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    Rest House [suggestion]

    I do like the idea of rest houses. It may be something that could be implemented in the modern age, and would be a good way to actually cut down on the number of nugget models. Thanks!
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    Im just gonna jump in and say, even in black and white you had to place certain buildings, at least in the start. Eventually they would work on their own, but its just part of it. Now eventually I would love to see the AI become self-sufficient and build all on their own, would probably look better than my layouts . I am a backer for the biggest kickstarter game ever, star citizen, and it has been delayed, and feature creeped, and ect. However I still play it and enjoy it because it has grown in scope and is becoming more than we ever imagined. Now, I believe this game can level out and be more of a god game with little influence, but you still want a decent amount to keep you engaged or it would be like watching paint dry. Balance is the key to any good game, and that comes with time and work. Is the development taking longer than thought, of course, Welcome to open development. What I enjoy from these open development games vs closed (GTAV, FFVII, Gran Turismo), is we get to see and influence the development. GTAV was delayed by 3 years, but most people didn't know because it was a closed quiet development by a large studio. I love that our ideas and opinions help to influence this game and make it better, however to implement everything and have it working takes time. Star Citizen just got Object Container Streaming set up so that items load in as you need it so not to starve your pc of resources, as well as Face Over IP, The tech behind that is so extreme and new, it was horribly flawed at first testing, but has gotten better. I will stick around and keep trying to influence this game for the better, citing references like B&W, SC, WFTO, and more to help give collective ideas, instead of just getting salted.
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    I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations). It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
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    Rest House [suggestion]

    I would like to suggest this idea, as it becomes apparent that with 200 or so nuggets, quite a few will be old geezers and die while working their nuggets off, I would actually like this implementation since at some point a majority of old nuggets will be more of a hindrance than help. A single rest house would contain up to 20 old nuggets (or maybe house them ? :D). Once the town hall is built and ministry of health is implemented it would become an automatic function built by nuggets and old nuggets would occupy those or be moved from their houses to the rest homes. The general issue is that at this point the nuggets don't use logic in terms of age, old nuggets should technically be slower and weaker, bu the only indicators towards age is the number and possibly grey hair. Currently the game only uses the age as expiration of the unit, due to that the unit works as normal (but is not allowed to reproduce at some point) and while doing it's work, whatever it is, it would die, sometimes while carrying a precious hard to obtain resource like gas or iron. If they are sent to the old geezers house they will stop working and lose cargo or even fall down from the weather station, and clutter the area with their remains.
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    Just a creator wheel request

    Perhaps in a future update could we get an icon that shows which creator power we have selected? Possibly could be up by the believers and creator point numbers. I ask because unfortunately the tree icon and the fire icon are right next to each other on the wheel. And here I was about to plant a tree and instead I just set my village on fire. Planted fire right in the center of it. 😂
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    Hey Bryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. A creator power to deal with tornadoes in an interesting way is something we've thought about and would love to implement. I am not at all sure on what timeline that will be coming, but it's definitely something on our minds.
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    Refund please

    You should email support@crytivo.com about this
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    Population help

    Don't apologize! It's all about balancing, so it's important to get all the information we can about it. Another player also complained that it was getting difficult for him to feed his population. Can I ask another thing? If you sort by age, what is the oldest nugget you have? One player on the Steam forums reported having nuggets over 100.
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    Since this topic made me so angry when it occured I decided to take screenshots of it and post them when 3 years have passed. Universim is STILL not finished and way WAY too many promises were broken. I am still waiting for some of the physical kickstarter rewards (i.e THE GAME ITSELF!). I do remember how you always said "Universim won't end like GODUS" All these Screenshots were taken on 11/04/2015(!) Happy reading or - like I expect - happy deleting/denying/blowing more hot air/bringing more apologies....... Gea
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    Population help

