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    I really love where Universim is going but this is the first release I won't be playing till the end of the content, I just cannot put up with that camera and UI again. 1. Please make it an option to not have the reallly lethargic and slow UI, example: pressing escape brings up the menu, then switching between the menu or exiting the menu has this slow fade in and out. 2. Remove escape from actually brining up the menu, have a clickable button for that, esc is usefull to just press to get back to a default action state with the curser, but if already in that default state you get thrown into the menu(made worse by the issue outlined above) 3. Please have an option to change the bindings for god power (Middle mouse) and the modifier for freelook (right mouse), I can rebind powers but not the modifier. It would be far more condusive having the mouse wheel which controls zoom also control pitch and rotation, most games run this way. I get that the powers are scrolled with mouse wheel, however for me the camera is more important and right clicking then scrolling for the god power would still be perfectly viable and just as easy. Just having that as an option in the bindings would go a long way. 4. THE biggest issue though is how slow the camera is with WASD and the extreme inertia. I get you might going for an imersive 'god like' floaty feeling but it just makes the simple task of looking around a massive chore, keep the camera simple, the crisper the better. Remove or severly reduce the inertia, and make the shift modified camera speed the default, we dont need a modified speed really, fine camera control is easier with the left mouse drag. An editable camera speed would be optimal. Keep up the good work, hopefully I'll give the next release a full play through.
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    Too Quick Gameplay?

    The Universim is a remarkable game but I think the transaction between each era is some kind too quick. What do you guys think?
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    I'm having this issue too. 1) They either sit in school until 20-30 yrs old 2) They leave school with no education (Even with a teacher there)
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    V30 Gravedigger running around

    This is fixed internally. Shortly should be on the experimental branch
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    What I want to see in the game

    Hello. I finished the technology tree of the current version of the game and here is what i think would be nice to have. I am sure that a lot of it is planned, but here it is anyway: 1. logistics and public transport Roads and trains and horse chariots would be a welcome sight. 2. better statistics I wish I could research demographic data where I can causes of death for example. At some pint population started to decline, but it was unclear why. It would be nice to see workforce allocation, education, lifespan, most dangerous jobs and such. 3. remote outposts and villages Citizens refused to move to newly created distant villages where I created all sorts of services. They travelled there for work and back to the main town. I imagine they should move to the place where they work and not just expand the main town. There could be a building or marker that influences where they build homes. Also they should switch homes for the ones close to where they work. (I am not sure if they are doing that, but it seemed like they don’t) 4. different wind force at different locations, local weather I went for wind turbines and it resulted in very long periods with no power. I had two locations of the turbines, one in the mountains and one in a desert, but they always stopped at once and worked at once. Location had no effect on wind force or direction and it should. 5. sailing and oceans, rivers and bridges Oceans should not freeze, should not be source of water, but there should be fishing all year and cargo ships everywhere. A river or two will do the planet good. 6. forts and castles There is lack of these building. I noticed only a tower and that’s it. 7. different political systems There seems to be only one way of government. I imagine it could range from tyranny to democracy with everything that is between. 8. animal farming and domestication The title says it. 9. better religion Let the creator bring his law that will restrict believers in a way he wants. The more believers the more the civilization is affected. Let there be unelected high priest of prophet who influences policy. 10. diplomacy Other villages don’t need to be just pests. There can be a more complex way to influence them, take over their settlement or cooperate with them economically and in war. 11. war There was no way to retaliate for the attacks except to use miracles. I could not build a professional army. 12. narrators Give us someone less annoying or a different narrators or narrator modes. Morgan Freeman perhaps? Although the game is work in progress it didn’t crash, there were only few bugs like tooltips not disappearing, fishing not happening and some other minor bugs. It feels way better done than some other infamous god games that came before. I am looking forward to the final version.
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    David Baker

    Save Games Not Loading

    Thanks Stronkie.. I Didn't see this, I'm devastated, my population was doing so well, living to be 180 Shame the game can't load a previous version and save as new, I guess this will be a patch in the future.
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    bug in version 0.30.23398

