or will they go anywhere there's a body?) The only solution I can find is to launch the bodies into orbit, but my "god points" are so slow to regenerate and I receive so few that I am unable to keep pace with the deaths. My population seem reasonably happy, the temple/alter/godspire thingy is tall and green and looks like it's pretty far evolved so I think my people should have decent faith. The bodies zooming into the sky give people the white shock/scare face icon but this seems to do little or nothing to increase faith. Healing miracles are also doing nothing for my faith accrual. It hit a feedback loop last night where the corpses caused too many infections, the infected started dying, which caused more bodies and infections and it got to the point where I lost about 30 nuggets over the course of a few minutes. I don't have enough God points to move them all, the gravedigger is useless and the hospital can't keep up with infections. Likewise not enough points to heal the infections myself. I can see this spiraling into a major dieback pretty quickly, if not complete extinction. I'll let it play out a bit longer and see if it stabilizes. Otherwise my previous save is about 10 years prior so I may load that and buid a couple extra graveyards and hospitals (I only have one of each) see if that heads it off. Questions (both specific and general): 1 - How do you increase Faith and accrual of God points? (I've only had two quest-mails: one to "find my lost child" which I screwed up by accidentally dropping the kid from a great height, and the other to "punish my enemy" which I skipped as I am going for a benevolent path) Random miracle healings seem to do little for inspiring awe, telekinesis just uses points without seeming to generate more... whats the trick to this God business? 2 - Whats the best way to manage the dead and diseased? Do you need multiple graveyards and hospitals? With a huge population I have lots of nuggets working as labourers so I can easily afford more facilities, just need to upgrade the water supply. Do they need to be scattered around to cover a wider range? Do graveyards have an area of influence? 3 - Unrelated but curious - are the oceans the only source of water? They are large but I can see them running out long before I would reach the modern age. My oceans average from 1.5 - 3 million and I've already drained at least 500,000 from one of them after less than a century. Will the devs be implementing a water cycle or similar so that rain and storms refill the oceans? I mean a planet is a closed system so you shouldn't actually run out of water, it should eventually return to the oceans. 4 - Do stone and or wood re-spawn or are these fixed resources? I would assume wood is renewable with proper management. Surface stone would run out and then you'd need mines/quarries? Hopefully quantities of these non-renewable resources (and metal, oil and gas later in the game) are high enough to last through to the eventual space age? If the ultimate aim is to manage multiple planets in a Nugget Galactic Empire, there' needs to be sufficient resources to last the long time frames, or options for recycling etc. 5 - Is there any plan to improve the tech tree? It seems very haphazard that you only get to choose from four or five random research topics at a time and there's no path or plan to follow. It would be great to view a tech tree and get some idea of where research is heading. 6 - Any plan to streamline the menu's and tooltips and pop-ups - make them a little smaller and cleaner? I love the look of the game with the cartoony feel but when a nugget's status window takes up 1/4 of the screen it's a bit distracting. I really like how Banished played this, allowing you to resize and relocate status windows and pin them to the view - it made population and building management a lot easier to keep track of. 7 - While I (again) like the cartoony style, the build area for structures (at least in the stone age) is rather large and huts in particular take up a lot of empty space. That combined with Nuggets randomly building wherever they want leads to very sprawled out settlements. Hopefully this is either streamlined in future patches, or maybe in later ages, buildings get smaller and allow for more crowding and modern population squeeze. 8 - Finally I would love the opportunity to control time a little better? The slowest/default speed is still pretty fast, especially later when population grows and notifications begin to spam more frequently. It's would be nice to slow things down a little for better micro management. Even more so, the inability to do anything when time is stopped makes this even harder. You're unable to queue buildings or upgrades when time stops, and you can't sufficiently manage all the little tasks as time moves on so quickly. Either a super slow option, or the ability to pause and still interact and "do things" when paused would alleviate this, especially in late game when complexity arises and you end up with large populations, complicated settlements or ... eeek... multiple planets!! Really enjoying the game, it's a nice cross between Banished and Black & White. Development is proceeding well and I can see it getting better and better.
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    Patch is corrupted