    That would be great yeah, and let me know if the pop drop happens then. It may indeed be that Shifts is the issue. We're looking at balance changes for it, but the more information we have on it and the more problems we can address, the better.
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    Oh yes you were arrognant first. I thought it is your talking style. So I adapted. And yes I already wrote indi dev teams with only one person that did the development beside a dayjob over years. Stardew Valley and Banished. They did not ask for Kickstarter funding. And the War for the Overworld team did ask for kickstarter but development was in a good timeframe. But you still don't get it. I'm not talking about the time. If the whole game concept was developed as promised i would not care about dev time. But they simply changed the concept of the game from the ground up. And "they need to do goverments first" is a pretty stupid phrase. If a dev team wants do develop a game based on a concept they show... they develop the base for it. The base would be pathfinding and a system of autonomous building generation. They've implemented it with stonehuts already. they spawn autonomously. but they simply decided that the core concept is to change placement control for other buildings and force the player to do it. So they changed from indirect to direct. The reason behind it... The gameplay mechanic and progession is way easier if you only need to add new buildings and some mechanics for the buildings that are somehow already in the code. So you are able to generate gameplay elements much quicker than a gameplay for an indirect game. Indirect games need content. Quests, scripted events and so on. Direct control allows you to generate task for a player and give him something to do. Eiter by generating a maintenance system or something to overwatch. so by adding for example a fire station.. the code was already in the game... fire and water ... they had less work by adding new gameplay in comparsion to scripted events. the base of every builder game: entertain yourself with the buildings we give you. in comparsion to this situation... the original idea... you research a technology for them. they are now able to build the associated building. for example... fire station. they build the fire station on their own like they do with huts to cover the area. if you make something autonomous you have to replace gameplay content. the actual gameplay is placing things and maintaining them. and i repeat... adding objects to place is much easier than adding real gameplay. so in conclusion: if they introduce ministers that should do the same like the "script" you talked about in the beginning... autonomous placing of the associated buidings, they remove gameplay but do not replace it because. "it's your choice if you use ministers or not" you still are able to place and manage every building... and that's against the core concept of the game. Btw.: You're not the first "programmer" that tries to clear things up. TallBear is a really nice person and he knows what he talks about. And he gave the team some good advice regarding programming. EDIT: And don't get me wrong... People like building games. Me too. But this game was promoted as indirect god game in which you evolve and care or punish your civilization and may lead them until space age... But now it's a mix between settlers and anno. And it's not and won't be ever a indirect god game.
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    I believe I can answer several questions the OP has about the pacing of this game production. I am a game developer myself, although on a much smaller scale than this, I started recently and I work on the very same game engine as the universim, notably Unity. The lot of you are accusing the developer team and studio of slow pace, lack of information etcetera. Truth being told, it is incredibly easy to make a video of what you want to achieve, the video is a scripted motion picture, an animation made in Unity engine is even easier to make. Have you ever wondered why cutscenes in so many games are so fluid and look so good ? Characters showing different expressions etc ? this is because of a very specific set of definitions. Making a cutscene or a movie in a game is actually very easy because you only worry about using the assets to perform specific simple tasks: For example, running up to another character, make a conversation it's all just model scripting to perform movements in a simple singular cell, for moe most part in many games cutscenes use predefined spaces but some games use an active environment for more realism, lets look at it here: This is as simple as it gets, you'll never see majority of assets used in this scene in the game, actually after the scene the building for the chantry is still standing and can be seen in some moments, despite just being disintegrated. Making a movie is simple, in the movie for kickstarter trailer we saw the vision of the game, however some of you claim that 10 people is a lot to work on a game. You know what ? 12 people is a project team, not a game making group that can make a game in a year. THAT is unachievable. Most game studios that get a project running have a team of around 15-20 people working on a project to present it to the CEO and decide it's fate. Now lets see at an independent studio rolling credits and lets count how many people worked on a game: You say 12 people is enough to make a game in a year ? Witcher 3 took 2 years and look at how many people worked on it. But OK, that's Witcher 3, it's a second sequel, they have the money for it right ? Fine, lets look at Witcher 1 Credits: If you still believe a 12 men group is a studio strong enough to make a game in a year or so, I congratulate you your ignorance. I dare say the builds we are getting are doing just fine, I don't really care how much time it gets to make this game to it's finale. As long as I get to play it actually. Now to put the salt on the insult by OP. We get builds to test, you know what that means ? Of course you don't, if you did you would never wonder. A test build is given to outside testers to test not how the game actually works but how it works with hardware at specific stages of production, we report bugs that usually don't show up on the main test machine (lab) and this is the important part of making a game a working system. Pre-Alpha testing will determine what is not working correctly before they even push for another milestone. Another reason for releasing builds is gathering more feedback to determine if the direction of the game is moving forward properly. Me and my friend are making a mobile app, 2 people working on it, want to know how long we are doing it ? 