    I am at the end of the game and I am trying to build the cement factory, the glass factory and the hot-air balloon, but my nuggets are a supportor and not a constructor, they will carry refined wood and refined rock, but do not touch the iron, it stays in storage, even construction that not need iron does not work, did you know this problem?
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    I have mentioned these camera issues before as well, and similar to Sabre, I likely won't be playing again until these are resolved. If they are never resolved, then I might play until the medieval era upon game release (which I haven't been able to push my suffering that far yet because of camera), but then the camera controls will get so annoying that I won't want to come back. To be frank, I highly doubt this game can gain much traction if you can't even play it comfortably. The camera is a severe hindrance, and in my opinion should be priority #1 for resolving. The camera is worse than that from games made 10+ years ago. It doesn't matter how awesome the game is if I have to put 90% of my focus on panning the camera. I'll reiterate what Sabre said plus add a few other points: All keys should be re-bindable (which means I should be able to bind rotating to the mouse wheel-pressed event) There should be zoom and pan sensitivity settings The acceleration/deceleration of the camera caused by zooming should be configurable down to 0 acceleration. When I zoom, I do so because I want to set it to a very specific perspective. And the deceleration causes the camera to ALWAYS overshoot. I cannot express how extremely annoying that is. Make zooming either go vertically up and down (as it does now), or (as a configurable option) move towards/away from the mouse cursor. From a human perspective, when you think about zooming, your goal is to zoom into a specific point. That point should be a visible marker on your UI (ie. the mouse cursor). So the current zooming forces you to think about what is directly under your current camera view. This additional step should not be a thought I have to have, and it severely detracts from the gameplay. And I do mean severely. In general, the camera controls in this game can be considered first pass pre-pre-alpha and very out-dated. Please do more than bring it to the dev team.
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    Also: I was just reading some of the other forum posts, Rudolph commented on another thread with this exact issue, however he seem to have gone into way more detail than I have. His comment might be a lot more helpful than mine as he says pretty much the same as me, except more concise and adds even more information. (Its the one reply on the post, not the post itself.)
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    Do you do something special? When the ram usage hits around 8gb I tend to shut the game down and restart it, however, as the game wears on, it it rises back to 8gb ram faster and faster, shortly after I reported the bug I started up my save again, and within 11minutes the ram usage had jumped back up to 8gb. And while I know that any ram not in usage is wasted ram, I'm just not comfortable running any program that goes from the usual 3-4gb ram to 8gb ram within minutes, I always fear something going wrong and giving me bluescreen, thus losing my work and potentially damaging my pc. So yeah, while I have "completed" the game quite a few times at this point (By completed I mean built all the buildings and researched everything), it does annoy me having to give up on a save game I've spent 4-7 consecutive hours on. So if you devs have some sort og trick to forcefully purging the memory, I'd love to know, because I've tried everything, from turning all the graphics to low to hunting down animals and trees and destroying them to lessen the workload. Its gotten to the point where I was tempted to crack open the code and see if I could spot what was going on, but frankly, I doubt I'd be able to understand the code without spending hours reading through it, code commentary doesnt get ported when you release a game on Unity. Either way, I hope you guys will find a way, I've been with you guys since way before Steam even had a page for you guys, and I've enjoyed the game immensely.
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    Too Quick Gameplay?

    I support this. I would add to each perk the some requirements, like x amount of stone, y amount of wood and also that you need more to unlock when you are evolving. The game now is so easy.
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    Yep, I am right now exploring the content of the forum.
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    so you can read it now?
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    Yep (=! Thanks for the tip!
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    I guess this is you from the discord welcome
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    Ennemies included

    How on earth didn't I think about it? O.o Or - perhaps I did try and fail, I'll try again...
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    Know bugs we have in current built

    Updated today
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    All my nuggets are dying

    Hey Offshore, unfortunately it gets solved and then comes back up. The AI system is super complex and anytime we make changes to it, things can break. We're doing our best to keep up with it, but anytime you see this happen, it would be great if you could send us a save file both before and after the error occurs. The files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
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    I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations). It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
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    Update about the upcomming Patch