    So glad I could help. Yeah, I also run Avast and Advanced System Care with the Windows Defender as a backup. I have found that it is just not Crytivo that has issues with updates, so as the antivirus software does its job trying to protect your system from the bad programs and stuff, it sometimes also blocks the ones you want! It is working at least! Glad I could help fix your issue. Cheers Scott
  17. 2 points

    Patch is corrupted

    If httpS fix worked for you - this mean that something (like antivirus or other "smart-proxy") blocks access to the file. Patcher tries to download part of the game, which is executable binaries (exe and dll) ant it looks suspicious to some antiviruses.
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    Forum Badges! PLEASE READ FIRST POST!!

    For all of you, please PM me the email you used when making your purchase, none of the emails provided or listed on your forum account showed up in the system. for those who were KICKSTARTER backers I need the email you used to register for kickstarter. If you were a WEBSITE backer (not the Crytivo store) you email MAY be different form the email you are using to log into the forums.
  20. 1 point

    No launcher

    Hello, we are working on a bug with the Crytivo Store > My Games section. Please contact us via Live Chat on the store so we can help with the download.
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    As a God game your more focused on the bigger picture than trying to micromanage. That's basically the whole point. You plant your seeds and watch your flock grow. You do your best to influence the path they take but overall the nuggets have do things themselves. You can use your Godly powers to help them in certain ways, like if the lakes are drying up you can create rain. If they cut down too many trees maybe you can cast a miracle and regrow a forest for them. Since you've implemented this gene system you can steer their evolution by helping them move faster, or increase strength, or new abilities and maybe as you change their DNA the appearance of your nuggets change. If you don't like what your nuggets are doing you use your powers to instill fear and force them to worship you more or punish nuggets for doing stuff you don't want them to do. Hell if you feel like it you make the sky burn with meteors or summon tornadoes and watch as these forces destroy everything your nuggets built for the fun of it. Its your choice as a GOD! What you guys should check out is an awesome god game called "Black and White" and take examples from that. If you can implement some concepts from that game into yours I think Universim can become something truly amazing. Here's a link to some game play of Black&White if anyone wants to check it out. http://bitly.com/2ucce0Y
  22. 1 point

