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    What do you think about research?

    My idea for a research system for a god game in which the player decides how much godly intervention should be avaiable.: My suggestion is to introduce minimum 3 Shrines which evolve depending on your decisions. You Start with a SHRINE OF WISDOM (or if you want to call it epicenter) This shrine provides the possibility to choose between different options that have direct influence on the society. Those research options can be bought by spending faith. Which could be generated in a prayer enclave or a temple. Like: Major options to choose: -secularity -freedom of will -prayer rules -Sacrifices Basic options to choose: -clothes -reproduction -basic technology By choosing either free will or strict prayer rules you decide if the Shrine of Wisdom changes to a "Heaven Shrine" or a "Secularity Shrine" Heaven Shrine Most technologies are avaiable but main focus is on pleasing a god. You decide by spending faith what to introduce to your Nuggets. Higher technologies have a higher faith cost. Some special technologies like a faith shield insted of a bunker to protect nuggets from natural disasters are avaiable. Or in the space age a "godly spaceship" that reduces risks if you land on a planet. Of course your faith gain is faster and you can decide how much nuggets pray or if you sacrifice one for an instant faith boost. Nuggets do most things autonomous to stay alive if you did not set a rule for a specific behaviour... like "god decides if you breed" Secularity Shrine This shrine is not powered by faith. You have to pay resources and nuggets have to learn to invent things. A school is unlocked if your Shrine of Wisdom transforms to a Secularity Shrine. Some nuggets still pray in this secular society so you as a god will not die, but you're not mighty... Your might does not suffice to perform mighy powers... So your nuggets have to learn to protect themselves with a bunker against nature. You're more like a manager insteat of a god. People are aware that you exist but most of them do not care about you but they agree that you're their mayor. ;-) Technologies reflect those circumstances. Your nuggets may evolve not so fast but will be more advanced in the space age when it comes to self defense. My2cents. What are you thinking about this idea?
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    Hey. I really would like to know what the others are thinking about the way we do research in the game. That's it,heh. See, I was playing Stellaris a lot and the game is absolutely amazing, there's just one thing that doesn't seem right to me and that's how you do research. I'm more the kind of guy who likes to see where I am, where I'm heading to and what I have to do to get there. But choosing from randomly popping up techs makes me feel like sitting in front of a slotmachine, pushing buttons for an unseen jackpot. As for The Universim I feel the same way, but with more "frustration". The research as it takes place right now actually offers no proof of progression. When selecting a certain perk and researching it, I can only imagine which opportunities may arise afterwards. The game deserves more.
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    April Update

    We're still aiming towards a patch a month, and it's only the 5th right now. This patch has a LOT in it and we had some last minute game breaking bugs crop up right before finalization that had to absolutely be addressed. Sasha made this statement on Discord on 04/05/2018: "we were done with everything a week ago, but as usual last minute bugs... 2 of them breaking the game. And 3 have visual issues. We are aiming for tomorrow release. As we speak, we are fixing them" http://prntscr.com/j13ukf
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    What do you think about research?

    @Bolerro That was my idea behind the two shrines. Some people prefer a RTS style resource management to unlock new technologies and some prefer a more godly way by spending faith which could be gained through prayer and other tasks. This solution could please both player types and it´d help (in my opinion) to make the universim a unique god game for a broad audience. Sure... Double work for The Universim team but I think we all want the universim to become the best game for different playstyles which results in a a broad and pleased audience. Of course. That makes sense.Those are basic technologies for me. I agree. Basic technologies should be obtainable in the starter shrine (epicenter) If I continue my idea with your help... Basic Technologies are avaiable in the Epicenter (Shrine of Wisdom): First should be: simple tools -> wood cutting and stone mining -> taming of fire -> first buildings including huts and water system (huts have a little fireplace. in there we see light, so they need fire in their stone huts) and so on. those technologies should be a mix of faith and resource cost. some only researchable trough faith, some only trough resources. once all basic technologies are researched, the player (god) should choose between two ways to proceed. the godly way which unlocks a new set of technologies for the stoneage which are all obtainable trough faith (but follow a logic rule in order to unlock. you can't unlock a high cost technology before you unlocked a basic one... for example... ->commitments for breeding, prayer and so on. -> more advanced temple to gain more faith -> godly powers to support nuggets: shield of faith that protects nuggets from nature, manna rain to provide food fast if needed... Your nuggets could learn from you. example: -you need to unlock the godly power "godly hunt" which allows you to shoot many arrows from the sky to the ground to hunt wild animals. Your nuggets try to imitate you and learn to build arrows and bows sooner or later. you have no direct control of the learning process. your nuggets learn instantly or you have to perform the miracle over and over again until they learn. but you are there to feed them so no need to rush. those poor stupid mortals. (of course your nugget's can't be harmed trough your godly arrows.) -you need to unlock the godly power "harvest of god" which allows you to harvest food from wild plants. Your nuggets try to imitate you and sooner or later they start to build a farm and cultivate food plants. -you need to unlock the godly power "heal" or "mass heal" and your nuggets sooner or later learn to build a hospital. ... If you do not enjoy being an almighty god you can perform a very costly miracle "crisis of belief" which consumes all faith you have and 50% -75% of your nuggets will die but the rest evolves to a secular point of view. Your nuggets learn to protect themselves and do not count on godly help. ->secular shrine the secular way which unlocks a new set of technologies for the stoneage which are all obtainable trough resources and nugget intellect. a school building needs to be unlocked to invent new technologies. nuggets auto assign to the school building and generate intellect. ->society laws for breeding and so on ->school building -> bow and arrow -> fishing hut -> eatery -> farming -> medicine-> and of course bunkers to protect themselves from natural disasters. The school system may allow you to progress slower in the beginning stone age and medieval era because intellect ist a resource you need to collect beside real resources to invent things, but in the later game your nuggets learn faster. You still slowly gain faith but have no influence on the rate. Faith regeneration depends on the number of nuggets alive. You're limited to basic god powers like rain, thunder, tornadoes, rainbows, flying birds... If you want to change the way nuggets see you, you can perform a special miracle "rain of belief" which cost an enormous amout of faith - and over time the secular society may change to a godly one and your nuggets forget secular only buildings like bunkers and destroy them to praise you. Of course not all nuggets agree. So 50% to 75% of your nuggets die during this process. -> godly shrine
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    You described settlers or every rts building game with fog of war. You even described some elements of Civilization. If the main mechanic in the advertised concept of The Universim is still the same - The Universim is a god game. It's not at the moment of course it's a RTS game at the moment and development direction seems to go straight to RTS city builder... so @(KG XST) PEDRO GAMER TV I understand your ideas to implement more RTS mechanics.... but I don't like the idea. not because your idea is bad. It isn't of course. But The Universim was advertised as god game. Not as another rts game. There are so many RTS games on the market. The Universim claimed to be a outstanding revival of the god game genre. There even is a stoneage city builder game in development which looks great. Ancient Cities So no. I don't want The Universim to be another "who cares about the game" city builder rts game. The uniqueness of The Universim needs to be the focus on the god game genre. We have a stoneage tribe to begin with. They need to learn to protect themselves from nature and wild animals. God does not play a role here. You're right. @AKoshelkov What lies behind this decision? What's planned Alex? We're still a spectator more or less and have no influence at all. Adding some new powers for a god does not help. Please take a look at the topic and it would be great to discuss with the devs and ohter The Universim players openly in the topic: What Do You Think About Research about your vision for The Universim. Do you vision The Universim as a RTS city builder civilization game with some add on spells for a "god" or something else.
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    Opinions on the new patch?

