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  3. This may be a little long winded, not sure. Either way I need to explain a few things first to get my point across. Also Note: Please don't respond with "Then don't buy Early Access!" I know its a risk. It's a risk I happily took with Universim, sometimes that risk pays off, sometimes not, but an avid lover of games myself, even if a game ends up not being what I hoped it'd be. It's fine. ---------------------- I originally got into Universim well before it came to steam. I came upon it in its first few weeks of being available to pre order, and get into the very early alpha tests. It's a game from what was promised of growing your "nugget" civilization from the earliest caveman like era' to the space age and beyond colonizing other planets. It sounded very much like Spore. A game that has had nothing like it since, where you grow a civilization to the stars, and interact with aliens, colonize other planets, etc. that wasn't a 4x game. I was, and still am very excited for that aspect. Here is where my concerns start to kick in though... I saw the post about the 14 or so month development plan to release. I looked at the trello's roadmap to release, etc. and I'm comparing it to what we have in the game now. -------------------- At the moment the "ages" promised of going through them to space age is.. well.. disappointing to me to say the least. Going from one "Age" to another is literally plopping down 3 buildings and tada.. you're onto the next age as soon as you wait for the 5 minutes of tech to catch up.. There isn't anything to it. Nothing interesting or interactive, or even really challenging or engaging. The size of the nuggets/buildings kind of plays into this. If they were smaller, and you could have hundreds more per say, you could really get a nice little civilization going and things could get a little more hectic and interesting, but I digress. Going back to the Spore example, Spore does have a rather minimal/boring part as well, which is when you reach the point of having a city, at this point you're literally just plopping down buildings and fighting silly little wars with nearby cities on the planet. Nothing too it, and it's really rather dull. However, when you hit the space age game in Spore things REALLY kick off again.. You not only find, interact, and even fight other alien races, but you're exploring and discovering worlds to colonize, and even terraforming, picking up plants and animals to populate your original planet with, hell you can even color, and change your original planet too if you choose, and evolve your Spore civilization.. While I don't expect to be able to do all of that in Universim, it does bring me to my point. What exactly is the end game about? For Spore that's when the game really started, when you have tons of options and things to do at any given time. For Universim, I have no idea. There is nothing really explained or shown on the Roadmap besides more buildings.. Is that all we can do? Find a new planet and start plopping down more buildings? Will there be unique new buildings depending on the biome of the planet? the hazards? I don't see anything of that nature either. What about interactions with aliens? How deep will that be? Or will it be as simple as the meteors? Silly little thing they give you and that's it? This is where the sum of my fears for the future of the game come from. The "Depth" of the game right now leaves much to be desired, but I am hoping it blossoms like Spore did in "End Game" where everything you do really happens then, and opens up to you. However, if what's listed on the Trello, and what we've heard so far is the extent of the plans.. I don't see end game reaching the stars any more exciting than finding a new planet and plopping more nuggets on it cuz "Reasons"... I don't see any plans for new types of resources, or resources only on specific planets. I don't see reasons for needing that either. The "depth" is simply not there in the roadmap, or anything discussed or shown by the developers. So I come to the forums to ask the developers.
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  5. Happiness

    I like the concept of the happiness system. It's fairly well made, but I think you should consider changing the happiness output of the watchtower. I mean, their mission is to defend the nuggets, why should nuggets be worried or be unhappy with them? And same with the bunkers. They are to protect nuggets!!
  6. Crops

    This is more a question than a suggestion. Can the nuggets discover new types of seeds without my intervention? If not, will it be changed? I wouldn't like to intervene and that they discover the seeds by themselves. Thanks for your time. The game is getting awesome. Keep up the work .
  7. The Issues I have

    Uf. I completely agree with you, specially with the refined materials part. I have the warehouse opposite to the wood refinery and the stone refinery. And it's incredible how slow both refineries are. It seems that even with the warehouse opposite to the them, they don't get materials. I assign two workers and they keep waiting, instead of (at least) trying to collect some materials.
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  9. Too Quick Gameplay?

    I found the transition to pre-medieval really satisfying tbh. I have no objection to other criteria being met and having stone huts with modern houses is quite jarring but like, just from stone to medieval is on point in my opinion. Pre-Medieval to Medieval however feels like an eternity due to some problem with refined planks production and the constant syphoning off of resources to upgrade huts to tudor houses. It brings everything to a grinding halt and has killed more than one planet for me. (I explain the issue more thoroughly in my own post). Because of this, my world will stagnate and resource shortages are exacebated by the increasing drain of a still growing population and my inability to upgrade/build more vital buildings like pumps, reservoirs and farms. It takes so long that I get bored and skip ahead to the modern era and I don't think I've ever finished a single factory because the resources (always refined planks) are never there.
  10. The Issues I have