    Review of Gameplay

    Before this patch I had a few problems -> couldnt get over 50 pop cause they didnt mate Now all was fine. My population was growing so fast that I had problems to feed them So I got 160pops and 0 food but was able to solve the problem with 5 farms (1) Everything was pretty nice but some problems were still present Many workers did nothing -> engineers did nothing so many buildings were destroyed -> gravedigger did nothing -> I had 3 cemetries and only one guy was working and picked corpes right next to a different cemetry up -> fisher mans did nothing -> no food but wasnt bad cause I had a lot of farms, but two got destroyed cause engineers werent working -> rafineries werent working they had 100 wood/stone and did their job, but after were "finished" they didnt bring new stones/wood to there refinery, but a storage was next to them whith 100 stone/wood -> my nuggets are lazy as fu*k is it a fast forward problem? Well and after a tornado hit my village my population shrinked from 160 to 100 and now they cant recover from that cause they dont reproduce so fast like they did before -> no my pop is around 70 good point -> I have enough food for years Overall a good game/patch but there are still problems
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    I feel like there is a fine balance between having a game with so much micromanaging that it’s boring and a game where everything is automated to the point where you are just a spectator. I think that it would be best for the responsibilities you have to evolve from one era to era . Example, Stone Age nuggets are weak and ignorant so they would probably need a lot of help to survive so you have to manage them effectively but as time goes by , they become more independent so instead of telling them where to build things they do it themselves when needed , but when a catastrophe plague comes by it will be up to you to help them adapt to it technologically (teaching them medicine, graveyards ) , Biologically (encourage breeding of immune nuggets) and socially (teach hygiene, remove superstitious nuggets that attack hospitals and such ) . This can vary from disaster to disaster and depends on what you taught them previously. And as their societies evolve you will have to deal with new issues like civil wars and such . Maybe even choose a royal family or something On another note maybe you could be the one to throw challenges at them to see how they deal with it and step in if they seem to be going extinct. Oh and something I wanna ask shouldn’t there be more eras in the game (including a dinosaur one)
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    First of all, thanx for asking us players! Some short ideas that came to mind, since I read the mail: - most of the people Universim pledge dont want micromanagement, but some do, so let the micromanagement after the stoneage be a usable option, like many other games have shown before (Sims, Civilization...) If someone wants to micromanage all his nuggets in the Spaceage, why not let him, so he/she will get a little bonus for optimizing it all, but not force all other players to do it as well. - why not intigrate some AI-Tribes on the starting planet, which will grow with our tribe threw the ages and then there will be alot more options what players can choose from (make war or trade or diplomatic things) (it would also reflect reality better) - look at the history of mankind. In the beginning there where tribes and the main goal was to stay alive, but then there will be a political system, why not put a political system in the game after stonage, which will be rising in complexity during the ages and give the player the possibility to choose from differnt options which will have pros and cons, but reflect his style of playing. Maybe it could also be a religous system instead of a political one to fit the style of the godgame/godsim - an idea to handle the needs of the nuggets could be to give them districts/ areas where they could build buildings of a special type if needed, to prevent wild and chaotic building. In the end there will be a mining district or a farming district and so on. - after stone age switch to give the nuggets a bandwith for what theyre doing , maybe with some control sliders to put in a range of possibilities (build a new farm if the food fall under x amount or something like that) - let the nuggets found new settlements, maybe with specifications (learning, trading, mining, farming, political, military...) and let the players manage the growing empire. Between the settlements you could need karavans to shift food and materials between them and if you dont have them your nuggets would walk to that settlement and grab the materials or food wich would cost time and recources that would give ships more sense if you built at the shore of an ozean or lake. also maybe have only a few spawning places fior recources like iron and oil ove rthe planet to make settlements neccessary Some additional remarks. First the style of the game is phantastic, you did a good job. Second, make the lakes more like ozeans ;).
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    review of beast hunter