    If there only was a god in this god game to protect the poor little nuggets. Too bad... Sarcasm of the day was brought to you by snact. secular nuggets against church taxes
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    Hey I'm just going to copy some contents of another topic as it directly relates to this topic. The current system of tech and evolution research is kind of cool, but I think it can be way cooler. a. Tech Research - It's kind of strange how all these technologies just fall into my queue pile when others are completed. A more sophisticated tech tree that requires a villager to research would be nice. Like maybe I want to skip hunting and specialize in fishing and berry picking. b. Evolution Research - I understand that evolution is just a bunch of random mutations, but only the mutations that actually help a creature to survive is what would be passed down. For example, the black bear in the north pole died off to it's evolutionary descendant (polar bears) because they mutated white fur. If polar bears mutated green fur they would have died instantly. With this in mind, I'd suggest that the system be changed to be dynamic - not just random. If my villagers are living in dry arid conditions, then after living there for some time they should evolve traits such as less water requirement, better heat dissipation, more efficient movement to reduce stamina loss, etc. These traits can then stick with you regardless of what biome your people expand to... but if you maintain that you can only research one at a time, then the player then has to choose which biome he'd prefer to prosper in. c. Cultural Traits - Ah yes, a third type of research. This would be entirely based on how the god interacts with the village (including through god mail). It isn't like traditional research, where you pick a choice and wait for it to complete. Rather it's a reflection of how the god chooses to handle situations. For example, the god throws fire at a wolf. From there, the villagers will fight off wolves with torches and incorporate fire into more parts of their lives. If the god decides to pick up wolves and relocate them, then the village will too. If the god decides to crush the wolf with a rock, the village will prefer to use traps. Some choices could even make the village change how it looks, like having more torches handy, or people who go to the barber prefer to get certain haircuts, etc.
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    Gameplay Feeling Lackluster

    I totally agree with you. I mentioned this over and over again. Yes we have a pretty stable city builder with resource management and some kind of technical progression at the moment. That's great and I appreciate the status at the moment. The only problem I see is the lack of god game mechanics. We have a secular city builder and we're the mayor. We suppose to be a god but we have no power. Putting a few godly powers upon this secular base gameplay will not change gameplay at all. We'd still have a city builder with some godly powers on top. There needs to be a secular gameplay way (which we already have and it's working good in the latest patch so far) and a godly gameplay way to please all players. I don't want to speak for all, but I'm sure most players will compare (like you did) this game with black & white which was a great god game (beside some flaws in design of course and the lack of an endless game mode). Is it unfair to compare? No. The Universim was introduced as god game. Talking about the situation at the moment. The player has no real influence as god. The nugget tribe is forced to protect itself from wild animals with watchtowers, natural disasters like windstorms and tornadoes and you as god can't do anything if a tornado is destroying the buildings. In black & white you could perform godly miracles to protect your believers. To talk serious. As I said. Adding some godly spells on the secular basement is not the solution if The Universim aims to be a god game. I'd be happy if you contribute to the research topic HERE Every Idea is good. It's an brainstorming area.
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    Names and Last Names (Suggestion)

    Hi guys, I'm playing the new version of Universim and I need to say something, it's great! However, I've found a thing, not bigger but that give me a little headache. Yes, you can edit the name and the last name the our nuggets, but when they have a children, the little one hasn't inherited the last name! Obviusly i think isn't a bug, but i hope in the next update we can see this feature, maybe with a family tree. That's all for today. Thanks devs!
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    Jordan Hayes