7 months now, and we didn't even get to graphical design yet. Self thought C# scripting, it takes us ages. But if it wasn't for C# we wouldn't be able to go that far. I'm kind of grateful this game is being done with C# because it's a great language, much simpler code, smaller in space, games made in this language look so damn good I could lick them and they are actually small for the design. If Monster Hunter World was done in C++ it would be 70 gigs size, seriously the language is good, but highly inefficient, C# is four time better, contains both javascripting and C++ to make best use of object handling. Top it off with Unreal Engine 4 design specifically for C# (handles very well all other languages as well, but it excels with C#) making it incredibly suitable for high quality graphics games. Unity is a great engine too, especially for games like The Universim. Personally I think this game is great and the pacing is just fine if the team is 12 people, I kind of know where the game development actually is already, and I am giddy to see the final product. @Kerby84 Your posting about pre-alpha builds, if you have an AI algorithm that will make Nuggets do and use the technology on their own, share it with the devs Cheers. The Feedback from our build testing is telling the devs enough about what to prioritize on the later AI implementation builds, it takes quite a lot of time to write a script handling 200+ nuggets to perform the way described in the kickstarter, it is not the most pressing matter at this point. The Idea is to show nuggets how to build so they can eventually do it themselves, look at the exile villages, buildings just pop out of the blue, it's not like things just happen on their own. It's hard enough to make pattern for pathing for nuggets so they know where not to go and where to go, and a much harder thing to make in-game objects to do what you would expect them to do on their own. People without leadership will just cause anarchy, we have introduced leadership for now, but it will take a slightly more advanced leadership to make things go the way described in the kickstarter. This is why the Government is researched, and I think I stressed enough by now how badly research is being done, in the later builds this too will get fixed but they can't just fix everything at once, it doesn't work that way. There is always a checklist to do things in order and everything is being addressed in it's time. If they had 50+ people they would probably be able to do 2 things at once and make builds containing more solutions. -Resources -People -Time -Result Doesn't get faster.
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    I talk about broken promises now. (Copied from Steam) Somebody said: what happens when i stop building? If i stop building outward in my planet, will my nuggets eventually start building their own stuff such as engineering buildings and restaurants, etc.? I answered: this game was planned like this from the beginning in the kickstarter pitch you know. but the devs decided to go an easy way and let you place the buildings all by yourself and now the nuggets die from bacteria even if they know how to build wells. why? because they are stupid. Original Kickstarter trailer: Start: 3:10 It was planned this way: You place the epicenter and guide them with godly intervention. give them knowledge and help them research new technology. have godly powers to care for them and help or kill them if they develop in a way you're unhappy with. like an ant farm Alex K describes it. You don't build things for your ants. They build things on their own based on their knowledge. But the dev team lied. You should have a living world that exists in its boundaries and is able to care for itself based on technology. What we have is a static world that awaits input. Without your input they do nothing and buildings collapse, they drink from the lake and they even can't handle the technology they already know. it was planned as: you lead them the way and give them technology and they evolve around the epi center you placed. they build the things you tought them with divine inspiration. and you should have the power of a god and decide if what they are doing is good or not. And no. Ministers won't change that. Why? It's too late. It was promised from the stoneage. Big fat lie. I wanted the game in the Kickstarter Trailer. Not the game they are developing. PitchBlack wrote: actually this will be so cool!, like a real god, only intervene when you feel like it. I answered: Yes. That's why so many people supported the game. That's the reason you called creator. They aimed to develop a real god game. But the devs decided to ignore the original pitch and did something different. ____ What did the devs do? They saw the problem with the micromanaging. They introduced shifts... Shifts do not work well and make things worse for most people (look in the forums) Ministers won't work well too because 1. too late and 2. auto assign does not work well too... Because the game is designed as an input who**. Instead of giving the gameplay they promised in Kickstarter, they give tideous placement gameplay and you are reduced to maintenace things. _-_-_-_-_ @Alex Koshelkov @Magecoerlin @Sasha (especially only Alex, because you're the one responsible for it... Magecoerlin and Sasha came tho the team while damage was done already end 2017) What is your excuse? Would you please be so kind and tell me why there is no need to micromanage the nuggets as you promised it in Kickstarter 2014. I play a completly different game full of micromanagement. Starting with the need to tell them that lake water is bad... Although they know how to build wells on their own. They build stone huts on their own because they seem to be smart enough, but fail to use a technology they learned? Fascinating. The whole game design does not make sense. There is no need to worry about micromanaging your citizens as they will take care of themselves to the best of their ability. But, to sate your curiosity, you will have a handy News System at your disposal that will keep you updated about all major events occurring in the game. This is particularly helpful when your civilization spans across multiple planets! -Alexander Koshelkov CEO Crytivo, Kickstarter Update May 12th 2014
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    Population help