    To Quote Alex : Unfortunately we encountered multiple serious bugs which were reported by people who are playing right now on the experimental branch. We are fixing those bugs as fast as we can, but some of them unfortunately take time and that is the major reason why it is not officially out. We would like to release this patch with less bugs as possible and provide you with a pleasant experience instead of frustration. We sincerely apologize for the delay and we truly hope for your understanding. If someone would like to try the patch right now despite facing some bugs, you are most welcome to check our experimental branch. It is open for everyone and has all the new content. Currently we just patching as much as we can the game and trying to solve all the issues that we encounter. What does it mean? If you want to test the current built , make sure you download the Experimental Patch , which gives you the V0.30 that we all have been testing the last couple of days. The DEV team is working very hard and is Q/A testing the current new built. This built has a lot of bugs killed that the people found out from the Experimental Patch. I found a bug on the current built? Well yes , there are some bugs still in the experimental built , that is being adressed with the current test built. What you can do is:Wait until the new patch goes live , to see if the bugs are fixed. Check the forum's to check if your bug already has been reported.If you see a bug that is not listed , make sure you post it at the forums:Bug Report Also contact the DEV's on discord (https://discord.gg/crytivo)They will need your savegame / crashlog How to find the data needed? Below are the save game file paths. Only post the save file that is relevant to the report.Save game folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The UniversimCrash files & Log file folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
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    V30 Undead Ministers

    This bug has been confirmed to be fixed . Wait for the next patch (AKA the V0.30 for the main branch))
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    To the best of my knowledge this was not changed at all. You can update your mouse zoom sensitivity in the options though if you think it moves too fast.
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    V30 Gravedigger running around

    I’ve played three different worlds and each one my grave digger has three bodies and will not take them to the cemetery. He just runs back and forth around the village. If i pick him up that usually resets him.
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    V30 Gravedigger running around

    I noticed any job that is a transport job has this issue where they pick the stuff up but never deliver it.
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    V30 Gravedigger running around