    Feature Suggestion

    I noticed that although there is a prioritization feature for the building element there isn't one for the upgrade element. I believe adding a prioritization method for building upgrades could benefit the game greatly as I'd rather upgrade one of my food sources than build an extra which is currently a problem as the Nuggets are taking their time upgrading 10 different things.
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    I'm with the idea of adding more options to the evolution tower, whatsoever. It's the main link to the nuggets, so : As for the logic of "research" in the game: No godly wage, no research! Without treating them, either good or bad, I can't gain "power" to do research. That's what god powers are for! Research should be based on logic ; example: without tools the nuggets can't hunt, so they can't get leather/fur, so they can't make clothing,... I think having sperated tech trees would be good, according to the era specific demands. In the stone age there could be "Tools", "Water", "Food" and "Comfort", each offering ways of either researching new techs or upgrading existing ones. Both of it is likely going to expand when progressing through the game. Oh, and happy easter, everybody!
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    Hey there! Welcome, everyone! It’s been quite a while since our last coffee date. We’ve missed our talks about world domination and cats. Most of all, though, we missed hearing your thoughts on The Universim. We want to hear your opinion on how we can improve a certain little feature in the game. Let’s talk about micromanagement. What do you think should become more automated as your civilization develops? How much micromanagement should remain? We are already halfway through the Medieval Era and have begun working on concepts for the Modern Age. Should Nugget assignment to the buildings be automagic? How should we prioritize who is assigned and who is not? Which buildings should be prioritized when there aren’t enough Nuggets in your civilization to keep them all running? These are the kinds of questions we would love to hear your thoughts about. We need your suggestions and ideas doesn't matter how wild they are. Also, to make your wallet a little thicker, here are some Crytivo Coins. 500 Crytivo CoinsClick Here to Reedem Learn more about Crytivo Coins Here This will help gravity to keep you locked down as all of the new changes distort the world around you. If being consumed by the infinite void of space doesn’t bother you, you can also redeem them for discounts on games in the Crytivo Store. These are the Rewards that Matter! Alright, you may now begin smashing your keyboard over on the forums. Impress us! With love, Crytivo
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    Hey everybody, We are glad to announce that we have an official Steam early access release date! Watch our trailer to find out when We will also be attending PAX EAST 2018 in Boston if you are in the area and want to drop by to say hi at booth #17111
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    What do you think about research?

    I dislike it too! I'd rather have a research tree with bars or graphs of what mutiplies. besides that, I would love it if I was able to also line up the secondairy research
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    It would also be cool to have diversity in what you study at the evolution tower, such as not researching fire or not researching clothes. Or researching things that are strange and weird such as square wheels or just strange stuff in general. The evolution tower is one of the key parts of this game and doesn't have nearly enough diversity.
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    I agree, this game lacks the "god" aspect. It would be a big help if we could have the nuggets start building things on their own. Infact, I would find it amazing if they started building things we didn't want them too in places we don't want depending on their affection level towards us. Perhaps they like us enough to build the way we want them too or they hate us so much that they defy what we want. An example would be trying to keep them from building advanced buildings and technologies and yet they manage to do it. I think it would also be fun if we could bring the dead back to life, after all we are a god right? where's the resurrection power? You should also think about adding in a district mapping system perhaps as the eras advance?
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    As a God game your more focused on the bigger picture than trying to micromanage. That's basically the whole point. You plant your seeds and watch your flock grow. You do your best to influence the path they take but overall the nuggets have do things themselves. You can use your Godly powers to help them in certain ways, like if the lakes are drying up you can create rain. If they cut down too many trees maybe you can cast a miracle and regrow a forest for them. Since you've implemented this gene system you can steer their evolution by helping them move faster, or increase strength, or new abilities and maybe as you change their DNA the appearance of your nuggets change. If you don't like what your nuggets are doing you use your powers to instill fear and force them to worship you more or punish nuggets for doing stuff you don't want them to do. Hell if you feel like it you make the sky burn with meteors or summon tornadoes and watch as these forces destroy everything your nuggets built for the fun of it. Its your choice as a GOD! What you guys should check out is an awesome god game called "Black and White" and take examples from that. If you can implement some concepts from that game into yours I think Universim can become something truly amazing. Here's a link to some game play of Black&White if anyone wants to check it out. http://bitly.com/2ucce0Y
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    This is where I feel we are going wrong with this game. Like I feel more like I am a kindoff mayor of a little nuggettown right now, more like I am a God. "The Creator" of the world should only teach the nuggets how they do stuff. They have to learn to do things themselves as well, so I feel like maybe when they become more like a functioning society they for example elect leaders that can decide what to build. And for example research that lets them build more and more for themselves. For example "Infrastructure engineering" which hires nuggets to decide what to build of water, wells and such. Because I loved what I thought this game would be like, which primarily is less micromanaging societymanager, and more godgame.
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    - Farm/fishing hut attendees should go do something else when Winter arrives without having to be told to. Gathering should be their default. - Nuggets who are learning should be greyed out on the population list when you're selecting a nugget for an occupation, since the occupation doesn't override their schooling and make them leave the school. - More education via school should create more intelligent behaviours, such as mending their own houses, rationing their food/water supply when closer to capacity - the sky is the limit when you unleash the concept of recursively improving intelligence. - Graveyard upgrade was great, but I still find myself playing Fed-Ex with corpses and dumping them in the graveyard to prevent a pandemic. This needs tweaking. - Nuggets walking to the other side of the planet to find resources that are in my backyard - nuff said. - God-Mail building needs tweaking. Currently rather useless. I can never find that lost nugget no matter how hard I look (unless I'm missing something exceedingly obvious). - By the time we reach the Modern/Space age I'd expect there would be some kind of 'sustainability' upgrade that would create a homeostasis between population growth and food/water/power generation capacity. Otherwise having a planet with 300+ nugs is going to be a logistical nightmare - the micromanagement will scale exponentially with more planets. - I'm not yet feeling the point of the matchmaker god power. This mechanic adds yet more micro, so the pay-off needs to be substantial to incentivise the player to use it. Love your game - keep these awesome updates rolling. Looking forward to seeing it in my steam library.
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    Awesome, Thanks for great replies!
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    New Residential Block

    So I forgot to really note that I figured it out that they do it automatically, but to add to this post.. once the nugget household in the new homes die, you have to destroy them. That is wasted resources imo and I wish that you could have nuggets that make a family or don't have a house move into an empty home. I had to keep checking when nuggets died to get them new spouses just so I didn't have to tear them down. Also, has anyone had the issue of nuggets building huts super far away? As you can see in the picture I had a lot of space to build south of my main area, however, they built huts on the opposite side of the lake. They had to travel all the way around to get to their jobs and they would practically be dying of hunger or thirst to get to and from their huts. I had to remake the game because I didn't realize it until much later when I snapped that screenshot.
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    Yes, I'm not sure if I mentioned that in another post, but I've had that in the last patch as well. I had a weather tower right next to my engineer building that was in shambles and it walked by it to repair a hut at 75% health. The only fix to this problem currently that I'm finding is having a ton of engineer buildings that are upgraded so I have like 12 of them running around. A bit ridiculous, but it gets the job done.
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    April Update