    I have played through this latest release a number of times, having deliberately not played the last few releases so as to keep it fresh for me Firstly a huge "wow" to the progress both in terms of speed, stability and game play :-) :-) Great work! Issues encountered: 1. Engineers are doing stuff, but it feels like they struggle to keep on top of things. Too often buildings get close to collapse yet the engineer is sat doing nothing. 2. Cemetry - again, productivity feels not balanced. They take forever to clear up dead bodies. I end up spending all my power going around hoovering up dead bodies and stock piling them somewhere away from the main flow of nuggets otherwise the whole population seems to quickly implode. 3. Bunker - nuggets eat food in the bunkers during non-bunker mode, which means when there is an emergency your population starves very quickly as the emergency food has all gone! 4. Bunker - nuggets get stuck in the bunker sometimes. i think it might be if a nugget dies then block the queue. The gravedigger never gets to them, and eventually everyone in the bunker dies. 5. Cemetry - the purple "zone" around it that appears on placement does not make sense? 6. Population list - once you get to about 100 nuggets, the population list is very slow to update/refresh (I have powerful computer with 24GB memory) Some ideas: 1. Although buildings are beautiful (thank you), it would be nice to be able to have filters that can be switched on/off to help with planning. I.e. tickbox for each type of building and that type is then visible/invisible - so if I want to see the positioning of my engineer huts, I can do easily (perhaps the other types go see-through) 2. Is there any logic in place that means nuggets "move house" to be nearer their place of work? If not, then we need an interface to help us with the assignment process as it is too difficult to work out where "x" lives and then assign them to building "z", without spending a lot of time. 3. Cemetry - perhaps if I dump a dead nugget into the cemetry they could be either automatically buried (for a cost) or it would make sense that they are processed next. I do like that it appears stronger nuggets can carry more dead bodies - I *think* that is what i am seeing - nice touch! 4. There is another thread on micromanagement, but once you get to about 100 nuggets it feels very busy. micromanaging lots of the same type of tasks. perhaps an upgrade path for a "mayor" or "chief" could be developed or maybe a religious leader, linked to education (i.e. the nuggest in "power" needs a minimum standard of education), who then starts to domake decisions on some of the basic jobs for you. Not entirely sure how you would code that.. perhaps they draw their influence from you , so the more you are seen as a positive influence, the more effective they are at countering the negative personality traits of individual nuggets and generally improving overall efficiency? You could also have them assigning nuggets to new buildings based upon the type of nugget you assigned in the past. For example, if you over time, you personally assigned 6 nuggets with a "hermit" characterisitc to be fishernuggets, then they would look to assign the same type, if available. You get the idea. 5. Finally, perhaps the archive could have a dual function. Not just load/save, but also an area to get statistics on the game. The more upgrades and the better education of the nugget, the more stats and graphs and so forth are available. Really enjoyed playing the game, big smiles!
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    As for me, the main problem related to micromanagement is a demand to assign nuggets for each new building (or upgraded one). The problem is even worse because nugget selection panel is very laggy and you'll need to wait up to more than a second until it loads (it happens when there are around 100 nuggets). You may check how it is implemented in Banished: it doesn't require an unit to be assigned for each new building but you are able to change number of units assigned to each profession (builders, farmers etc.).
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    See i totally understand your concerns but there ist no late game yet. We're talking about the future content of the game and what we'd like to see and how to improve the game. At the moment there is not really much god game content but really much micromanaging. Adding god game content like a praying system and overworking god powers could be an idea while the RTS Builder aspect of the game is overworked too. How do you think more buildings could help if they work the same way as the aleady existing buildings? You'd soon be in the new cycle of repetitive tasks. The goal is to introduce an long time entertaining sytem all people like.
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    Hey all, I think that to be a true “god game”, one must not have to be bothered with such petty things as managing nuggets, even from the get-go. Even in the Stone Age, nuggets should be fully autonomous, auto-assigning, in charge of their own relationships, factions, and wars, regardless of how the player interacts. Perhaps the player can override nugget building assignments, but preferably that should be kept behind the scenes IMHO.
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    I have played plenty of games that you need to manage the little things, that isn't what a god does. God did not tell me to buy my house, car or to get a job, nor did my mayor. You blast me for wanting less management while asking for it in your post?? Yes, mentioning spore was for the realism of the game and not the game play and a way to get past micro managing as you go through the ages. Of course you don't think water being at the bottom of a well is realistic .... I mean... there is a water table below us... I mean.... ground water under us...... Doesn't matter because the game isn't on earth and nuggets aren't humans as AKoshelkov has said from the start.
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    Nice topic! Most people certainly agree on the point that the nuggets should be more independant at all. And so do I. But it's not just a single aspect of the game that has to be considered, it's more about the entire gameplay/ sequence of events. Let's say I've just reseachered "farming", so I surely would have to build a farm and assign a nugget to it and also would have to choose the crops; but there shouldn't be a need to do this more than once, atleast not as often as right now (there's an assigned nugget, which learns and spreads the word, yay!), except for intervening. So, I'm not just researching the building and the abillity to assign a nugget and to do all the necessary micromanagement, I also research the farming-handiwork for my nuggets which they now can build upon to. And by trial and error (micromanagement necessary or not) they are learning how to do farming as efficient as possible over time and on their own. Since I'm not a fan of the building aspect of the game, the scale of it respectively ; I would also say that they should start building the relevant buildings on their own, when needed, at a certain point of their learning ofc.) That way researching/building/assigning/micromanaging/learning would be an evolutionary process. And see, that's just an example but I would say it applies to all the other nugget related researchable things as well.
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    Download Issue

    Let it sit over night and got up this morning to it completed! Thanks for your help
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    Memory Leak? (See image)