    Well I believe the soft cap was increased with the most recent update, so if you're seeing population drops in the 100s it shouldn't be caused by that
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    I would like to suggest an auto upgrade solution once Town Hall is implemented and resources allow. I currently have over 200 nuggets and I have approx 110 laborers due to my mishap of management issue (I left them to their devices and they just spread like a pox XD) and now I keep researching and building them workplaces and barely keep up with stuff, upgrades are necessary in many places and I can't keep up XDDD The town hall auto upgrade would be of great help, Nuggets upgrade their houses autonomously anyway so please include this in 0.29 update would you ? Though I am very happy my nuggets are so healthy for once in a new game XD Usually they are getting swept up by tornadoes ... /me looks away
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    Military Suggestion

    i hope you guys dont take away military options entirely..... you stated in the stream that you wanted to keep things natural? i believe a militia and military is part of growing a world. maybe not make it to where you can have a hundred guys sure..... but like 5 warriors or maybe a couple tanks and helicopter wont hurt the game or change the mechanic too much. other towns need to become more sophisticated like in spore, where they too can create 5-10 warriors and you have to answer the call of battle and match their troops. if you as developers want to keep it more about the planet, i suggest having a temporary military system that penalizes your food, electricity, gas, and happiness, until the treat is neutralized and they can go back to their normal jobs. it gives us players a little bit of military fun but also keeps the game pure in your visions as a long term use of military would severely cripple the economy and your cities functionality @Sasha @AlexK. since you gentlemen said if we really wanted it to let you know I'm pinging for that reason alone. i personally want a military system, i hop others do too and that you guys could implement a mini system like this. best regards and thank you for reading. threat* Please everyone whats your thoughts on this idea? i also dont feel its fair we can only rely on police officers (even if that) to defend our towns from hostile villages..... its not fair to us that we have to fend these hostile groups off without a form of some tempoary militia system or some form of on call military for that purpose..... it can be randomly generated for all most of us care but to manage hostilities with CP only is ludacris
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    So since there is an option to colonize other planets in the grand scheme of nuggets evolution, I decided to give an idea on how to menage that. Since in colonization situations micro and macro management might actually not work as intended, I think a DOME is what is required. When Nuggets decide to colonize another world some requirements must be met: -No Exile Villages (merge/elimination) -Home world must become fairly self sufficient so that Creator is not immediately necessary. (a form of active church with people trained in dealing with stuff etc.) -Homeworld Supplies -Technology Nuggets will have to build a colony ship which will look like a dome for approx 50 nuggets. There will be a few animals and some trees etc. The thing is Nuggets will need to stay in a dome until they adapt to new environment, and the creator will be helping them. To help Nuggets adapt, nuggets will have to interact with new world, which means exploring, gathering resources, planting local plants and eventually experimenting on eating local specialties. Those in turn will make them sick and Creator will have to be careful and heal them, that way the offspring will be able to adapt easier. The Nuggets will be able to leave the dome and start their lives outside in the alien environment when they adapt at least in 70%. Dome will have a cap of 80 nuggets after landing. New planet means new resources like new metals, new food, etc. Trade with home world. Nuggets will build a trade ship that will move around from colony to Home World. Eventually Nuggets will build a space station that will look ridiculous and all ships will go to and depart from it, new center of civilization. New UI: Space Exploration. In here the player will have access to summaries of all planets under Nugget Imperial Control Epicenter (N.I.C.E.) Player will be able to use this UI to check on resources and nuggets population and ratio without a need to go into the planet detail (go to the planet itself) Also from this menu player can redirect trade ships. After the construction of space station (requirement: at least 3 colonies) the epicenter is moved to the space station (in case of it's destruction the epicenter goes back to home world) From here on out the player can menage Nuggets and their conquest of the universe, friendly or not, here they come!.
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    Rest House [suggestion]