    I stopped getting updates from Crytivo as they stopped being just about Universim and started being about games I had no interest in. The patch posts that were obvious on the old forums seem to have ceased as well.
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    "Ingenieur" is the German word for engineer, so I guess that's what the author meant. What I wanted to add here, is that engineers seem to walk by buildings with low healt (<25%) and start reparing buildings with quite high healt (>75%). Furhtermore I noticed that the ignored buildings seemed to be either right next to the engineer's hut or really far away, although that might just be coincidence.
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    Find my lost nugget

    Can't believe I didn't think of that >.< Well I know what I'm doing next time lol.
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    This bug was already noticed in the test version and i believe they have a fix but couldnt add it in time.
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    Main update server moved to USA

    Dear players! We moved our main update server (https://edge.theuniversim.com) to the USA. We hope it will help to resolve downloading problems for the most of users. This is the first step in the Crytivo`s update infrastructure changes - we are moving to multiple update servers architecture, we plan to have at least 2 servers in USA and 2 in Europe in the near future. If you are from the Europe and downloading speed is slow for you, right now you can manually change your main update server to the eu-edge.theuniversim.com. We recommend to use https protocol, however http still will work. To do this change, locate the file named version.txt near the launcher executable and open it in any text editor (like Notepad or Notepad++). Find the line url = https://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ and change it to url = https://eu-edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ Next patcher`s update will be able to determine the fastest update server for you without those changes. Please, post here any questions related to those changes.
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    What the heck is an "ingenieur" ? Do you mean engineer?
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    Gameplay Feeling Lackluster

    I want to begin this by saying I love the game so far and I hope you guys continue to make miracles happen. But of course, there's always a couple nails sticking out that need to be hammered in, and with this still being pre-alpha, I'm hoping some of those gameplay decisions can be changed. What is concerning me right now is the general feel of the game as I play it; I am essentially a sloppy town planner. I haven't had to use spells and I just watch the little people run around. What's worse is I don't even feel a connection to the village I'm building, so I'd probably never make it to the space age before I get bored. Here are some changes to key parts of the game that I (with my totally unbiased opinion... :/ ) feel need some love: 1. Camera movement - It's almost perfect, but the scrolling needs some work. The camera in Black & White 2 was my all-time favorite and made it feel so natural. In particular, the player was more in control of the scrolling because it was more precise with each turn of the wheel. Also the camera zoomed into where your cursor was located. 2. City Management vs God Sim - Currently the game is a city manager. I'm sure you've heard this comment many times, but I just want to put my take on it... The manner in which the god places most buildings down turns him into a mayor. I think it shouldn't be necessary if the god isn't interested. There could be many other things the god can do to keep him/her busy (I will speak to this in another point). 3. Dynamic villages - To follow up on point 2, having the god place structures in a certain way should inspire the villagers to automatically try to replicate that form. For example, the god places housing tightly together in rows. The villagers understand the design and attempt to continue it. Or you might want to place a couple random houses or structures on a hill or near a forest, the villagers then learn that's probably the ideal location for those types of buildings. Of course if the god stops demonstrating desired placement, then the village can take it in their own direction (but not completely forget the gods teachings as they still have many examples at this point). It would be neat to see different styles of housing based on where they are placed (climate, elevation, etc) and how close they are to other buildings. I understand how much work this would take, and maybe it's something to consider after the game is released (for a DLC), but it may also be far simpler to put the framework in at the beginning (which is why I wanted to mention it asap). 4. Research System - The current system of tech and evolution research is kind of cool, but I think it can be way cooler. 4a. Tech Research - It's kind of strange how all these technologies just fall into my queue pile when others are completed. A more sophisticated tech tree that requires a villager to research would be nice. Like maybe I want to skip hunting and specialize in fishing and berry picking. 4b. Evolution Research - I understand that evolution is just a bunch of random mutations, but only the mutations that actually help a creature to survive is what would be passed down. For example, the black bear in the north pole died off to it's evolutionary descendant (polar bears) because they mutated white fur. If polar bears mutated green fur they would have died instantly. With this in mind, I'd suggest that the system be changed to be dynamic - not just random. If my villagers are living in dry arid conditions, then after living there for some time they should evolve traits such as less water requirement, better heat dissipation, more efficient movement to reduce stamina loss, etc. These traits can then stick with you regardless of what biome your people expand to... but if you maintain that you can only research one at a time, then the player then has to choose which biome he'd prefer to prosper in. 4c. Cultural Traits - Ah yes, a third type of research. This would be entirely based on how the god interacts with the village (including through god mail). It isn't like traditional research, where you pick a choice and wait for it to complete. Rather it's a reflection of how the god chooses to handle situations. For example, the god throws fire at a wolf. From there, the villagers will fight off wolves with torches and incorporate fire into more parts of their lives. If the god decides to pick up wolves and relocate them, then the village will too. If the god decides to crush the wolf with a rock, the village will prefer to use traps. Some choices could even make the village change how it looks, like having more torches handy, or people who go to the barber prefer to get certain haircuts, etc. 5. Climate - I think this one is just more or less that the current weather/climate system needs tweaking. A desert should not be snow covered in winter (nor should a tropical climate). Biomes should be based on the rotation of the planet around the star(s). It doesn't mean there can't be hotspots in unusual places (maybe there's a tropical island in the arctic region caused by volcanic energy). 6. Starting Planet Customization - It'd be nice to have some say as to what the planet looks like. Such as water coverage, atmosphere hue, average temperature. I'd like to have continents separated by ocean or just many sub-continents that stone age people could get to by boat. 7. Sea-faring - This was touched on by point 6 but I figured it's a large enough addition to have it's own point. 8. Religion & Worship - I should be able to tell my village to worship me in various ways, such as dancing at an altar, sacrificing something, going to morning worship, etc. Also I'd like to push them harder if I felt like it... maybe Joe killed somebody, so as his punishment he has to dance around a rock for the rest of his life. This could also have an impact on the 4c Cultural Traits idea. Anyways, I hope something in this list is inspiring!
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    Thinking of the new patch... You're mostly secular. They are a stoneage tribe like every other tribe. You as god do not play a role in their life. They hunt, they breed, they even have to protect themselves from wild animals or they die. You have secular gameplay already. The essential godly gameplay is missing. So actually there is no need for a new secular gameplay mechanic. It's already a secular game. So introducing a godly gameplay mechanic and therefore a godly research path would help.
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    Tips System