    Me too.
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    That’s happening to me too. 😕
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    Since this topic made me so angry when it occured I decided to take screenshots of it and post them when 3 years have passed. Universim is STILL not finished and way WAY too many promises were broken. I am still waiting for some of the physical kickstarter rewards (i.e THE GAME ITSELF!). I do remember how you always said "Universim won't end like GODUS" All these Screenshots were taken on 11/04/2015(!) Happy reading or - like I expect - happy deleting/denying/blowing more hot air/bringing more apologies....... Gea
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    I took a glance over the forum and saw that several users had mentioned this already, but I didn’t feel like there is enough discussion about WHY the game feels this way. Research feels unimpactful. You may decide to rush certain technologies before the others (e.g. businesses for happiness boost), but otherwise research in this game is just a matter of clicking on everything and waiting until it’s done. There are few mutually exclusive technologies which feel more impactful (e.g. you can build prisons OR rehabilitation buildings but not both), but these technologies make up a tiny part of the research tree. The only technology that theoretically is the most significant in the world is coal energy and its generated pollution, but this technology isn’t even fully implemented yet. Possibly there could be a second research system that would focus strictly on morals and ethics, similarly to how in Civilization 6 civics and policy cards are separate from the tech tree. Either way, give more power to the player. The political part of the game needs a boost. The bonuses of the proposed candidates don’t feel essential or game-defining. You could ignore the elections every time they happen, and your civilisation wouldn’t change much, if at all. I want to see more contrast between the leaders and what they offer once they are elected, especially once the game will have a fully fleshed out modern age. The God powers feel too low-key. You can lift a nugget, you can make a fire, you can create rain, but generally, these options don’t feel very powerful. You can’t terraform the earth to shape mountains or rivers; you can’t summon a force that would shake up the nuggets worldwide, like an earthquake or a giant asteroid. Players should be able to summon something very powerful, even if that would require a lot of points. While this may not the biggest issue with the game, more powerful abilities should definitely be introduced as the game development progresses. Another problem is the worship meter, which is painfully linear – either you are loved, or you are feared. The devs made it so that seeking nuggets’ love is the only viable way to play. Otherwise, you don’t generate any points and can't use any powers. The worship system doesn’t allow for improvisation. I want to be able to shape my nuggets as peaceful in one save, evil in another save, and something different as I start the game afresh again. There need to be more options that would make the game more replayable.
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    I can honestly say that You, Kerby84, and (468) 557-8525 all read as the arrogant and cocky type... even when completely wrong. (You have to laugh at (468) 557-8525's "insights" in C++ vs C#) The problem is that this is the internet, everyone has their own opinion and cares only about the people who confirm or support their own views. I'm more whatever; you both have valid points and criticisms but at the end of the day, we're talking about a pittance of money spent compared to a fortune of time being wasted complaining about such a small amount of money. Yeah, I don't understand Kickstarter n00bs that complain about having lost their (tiny) investment in a non-existing product that they did zero research on and zero research into the company on all because the product never was materialized or didn't turn out the way they expected. Any investment you make should be done with the full understanding that you are giving up your money in the POSSIBILITY of getting something out of it; if you cannot accept that you shouldn't be investing in things to begin with (So bloody obvious...) Heh, That is the fun part, realizing that after you set your goal you forgot to hire an accountant to figure out just how much you would actually get... THEN recognizing that you greatly underestimated your costs anyways (often because you never researched how to do what you were planning to do.) Thread is funny, give 12 stars out of 8 ;p After all, if you don't like the game (which is fun enough as it is), wasting time complaining about it only makes you think more about how much you hate the game.
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    I think the problem with this game... is that its a god game where you dont really feel like a god... you use up so much of your power to do things like heal people to gain believers because apparently changing the season or summoning rain isn't enough... you never have enough power to truly feel like a god... nor can you summon volcanoes or earthquakes or whatever like in black and white 2 the nuggets dont even pray to you... i mean sure they build some weird temple/mailbox but its not a building they ever actually use for anything... its basically a city builder with some god elements.... but it is not a god game... the game should be based around using your powers to aid and protect (or destroy) your nuggets and your choices should reflect on your nuggets... use too many "evil" powers and your nuggets should start being more criminal minded and the aesthetics should change to reflect a more crime based/industrial setting.. whereas using good powers and healing and protecting your people should have alot more trees and environmentally friendly aesthetics and a focus on preserving the planet and life... but that doesn't happen... not really anyways.
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    Yep agree placing down buildings is like playing SimCity all over again. I remember when EA left will wright and maxis. Good old days are long gone. I wonder what happen if Will Wright made this game?
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    I agree, had the same issue few times
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    Let me preface this post with my experience in the RTS/Simulation/City-builder genre to show the games that I am comparing GoE at its core to: Warcraft, Anno, Banished, Rimworld, Age of Empires, Civilization, the entire Impressions Games series (Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Caesar, etc), Sim City, Cities: Skylines, and Tropico. I want to be clear that I absolutely want to love this game. I see the massive potential it has. But, in its current state (and I understand that it is early in its development), I can only give it a 4/10 after my first six games. It is, sadly, below average with the features and management in the game right now. I may seem like I'm nitpicking on some things but I would rather point them out with the hope of making GoE stand out on the market than to let it fall short of its potential. So, in no particular order or importance, here are some of the things I noticed: At tribe creation it's very hard to see the names of the goblins with white text over light gray background. It's not clear at the start of a new map that the first thing you click on is where the campfire will place itself. My first game my campfire ended up placed in a lake making it so I needed to restart. Out of six games (not including the first failed attempt), I was unable to build a watch tower before winter. Subsequently, I lost half or more of my goblins during the winter to unstoppable skeletons that no one seemed to be able to fight against. Skeletons are incredibly overpowered. I understand there's supposed to be a challenge but even in a Low risk area, I survived the first winter once out of six. That's much too hard and frustrating. The one game I did survive to the second winter on I was met with not just two skeletons, as I had the following winter, but a horde of five or so that wiped out the entire population. The AI does not prioritize survival. I had several peons starve to death with tons of berries available. The Goblins are very weak and die easily, even when they do try to survive. This peon died from cold while getting warm, The newsfeed gives useless information. Knowing who has gone to bed/woken up doesn't seem necessary to gameplay. There is more that I wanted to bring up but don't have the time to add currently. I'll add it in a follow up post but I wanted to get to the things I do like before I go. Art style. It's very unique. Goblin design. They're very adorkable and endearing. Building designs. Simple yet fitting for goblins. The prospect of Diplomacy with other races. Depending on its implementation it could really give GoE a leg up. As I said, I want to love GoE and as it stands, I really like it and I want to give it all the support I can. ~Rae
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