    you're very welcome
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    November Happy Patch on MAC

    I second the black square of death. although helps with god powered funeral arrangements, it’s an eyesore if you’ve been neglecting the nuggets.
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    November Happy Patch on MAC

    Thaaaaaaaaank You developers! MOST of the visual & lag issues I reported about on previous builds have been fixed with this latest experimental patch. Its running very smoothly so far The only things that remain are :: black squares where nuggets should be when you click on a hut to see its residents black squares where dead nuggets are
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    Healthy little people :)

    It works by decreasing nugget mating primarily. So at a certain point, we scale down the number of times reproduction happens, eventually to 0. Ultimately we've talked about the ideal number being 1000, but we'll just have to see as we work on it what is plausible. Not to mention dealing with a 1000 nuggets does sound a bit like a head ache
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    Patch notes?

    Right here! https://steamcommunity.com/games/352720/announcements/detail/2748779427380076852 Same place we always put them
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    MUST READ: Bug Reporting Guidelines

    Bug reporting: For all bug reports please only make a post if the issue is very serious and you have a save file relevant to the issue, or you have reproduction steps and can fill out the below form in its entirety. For filling out the form. Text in Bold should remain when you copy and paste the form. All other text is to explain or give examples of the bold text, and can be removed when you use the form. Title: the title of the post should describe in a short summary what the bug is Build version: The version of the Universim you are playing. The current version is V26, which will be displayed in the top left between the creator points and time UI elements. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 is a small bug (text issue) with little to no impact on gameplay and 5 is a gamebreaking bug Description: Be as descriptive as possible while detailing exactly what happens, what the bug is, and any possible implications the bug has to your game. Reproduction: In bullet point form, detail every single action you take to have this bug show up consistently. Even the most minute bit of information may reveal you doing something we never thought to. Relevant images and saves: Simply include any extra material that may help us. Save files are especially important, as we can use them to find errors and situations to kill the bugs. For this, please host the image or file somewhere (Remember to protect your privacy while doing so) and link in the bug report to that location. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Below are the save game file paths. Only post the save file that is relevant to the report. Save game folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\ Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim
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    I agree the whole planet should be lit up with sunlight while you are placing your civ so you can see..
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    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    At first getting people to believe was easy... but now that i have over 100 people less than 10% of them believe in me... despite curing them of infection from lake water (they drink from lake despite having good clean water next to them.. silly nuggets) changing the seasons.. and making it rain.. i mean if i saw it go from fall to spring instantly i would probably believe something is up... but nope less than 10% of my population believes in me.. and its declining... It feels like i have to constantly use up all my power just to have them continue to believe in me...
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    It's hard.. I've had 250 nuggets and all 250 believed, and it's still hard. It needs balancing
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    I feel the same way. I do all this work and few believe in me and unless I blow all my points, all the time, I lose followers fast. Not only that, faith point gain is so slow that I can't keep up the 'small' acts of power for a CHANCE that the recipient will believe in me.
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    Heaven and Hell