    I'd recommend some basic tips for how the emergency shelters work. I had absolutely no idea the bell was used to get nuggets to go into the bunkers until about 2 weeks ago. That could've been explained and cleared up very easily if I had some tips for that.
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    April Update

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    Oh it worked this time yesterday no matter how many times I tried it would go to a error page. But got it working now. Thanks for the help sorry if I sounded like a newbie but I am so 😋 It was on the https//theuniversim.com Used Microsoft edge internet page.
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    Try using a different web browser and let us know if that works. Also, please let us know what web browser it is not working on
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    Can you show me what type of error ? Paste a screenshot
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    Universim has not been released for Early Access on Steam yet. Currently only available at the Crytivo Store.
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    What do you think about research?

    A little greedy, isn't it? ;-) But in some cases it simply does not make sense. I know what you're thinking of. You talked about the real world and believers and non believers. But you see the real world problems this is causing, right? For example the christian religion had many violent problems during it's existence. Crusades, inquisition and witch hunts. Non believers died during this process and a more religious society remained for a period of time. Depending on your actions your nuggets should be a more godly society or a more secular society sooner or later. This results the events like inquisiton for a godly society or enlightenment für a secular society. See it as events and not as decision. ;-) if you behave like a god you have more believers. if you behave like a mayor you have citizens. ;-) They don't need to be prepared. You have to be prepared as a god ;-) See the logic behind it? ;-) An intergalactic spaceship with robot chicken zombies arrives. ;-) your nuggets form groups in the temple to pray for shelter. your power arises and charges over time and you blast those robot chicken zombies away with a blink of an eye ;-) or you send some preachers out to proselytize them. maybe you're able to welcome new intergalactic believers that spread your word of love and peace.... at least you tell them so. ;-)
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    Remove building durability

    Maybe have it set up so that lower tier buildings wear down quicker, or have some upgrades that slow it down / speed up how quickly the engineers work
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    Feature Suggestion

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    Remove building durability

    Although i agree with some points, Removing standard over time decay altogether would be a mistake, I for one like the fact that the engineers are constantly busy and buildings are constantly decaying over time...just like in reality ( dont forget the rate at which the seasons change suggest the structures are under constant stress through the seasons...that rapid expansion and contraction of materials does some damage).... I'd like to see the decay rate lowered, But only slightly...enough to where you can go afk for an hour and your buildings only lost about 15% of health with no engineers present. To make up for the lost decay, Have systems in place such as unstable ground ( mountain or costal ) which increases the rate of decay a bit. Create events that effect only a few buildings in an area such as fungal toemite infestations...
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    upgrading buildings

    Thanks Bolerro - That was one part of my problem. Other part was I didn't build the stone/lumber refineries and I "expected" to still be able to build the tier1 buildings with the log/rock resources. I wasn't aware that once an upgrade tech is researched it forces you to build the tier2+ building. Thanks again.
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    New Here

    You can download launcher here: Windows: http://edge.theuniversim.com/installer/windows/TheUniversimLauncherInstaller.exe Mac: http://edge.theuniversim.com/installer/macosx/TheUniversimLauncher.app.tar.gz Linux: http://edge.theuniversim.com/installer/linux/TheUniversimLauncherLinux.tar.bz2 But this is strange that you can not download it from the store page. Can you tell me what browser do you use? I just checked in Chrome - works fine.
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    cant submit a bug report in the game.

    Sorry, this is being worked on. For now, please submit bug reports via the forum. Thanks!
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    God game or RTS with planets? Games are all about the agency the player has. In no other artistic medium does the audience place so central a role in execution of an idea. A game doesn't really exist except while being played. The Universim advertises itself as a unique game. This is sort of a space enabled remix of Black & White or a non-evolutionary take on Spore. Just due to development we only see the early parts. We have not seen the 4X elements yet (Explore Exploit Expand Exterminate) yet so any commentary on the long space-age level game is speculation. Eventually the church building is going to need some nuggets assigned to interact with their God. I would recommend that this be used to create an automation interface where you can delegate how much and which tasks you want to micromanage. Give the user something to do besides answer or ignore Godmail. Eventually the church, not the evolution tower, should become the center of attention. Agency is about choice and consequences. Set the automation based on social progress. Also set it based on user play style. Tie the function of these to how well or poor the nuggets see their God. I know that tossing corpses around quickly results in a death-world statue. Leaving happy nuggets to do their thing or firing off the building repair / healing hand gets a Tree of Life growing in the God Status Garden. Decide what this means for the automatic policies you can or will allow the player to use. Perhaps a death-world cannot automate corpses or heal buildings or build bunkers. Perhaps a Garden world has discounts on love spells and lake refills but has to trust that gravediggers are doing their jobs. At this point there is not much to micro-manage(1) unless you really want to dig into matching nuggets to their jobs. Automatic placement of new wells or water wheels Enable and disable of used or unused buildings Toggling restrictions on education level or properties for buildings Suggest new buildings to zone Create forbidden areas that nuggets cannot travel through The game could help a lot by creating a 'recommended' nugget list for a building so you could shuffle assignment. Then let the church leaders implement that if the player has research the correct item. Currently mother world has puddles or lakes. There are no rivers, glaciers, ice caps or tectonics(2). We don't even have volcanoes in the game, yet. And what weird worlds will we find? Those will require research. Good to handle you first few times but then you will want the ability to automate that away as your nuggets grow in space-faring skill. Eventually we will need multi-family residences, firefighters and ports. If the current system is employed the gameplay will be a sim-city clone where the player dictates zoning all day. Eventually it might grow to be a clone of Planetary Annihilation with armies at work among the planets. But none of these are God games. 1. Beware descent into spreadsheets. Min/maxers will always cheese whatever mechanism is provided. 2. Triggering an earthquake to destroy buildings like in Populous isn't handled by the Wind Storms.
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    Sven Tzu Doom