    So this is just gonna be a list of problems I've come across. If I come across/remember more I'll probably add them. God power scroll wheel is really out of order and I'll have to loop a bunch of times to get to the power I need. Forest god power is a lil underwhelming. It'd be a little better if it could expand like the dome shield Meteor crates, looking at the hints after they've been studied it's still anyone's guess what's in there. Hints are too vague to be any help Wood refinery: This is a BIG one for me, despite having heaps of raw wood, trees, workers etc, and making sure wood storage, lumberjack and refinery are all in v close proximity, it's been a chokehold on my civilisation for a few versions now. I can have 300+ raw wood and still only have 4 refined planks. This has been a lethal setback as upgrading critical resources like farms and water pumps is way too slow even if I select them 1 at a time. This is made so much worse when they're diverting even more resources into upgrading the huts into tudor mansions. Society grinds to a halt. It makes the medieval phase really drag on for no good reason. I've checked to make sure there's space in storage too so I know there's no backlog choking up production too. Ministers: Okay this is the other one. I've been so keen on ministers to take the load off my shoulders but it seems the only ones who do their jobs are the medical and education ministers, I get swamped with hospitals and universities (but not schools or cemetaries) and usually at a really bad time because my resources are trying to cope with upgrading from pre/ to medieval as it is. It's always those two, no matter if I save and reload, fire and rehire them, they're all college graduates, or I start a whole new game. The others don't do anything at all and I doubt it's because I'm doing so great. Wandering Nuggets: For some reason, despite having loads of food, stone and wood from renewable sources, Nugs keep wandering to the farthest reaches of the planet to hunt more down from the wild, often times taking them so far away they die of starvation or thirst before they get back. Hunters do the same thing because animal populations are so scarce so I only use hunting for the first winter then destroy it. To end on a positive though, I love the direction the game is heading in and I can't wait to finally enter the modern age (4th times a charm) and see all the new content you've made. Love this game so much and I know it's going to be amazing.
  11. My run through in creator mode, I took my time, made sure all resources had 100 or more materials, placed one to two buildings at a time. Game still broke. At least we see it must be a bug.
  12. Yeah it might be because of many building placed at once. Till modern age I had enough resources, but then everything starts upgrade to modern and I cant keep up so I build more mines + first factories that get researched. It went to extreme when i found out im trying to build factories that need glass when i didnt build glass factory. But the glass factory never started being built and I didnt want to demolish other in progress because I did gather all other materials which took so long. There should be some clear guide which tells you in what order to build them. And if there is one, clearly its not enough, because I didnt notice.
  13. Medieval age

    Understood, now I just did the mission and I noticed the update to the medieval era. Thanks.
  14. Medieval age

    Do you mean light mission as in the Tesla quest? If so, that quest is just during the transition period between stone age and medieval. You start it by getting to the electricity perks in the tree.
  15. Medieval age

    Hi, is it normal to get to the light mission without having reached the Medieval era? But above all how is it achieved?
  16. No problem. As long as my post helps in some way. I’ll just wait for a few more updates before I play again. Let it get polished up a bit more.
  17. My best guess is there is some action you're performing every game that is breaking the nugget AI. That, or just after playing for so long, the AI starts to degrade. We're trying to figure it out, but I don't know what to tell you in the mean time
  18. Hunters don't carry the food

    Okay, was able to reproduce this inside a build, but not in our editor, which is very strange. Will send it to our AI guy
  19. Tesla Mission

    I've been trying to reproduce this, but I've been having issues. Has it only happened once?
  20. Hunters don't carry the food

    Yes, every time I load the saves
  21. Hunters don't carry the food

    And this continues to occur even immediately after you load your saves? Like if you load the saves you sent me earlier?
  22. Hunters don't carry the food

    Still the same, from all my saves, they hunt but the food baskets remain with the animal, but other nuggets collect the baskets, eventually I check their bags and they are not carrying food https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cd09pn5tqhf06w/universim5.sav?dl=0
  23. Nuggets colors?

    Yes, I believe there are only those two abnormal colors
  24. Hunters don't carry the food

    Hey etermes, Tried to repro this from your save, but when I observed all the hunters, they would hunt and properly picking up food. That's what the bags they carry are for. However, it's possible there is an issue where animal deaths are spawning food baskets, and that's what you're observing them leaving? Could you confirm that or no?
  25. Nuggets colors?

    Yes, the nuggets on the spaceboxes, there are other colors or there are only these two? Then they change color if they mate with each other, funny.
  26. Nuggets colors?

    I'm confused by your question. Do you mean from the spaceboxes? They have a limited palette. However, if you have the clone center, you can make far more colors however. Does that answer your question?
  27. Hospitals not working

    Was able to reproduce this in your game, but not in my own. Going to study this more. Thanks for the info.
  28. Nuggets colors?

    How many types of colors there are for nuggets? I found the blu, red and "normal now.
  29. i have that exact same issue in the transfer from stone to refined stage, nothing gets built, tried to restart and now my game just loads forever, have no idea why.
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