    What do you guys think to have the ability to reward good nuggets after they die by sending them to heaven and punish bad nuggets by sending them to hell that would be an afterlife reward and punishment you know like sending a prophet to your nuggets to inform them if they obey you and did good things in their life they will be rewarded in their life and in the afterlife and if they do bad things they will be punished in their life and in the afterlife too to encourage nuggets to do good things in life and deter them from doing bad things.
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    hello, I'm pedro, a pleasure, in this post I want you to give me your opinion on several mechanics that I've been thinking about for the medieval age, concepts that if they could be implemented (at least I would like very much) would be pretty good. I thought about these mechanics in relation to several adapted and modified concepts for this game coming from strategy and management games. at the moment they are three main mechanics based on the historical veracity adapted to the game. (all are actually related to each other for the progress of the game) -the first mechanics is a exploration mechanic that may be related to the mechanics of migrations. to give it more playability, it could include a mechanic of fog or terra incognita in the whole planet, with what to discover the world and its resources, the nuggets will have to get inside the fog to discover that terrain (the fog will appear once you have built the evolution tower, and it will be revealed automatically once a nugget gets inside) with this mechanics can be implemented a building of medieval age (possible name, exploration agency) and a new technology to implement this building -the second mechanics is the continuation of the phase of the fog, is the implementation of civilizations governed by the AI with which you can interact in different ways, you could ally with them, finish them and trade with them. once uncovered you can do the following diplomatic actions 1: non-aggression pact 2: mutual defense pact (in which the two civilizations defend themselves in case one enters into war with the other) 3: commercial treaty (in which you would open a window with which you could change resources or precious materials that would have in the stores) 4: share maps (so you can discover the territory explored by your "friend" and also he will know yours) 5: migration pact (with which people from your civilization can move to live in your friend's and vice versa, so it can benefit or harm you) 6: war 7: create a federation (the nuggets of a civilization with very good relationship and yours will create a union like the European Union for example) in which resources will be shared and people can live in any civilization of the federation) three possible new buildings, embassy (to carry out diplomatic actions) military or training field (a nugget will be put on as a trainer and will prepare the nuggets in case of attack, with space for up to 6 nuggets to train) and the fortress (building where up to 6 nuggets will be placed to defend it and there will be a space of 50 nuggets not prepared for combat to hide in case of attack). New mechanics for the towers, not only defended beasts, but attackers of other civilizations. Mechanical just thought: the towers can join forming a wall or palisade, the attacking nuggets can destroy these walls with more or less difficulty depending on the material with which they are manufactured (stone or wood). 4 technologies (one for the embassy, another for the training field, another for the fortress and finally one for the implementation of the walls -the third mechanic is the continuation of these two in the development of the game and is the furthest from the beginning of the game, is the mechanics of commerce (previously discussed in the diplomacy section) and extraction of precious materials. this mechanics includes the geologist profession already thought by the developers. but it gives a new use, that of the research of possible areas of precious materials for different uses. This mechanics is what really makes trade between civilizations more feasible without having to exchange resources with them. Once you have discovered an area, you can send the geologist to investigate that area in search of 4 different materials, which are the following silver gold copper precious stones Once these reserves are found, 4 mines (one for each material) can be implemented and their extraction can begin gold, silver and copper can be used to melt and make coins, which can be exchanged for resources of other civilizations, while precious stones can be sold directly and with little quantity, many resources can be extracted. possible new buildings (mine of gold, silver, copper and precious stones (all of two occupants) mint (ability to convert raw minerals into coins (space for two occupants) two new technologies for the moment these are the three main mechanics that would give a new vision to the game (if you want to contribute with new ideas or improve existing concepts, please comment) a pleasure and until the next, goodbye
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    I worry about Nuggets

    I guess we know what next update will have XD A PSYCHIATRIST !