    Review of Gameplay

    I had pop boom from 50 approx to 150 plus then death and famine as I could not build required infrastructure. My pop crashed to 40 and eventually recovered to 150 pop after a long micro management labour. Then game totally crashed in same manner. (sorry deleted files) Small bugs & issues I encountered -dead nuggets sometimes hidden in buildings -worshippers quests UI was a bit confusing - I only encountered 1 tornado after hours of play Some areas to consider from my experience -Death can become a problem real quick. (maybe a certain term of sickness or max age/health buff/ tech could help. OR nuggets try to make home or hospital etc.. so cemetery & gravediggers can be placed strategically ) -pop boom rate slowed or mechanics to control -my thoughts are more about the transition form using basic wood, stone to refined and once a tech improves or advances a building it instantly means that you now require refined mats which you don't have and on top of that; prior to this you can't actually control stockpiling as the stone mine and lumber mill are available after the refineries. ( my personal preference would be to start with a basic building that you can manually improve/ upgrade to enable the management of current stockpiles and more control of the development of infrastructure etc..) P.S. Some attention paid to resource management (graphs etc...) and organization (easier to find nugget details etc.. without exiting menus and so forth), but I would much prefer to see age progression over fine tuning UI as generally it was pretty nice to play. All in all was a real pleasure to play and I can only hope that the devs can drop a whole lot of new content in quick increments so I can feed the beast.
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    this is an important question. not easy to answer. In fact I created a really long answer, illustrating my ideas and concepts. In the end I think that's what you want, ideas and ideas to create the game. __ PLAY FROM GOD OR PLAY FROM MANAGER Let's start by talking about the type of game: you say you are a game of God, but most of the game is management. I refer to a style of play as "Age of Empire". I think that doing a mixed game between management and divinity is fine and is a choice that touches different types of players. Currently the Manager game is quite adequate. there are possible improvements that we will look at later. The game version from God is a bit limited: let me explain. A God must not waste time telling his believers what to build and where to build it (the Manager's gaming system). A god must keep his faithful believers, he must make himself offers, he must have fun at the expense of his faithful. and more. In the primitive age, a god governs the elements and is good or bad. And I'm fine that you put the tree type, but I'm not good that I pass from good god to bad god because the system of collecting corpses is INEFFICIENT, even though I myself to dispose of most of the corpses and trying to make them happy . So as god I would like to see them pray or praise me. (maybe to see nuggets standing in front of the altar, and they could approach religion (pray) whether it's a benevolent god or a scary god. As God, I would like to make them happy, or to punish them. you have made this possible with godly powers such as healing or moving or falling in love. (but some costs are too high 20 points to make them fall in love too many! And also the cost to make them all happy (but everyone becomes happy or just a little man?) For the tornado calamity and more I think the cost is plausible. As god I can want some gifts. in these primitive beings usually the gifts are of food, a dead hen. if I were a god of death, a beautiful virgin girl ... At the same time, if I were a good god, I would like to give some gifts. And in times of famine grow a bush of flourishing food ... (FOOD). o SPEED plantation growth. or REPEAT a lake that has lost fish. __ QUEST prayer requests from the Nuggets I really like the idea of prayers by post. But do not make it gmail style, please give it a religious and divine style !!. I saw that you put 2 of them. One is the missing child. and the other is to punish the enemy. Good idea. But there is a technical problem: the child is not on the list of nuggets and knowing where he is without a name in his head is impossible in a camp for 50 people. you should make these requests feasible. I like it as an idea but give it a red halo that is clearly visible to this child. While for the punishment of the enemy, how should you punish? you should help us understand what we can do to punish it. I tried to destroy the house (it was difficult to find his house of residence), I tried to make it fly. and finally I also killed him. but maybe there is a bug where all my actions do not complete the prayer quest. So you could make us play god by giving us different prayers from the nuggets, and if we grant them we will be devoted servants and "efficient workers". But beware, do not oblige us to resolve prayers at certain times. at least not all. I believe that a prayer is worth the whole life of the nugget and depending on the case the nugget can be satisfied after several years or rather disappointed because too late. (killing or giving poverty to the enemy can be satisfactory even after several years of prayer). Keep in mind that the God must also deal with the management and therefore may not have much time to make god in those minutes of updates to the age of the Middle Ages; but having so much time in the dead period. __ RELIGION AND CHURCH FUNCTION, and the power to influence the village through those who speak with God Moreover, a God should have ONE WHAT YOU SPEAK WITH HIM. a priest in the medieval era, a shaman in the primitive age. In short, a henchman who influences the ideas of the population. I believe that in the early and middle ages the God can have direct influence through the figure of the priest. Technically a place of worship will be created (the church) and assigned to a nugget. When the nugget has started you can have different commands (like for archidio or in theory the meteorological tower). You will have commands like: "daily life must be based on hard work" "daily life must be based on latin idleness" "daily life must be in balance between work and well-being" "Behave well for paradise" "Behave badly that you die so young" (I would use a slider bar from absolute work to total idleness where there are 0 in the middle which are balanced neutral parameters 0 is how the nuggets are now, or how you have planned them basic). In this way, God will give directions to how I want my nuggets to live. And like every church and religion there will be a level of church importance. In Roman times the Christian church did not have much importance (indeed they were prosecuted), but in the Middle Ages the church had a truly absolute importance. So here too a level of the number of faithful; the level of power of the church over the decisions of the village, the level of respect for the church and its rules (how many faithful are correctly practicing the church's rules). Hard work can be a rule, but we can also add: make more children, take more wives, or be vegetarian! Certainly a God who leads to the extreme of work at the beginning will increase the productivity of my village, making them work will increase production (of course only the religious nuggets, while non-religious will behave normally, but in the primitive and medieval era almost all they should be religious!). But after a while 'time there will be a rebellion to too much work and there could be a religious revolt: that is masses of nuggets could show disagreement and even get to burn the church (and inside his priest). In this way, I God should erect another church and choose another priest. (This cycle should represent