    I've been a bit off and on with TU, but decided to check back in today; I played for several hours and in that time: 1. Created a new planet, piddled with it, messed it up, decided to remake 2. Created a new planet, decided I liked it, archived it, messed it up, decided to make a new one 3. Created a new planet, finally realized the order needed for something I was trying to do, started doing that thing and BOOM! Freeze. At this point, I gave it the 3-finger salute and went to see what Task Manager might tell me. This is what I found: I may be pushing the limits on things like restarts, loading old saves, and generally being very happy to restart at the drop of a penny... or it could be a memory leak. Either way, decided to post about it here and let the folks at TU decide. (Happy to supply any additional information - just let me know what!)
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    Engineers / Buildings at breaking point

    Hi there, i have about 10 engineers huts, but i recognized they doing nothing for bad health buildings. So when i don't use my mighty power, buildings would get ruined. They need the preference for lower buildings and not for constructing new buildings.
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    Same here....at 200 nuggets with 15 engineer huts at upgraded level....still cant keep up repairing everything....all threw the game I get , school collasp, hut collasp, etc. So 30 nuggets dedicated to repair and fix is still not good enough.
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    I'm having an issue with Engineers as well. I'm not entirely sure though if its due to the engineers not being able to keep up themselves, or the A.I. lockup bug I've had with them (Bug report topic thread posted at bottom). I have 85 community buildings and 36 residential huts. With my current 7 Engineers buildings, all upgraded, with 2 workers each, all educated with the ant speed or workaholic genetics, makes it a ratio of 1 engineer for every 9 buildings. I feel like that should be more than sufficient, but I keep having huts collapse, while I'm using God Powers to prevent community buildings from being destroyed. I really feel like the engineers should repair them in their normal fashion, *BUT* if a residential hut falls below, say 10-15%, that the actual nuggets who live in that hut should be triggered to priority repair their own home before it hits collapse.
  36. 1 point

    Mac Help

    Is there any chance that Crytivo can release a new patch that would help solve the problem that affects the graphics of The Universim on Mac? When buildings are placed they're not visible. Also the screen display is not to scale with the screen. Everything looks zoomed out, including the main interface. Thanks in advance.
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    We are working on a fix for this issue where 1 nuggets is assigned for 2 jobs
  38. 1 point
    It is temporary disabled. We will need to balance it more.
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    Hello from Norway
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    v24 UI settings Bug

    Thank you i will pass this on asap.
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    Doing Nothing

    @Bonniecool If i had the ability to send god a mail... no... ;-) seriously... they send god mails and ask for simple things and are scared of a simple task. see in black & white (especially in 2) you could pick up tons of wheat and they would only be happy. that's the question. is this still a god game or a build game. you can unleash tornadoes and earthquakes in Cities: Skylines as well. Does that mean I'm a god or still a mayor in Cities:Skylines? i don't want to hijack this topic. you're welcome to write and discuss in the topic i opened.
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    Animals will have a change to attack back -> the chance will be based on the number of nuggets. Currently since Animals do not attack back, the recommended number is not that useful. Later, once hunting will be complete, 2 nuggets will be killed by animals easily. Other animals will be also scared if the animal next to them is being attacked.
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    the god power regeneration seems VERY slow... especially with powers costing 650 points... hopefully there will be a way to boost that later? i know its not really related... but its kinda related to god power stuff so i figured id post here.
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    Patch is corrupted

    PS. the https fix worked for me twice now!! Cheers, Scott
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    Hi everyone ::)
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    threeheaded monkey

    Make me smile again

    Nice to see that there is another Kickstarter around,... I was already wondering what happened to these almost twelve thousand other people. Really good points though. As far as I'm concerned I would consider a honest, awesome and true response as a huge sign of confidence and respect towards those people who helped to make all of this here happen.
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    Find my lost nugget Quest

    The easy way to find nuggets is to select the buildings tab go to residential and select house by house until you find the nugget half way across the world, then use telekinesis to move them back to the residential house they live at and your able to complete the quest.
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    First one to comment:) Im from Norway, have followed since the start of the kickstarter:) Can't wait to se how this game will be Proud owner of the universim