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  5. Hello Everyone, I'm Onno from the Netherlands and I just bought the game.
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  8. Just a creator wheel request

    Yeah the opaque symbol is something we've had in the past, but I believe was removed because it looked bad. It's something we've considered putting back in though
  9. Creator Points Regeneration

    @bakemonHealing I have found increases love the most from my experience, and sacrificing nuggets doesn't cause that much of a dramatic fear increase as much as using a devastation power like electricity or tornado sacrificing a nugget here or there wont be that big of an issue you can can get it back with one or two heals. The number of believers only effects what powers you can use I think 10 is all that is currently required to be able to use all powers atm.
  10. Major Glitch In Tessla Dream

  11. Just a creator wheel request

    Could always implement the icon as a shadow behind the creator points like an opaque symbol
  12. Hey thanks for reposting to make sure we saw it all in one post, it was helpful. We're working on trying to get this solved
  13. Thanks for the reply! More Creator powers in general would be nice, but definitely the tornado one.
  14. Somehow, my Nuggets dropped stacks of wood and stone about 10ft underwater. I know it happened AFTER a wolfpack attack. Regardless, the nuggets are repeatedly trying to recover the sunken resources. They path into the water right to the stacks, then pause, turn around, and attempt to find a new path to the resources. They will loop forever, with dehydration usually getting them first. I can stop them from looping by picking them up and placing them on the other side of town. Eventually, if I catch everyone, the resources de-spawn and everyone goes back to work. I only noticed the problem because my stores of lumber were strangely low and construction had stopped because of the lumber shortage. That's when I started looking around and saw nuggets looping back into the oceans. Here is the save file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnWmdscm3CG0guc-4lY8RkVg1Tl-mg This has the Diving for resource bug which may be related to the warehouse full bug. There is an area by the inland sea where I have water pumps and 3 warehouses. The warehouses filled up too fast and the nuggets are trying to deliver to a filled warehouse, stand around and eventually die. One of them died with a stack under water during some really bad lag. Then another nugget with a partial stack tried forever to get the underwater stack and died, leaving another stack underwater. This caused several other nuggets to attempt to retrieve the items. So now I have 15-20 nuggets milling around the warehouse entrances, waiting long enough to die of thirst, and several are now attempting diving courses and the number of diving students will continue to grow as they keep leaving more and more underwater.
  15. Hey Bryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. A creator power to deal with tornadoes in an interesting way is something we've thought about and would love to implement. I am not at all sure on what timeline that will be coming, but it's definitely something on our minds.
  16. nuggets suiciding in lake

    Yup that works. Thanks for the save file!
  17. nuggets suiciding in lake

    ...Of course, gladly so! Would dropbox be ok? Because the file is 0.02MB too big to upload it right here... Or am I missing something in "upload them here to a cloud repository"? Here you go
  18. Hi everyone, I'd like to request a few things but mainly an option to disable tornados (and to a lesser extent windstorms). Currently, the alarm system doesn't function as intended and I get that. It's still in Alpha and bugs need to be panned out, but in the meantime, even if it's just a temporary option to disable tornados would be really nice and appreciated. I understand that some might not agree with the idea since it's unrealistic or too easy but it would vastly improve my Universim experience. Besides we have Creator abilities . If the option to disable tornados is too much to ask, perhaps adding a Creator ability to stop tornados would be possible? (awesome segway ) As it stands, when it blows through my civ and by chance hits the rehab centers (which happened twice in a row sadly lol... ) rebuilding consumes a large amount of time that by the next tornado the structure was only up 2 seasons prior to its arrival. If we can have it so that when tornados blow over the buildings it destroys, can it leave behind rubble of whatever it tore through? And from that rubble have an engineer take a lengthy amount of time to repair or have labourers using half the resources to rebuild the structure? At the moment, remembering what was built where the tornado blew through is difficult to track and remember, even with the message board notification history. Sorry if it's a bit of a lengthy read, but I'm hoping the forums is the right place for more visibility. On the official Discord it's hard to be seen when many others also have a say. Thank you for reading. tldr; Bold sections.
  19. Refund please

    You should email support@crytivo.com about this
  20. Refund please

    This game is beautiful but unplayable and a waste of time. I've paid £22, half the price of an AAA release game. It's too buggy, too annoying and I'd like a refund. Maybe I'll buy again when it's in some reasonable state, but it's far from that right now. Please refund my purchase
  21. nuggets suiciding in lake

    No worries about the forums. What would be super helpful is if you could post the save file where you experienced this bug? I'll leave the file path below. Just compress them and upload them here to a cloud repository. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  22. You can compress and upload the files to the cloud or directly to here. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  23. nuggets pick up objects in the sea

    Yes, I've been unable to reproduce it on my end after many attempts. Something else must be going on. Could you please upload your save files where this is occurring? Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  24. Haunted Areas/Promised Land

    Haunted Zone would be a divine power that creates an area full of ghosts that would make the nuggets avoid the place, making them come back. Promised land would be a power that would attract the Nuggets to build their house in that region.
  25. nuggets pick up objects in the sea

    bug again...
  26. nuggets suiciding in lake

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, please feel free to move this post to the bugs and issues sub-forum. I swear I wasn't shown them when I came here to write the post, next time I'll do better, promise!
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