the changes in religion that occurred over time, such as the change between the Roman gods and Christianity). But be careful, if I create another church and immediately arrange for it to be extreme workers again, the church will have practically no followers, its power will be 0 and I will not find new believers. At the same time if the new church preaches the Latin ozium, it will immediately have a lot of faithful happy to embrace a different religion! But at the same time the production will slow down! Let's jump into the future. Now, in the modern era, religion has lost some of its power over the state. And even if you can still give the religious directives we say that we will not have absolute control? It is also true that in the modern era atheists are very rare, which is very rare in prehistory and in the Middle Ages. So, your power from God is reduced ... BUT, we can see the world differently. Meanwhile, there will still be the role of Manager and not just of God, but then you can influence the individual in power. In the modern era there will be nuggets at the head of entire structures. There will be the nugget at the head of justice, the nugget at the head of agriculture, I imagine that create a building with the tasks of government divided by type (justice, environment, productivity, science, medicine ...). And each task will add a nugget. Now imagine you have the power to bribe the nugget like God. In this case I imagine a bad God, a god who wants to subdue them all and make them go back to a medieval mentality (modern technology but power to the church); certainly in the game usually the player wants to grow his village, but if the game is from God, he must also foresee a bad god. So a bad God (it is not excluded that in a complex phase of the game you God John, you intrude on the planet of the God Roberto and try to influence the social structure of the nuggets of John, corrupting with money and perversion the heads of government so that make the system malfunction, maybe in an online game version where you put your own planet into play); I said, a bad god will corrupt the single nugget with money and other things and will make sure that governments misbehave, leading to the downfall of civilization. Either a benevolent god infuses light and justice into the nugget and will make the nugget that governs that sector work the best. Or we put our Lord God very good and succeed in holding a Church with great power over civilization and keeping it in the modern era when atheists spread, but the church is so well balanced and God is very active in the miracles that the faithful remain many. __ PLAYING FROM MANAGER improvements the first important thing to say is that the nuggets are too stupid. I'm sorry but the parameters are not worthy even for a primitive. _ Cut trees and stones away from the place of construction to which they are putting. _ In spring and summer they do not collect food from plants around, and there are times when they are dying of hunger. _ There is no basic food from restaurants but they do not collect it. _ Instead of repairing the most damaged buildings, the engineers repair the less damaged buildings and let the serious ones fall into pieces! _ The lumberjacks are in the building doing nothing if the trees are too far from the building. _ too many bodies and do not hurry to get them out by leaving them on the road years! But sooner or later you have them decompose these bodies? Honestly the nuggets can not be so stupid as not to get food supplies for the winter while having bushes handy ... So first of all you have to fix these bugs or wrong statistics. The nuggets, logically speaking, having the right buildings available should self manage themselves. And you created this self-management, you see, but it is also true that small details like those mentioned above make the system unbalanced. _ THE MANAGEMENT OF THE VILLAGE I find it right to choose the buildings to be built and their position. I find it right to decide how many buildings of what type to build depending on how I want to create my village. The basic management structure is fine, but there are no additional elements. _ Food management in fact If for the water I know how much I need it and how much they consume the buildings being able to build a precise number of pumps for every need; I do not know how much food my nuggets consume. The management of food must absolutely be improved. I can build restaurants, fishmongers, farms, but I've seen that sometimes the food is less than a following winter. I believe that the Village Manager has the right to create and organize it as he wishes, but workers must follow his directives. I have difficulty explaining this point. I try to make a description anyway. If I were a good village chief, I could tell my men exactly what to do. I could tell my men that they have to collect 10 food for the winter because we consume 8 food as a village. As a village chief I could know that wanting to build a hospital will take a lot of stone and so I want to tell mine that they have to get more stone that year than wood ... In theory this administration is done automatically when I build a hospital that requires stones and woods. But perhaps it would give us a way to be more efficient if we could tell our nuggets how many stones we want to stock stored as soon as possible. I as a Planet Manager know that the medieval era with the upgrades of the buildings will involve a lot of wood and lots of stone. I could think of wanting to collect it in the dead times of the primitive era. _ WAREHOUSE SYSTEM I believe that Warehouses should be organized as well as individually, even in a total manner on the interface of God. To see the available places of all the warehouses and the places occupied by type of object. And to be able to decide the quantity that is required to be kept in STOCK (to be kept in stock and not to be kept for example in a restaurant that is not a warehouse). This is especially useful for building materials that are used in all ages. _ AGRICULTURE SYSTEM I think agriculture is good, even if I do not really understand how cyclicality works. I think that putting a mini-calendar style seasonal tool in which the type of culture is studied for each season, could be interesting. _ THE MIDDLE AGES and future ages I'm already imagining the mess of an era in which the whole planet is populated. I already have problems managing 4 restaurants, 4 farms 10 fishing boats, 10 factories etc. It is problematic, for example, if the city center is far from the factories, I see several nuggets that make a long journey between the house and the factory. And even if I put restaurants and wells near the factories, there's still a lot of going away. I believe that in the Middle Ages it is necessary to start building real, structured cities. I have already tried to be schematic in the construction of the buildings, arranging the fishing areas together, placing the repairers all in a row, etc. But with a medieval age I have to be able to use a grid scheme better and bring buildings closer together. I built 8 refineries between wood and stone, but anyway I had to position at a certain distance. These refineries do not look anything like an industrial quarter of our 1700 style style. I also think of the fact that with 8 refineries I have to check that they all have a little man who works inside. And in situations of social problems I have to activate or deactivate the men in refineries. Let's take a practical example: full medieval times. The population rises too much and lacks food. I absolutely have to devote myself to gathering food and closing the refineries. So imagine 20 refineries and I hand one by one I have to remove the nuggets from the list of refineries and put them in agriculture. Then the food problem is again contained and I have to put the nuggets back into the refineries. It would be much more practical to shut down the refinery and immediately have the unemployed nuggets available, and then when you restart the refinery, again the same nuggets or if they are busy recalling new ones automatically. Do not have to do it by hand. If you think of a modern era, I should not have 10 refineries as in the Middle Ages, but have a refinery park extended on the potion of 10 refineries that with one interface manages all the employees. Another very problematic fact is the request for a nugget to be included in a construction from the list of nuggets. The list with 100 nuggets is already a bit slow. If the number of nuggets has to start to increase a lot until the modern era, you will have to start evaluating the macro management of the nuggets. First phase divide between unemployed and employed. Furthermore, those who collect construction material should have a registered job and not on the list of those who do and do not. In this way I can have the list of those who do not have a job and assign it to the new factories, but without going to affect the group of collectors and builders who are vital as labor. Now I do not know if a Laborer is idling or is collecting material. The best thing for the future, considering even a population of 5000 nuggets, is to have automated assignment. _ WORK MANAGEMENT OFFICE for the modern era A building, for example, that opens a window with certain commands: first of all, every sector of work is identified (refineries, farms, fishing, catering, repairers). For each sector, the available jobs are displayed in relation to the buildings of that sector built, and depending on the needs all are assigned or dismissal people in the case of too much production or need to work on a specific request. The buildings that now select 2 or 3 minors at a time will be managed by the automated system and prepared by the system described above. For example, if I can have a 100% refined iron production, but I have collected enough, I can lower the production to 50%. the nuggets will lose their jobs and will go to work in those situations where men are needed on the occasion (building example, when you build something new). While if we have 10 iron refineries as buildings or a single refinery park, then it could be that half of the park sectors or half of the refineries are turned off automatically, consuming even less energy. And if they are still separate buildings, it would be better to close the most shabby and worn building, so you can have time to rearrange it. If you think about it with 5000 nuggets we can not manage the occupation of each nugget, but we will have to have automatisms that allow self-organization of work. Obviously you should still leave the possibility to change the single nugget from the workers' list, this to optimize with more efficient workers for that job, and then also for the first speech of a corrupt system in which specific nuggets are put to power do what you want. _ ROADS. AND URBAN PLAN I think it is necessary to have a mechanism of roads to optimize the city. As well as making our people evolve it is also nice to create refined and elegant cities and this can also start from the Middle Ages. Being able to design an urban plan for the future could be interesting. In practice, do not build immediately, but create a map drawn (technically a virtual map above the surface of the planet and even above other buildings) and start saying that you want a road, that of a rectangular area you want the district of the factories; but also to say that in that little square between the main road and the factory district you want a prairie bed, or a group of trees. Do practically urban furniture, preparing where to build things in the future. I would not mind telling my nuggets to create a new residential area near the factories, and obviously make sure that the workers assigned to that area go to live nearby. _ CIRCLE OF LIFE FAUNA AND FLORA this theme seems a little ignored, but I think it's fundamental. I left the day for about 600 years and I noticed that an area of trees has completely disappeared and the fauna has totally disappeared from the planet. Now, I do not know if you have already implemented the system, but you can imagine that you can not leave a planet in the primitive era with zero animals and trees that do not grow back. I understand that in the city areas plants do not regrow them, but do not grow back even in remote areas! Of course, it is right to say that the resources are not infinite. But let's talk about fauna and flora and water, which are recreated in the system. So you really should get them to regrow and repopulate, and rightly put a rate of regrowth. Then if the nuggets consume more than they grow back then they will rightfully become extinct, but I do not think it can happen in a primitive period .. Also I would like to be able to plant plants as trees and fruit picking plants, I am an artist and I would like to have a village full of greenery, but the system currently brings me to a bare primitive town. Full of braided logs still visible .... _ OTHER SMALL IMPROVEMENTS buildings that are destroyed or destroyed by push-button should be recycled by recovering some of the stones and wood from the rubble. It seems to me sensible because there are actually residues! _ the hunters should put the traps themselves, not you as God. It is OK to choose the type of beast and type of trap, but do not let us do the dirty work. _ I believe that in a Renaissance or modern era, cataclysms like sandstorms and tornadoes or fire damage buildings less. Certainly the nuggets that took a walk will be swept away .. but a building will not be completely destroyed. Also you should put evolutionary tools for building resistance to hurricanes and storms. And if you want a bit of an earthquake, a volcano for the planet. And obviously a God who saves the situation in drastic cases ... like if the volcano is about to erupt, use god points to delay 10 years. _ it would take in the construction work (such as refineries) that indicate how good the worker is, and how regular the work is. In this way if you work badly or little I could choose to replace it .. _ it would be the case already in the Middle Ages and then in the modern era, to have the first construction companies, because the repairers of buildings are not exactly construction companies. But in this specific case these companies will automatically take the nuggets (a bit like now) without a fixed job and use them to build. I think I've already written so much. I hope you come quickly to the medieval era. I have been following you for several years, and even if I enjoy trying every new pach ... we are + - always in the same position ...
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    Hey all, I think that to be a true “god game”, one must not have to be bothered with such petty things as managing nuggets, even from the get-go. Even in the Stone Age, nuggets should be fully autonomous, auto-assigning, in charge of their own relationships, factions, and wars, regardless of how the player interacts. Perhaps the player can override nugget building assignments, but preferably that should be kept behind the scenes IMHO.
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    I bought this game because I wanted a god-game, not another city builder. Please allow for more automation and have players make the higher up decisions instead of being a logistics officer. Let us feel like gods.
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    Engineers / Buildings at breaking point

    @Fjury @Nemisis311@NeroVice Thank you for the feedback, that is definitely no fun when that happens and we are looking into why the Engineers aren't keeping up. Please keep providing feedback so we can whip those nuggets into shape and make them behave.