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  2. Had this for a few playthroughs now. After a while (10-15 min or so) the messages from nuggets stop popping up. These nuggets have fallen in love, this nugget has died, this building is done, this building is decaying, etc. They start working again when I load the game and load a save game, but it soon stops again. Anyone else?
  3. Iron not being delivered

    Also been having this issue.
  4. Buildings not being built.

    I have also been having this issue. Buggered up my late game, so I have yet to get to space.
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  7. I have at least 10 Iron Mines going and none of the buildings I want to build or upgrade is getting these materials and they are FAR more important than the house upgrades currently. I have absolutely every research point and I am unable to build 50% of the other buildings because I don't have the correct factories and materials to do so. This is making the game EXTREMELY tedious and boring. This is not a matter of making the game more difficult it is simply a broken system. However, I think the easy fix is simply to implement a feature that allows us to turn off housing upgrades. In fact, a far more in-depth system would be even better. One that allows us to further get into advanced features of turning off and on certain upgrades for anything and everything. Whatever you decide, something desperately needs to be done. I am literally about to give up on this until I hear of a fix. It is quite frustrating. Nothing I do helps, I am stuck in a loop of nothingness. lol. I have basically spent the last 1 - 1 1/2 hours just watching houses upgrade and upgrading research. Now research is maxed there is nothing else to do but look at the screen and hope something happens to benefit me. Basically I can't get anywhere past a cement and glass factory because houses won't stop upgrading and using all the materials I need. With that said, another good idea might be to make a priority button for upgrading buildings.
  8. I am not sure if this is a bug or what, however... I am having a LOT of late-game issues in general. One of the biggest is resource issues are buildings not being built, even though the resources are all there. The priority button does absolutely nothing. They are walking up to the building and then just turning around. They are all perfectly happy so that isn't the issue. I am trying everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. Also, it shows 3-4 people assigned to build the building but again nothing is happening. This has gone on for 45 min give or take. Also........I do have plenty of laborers.
  9. Iron not being delivered

    Agreed, there is something bugged with iron. In fact a lot of buggy problems with resources in general.
  10. how far along?

    196 views but no answers! wow it must take a while to say yes or no...
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  12. Question before purchase

    Hello, Sorry my english is not very good I did a game's system requirements test on a website for The Universim and i didn't understand the results of my video card The result : Minimum: GTX 780 | RX 290 or Higher You Have: GeForce GTX 950M Required You Have Pixel Shader 5.0 5.1 Vertex Shader 5.0 5.1 Dedicated Video RAM 3072 MB 4.0 GB The Universim is going to work or not ? Because the things i have looks better Thank you Alex
  13. Priority Fail

    I have been playing this game quite a LONG time now. The priority button works no better than day 1. It is not a matter of not have the proper supplies, or something needed to be built first, lack of labor force, or anything at all like that. It is simply broken and desperately needs to be repaired. I see no reason this feature can't work a lot better.
  14. Still in 0.0.36 and yes, it takes too long to build buildings sometimes, resources are in the warehouse, but iron is not delivered
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  16. Im having the same bug I was wondering if you would take a look at it?
  17. how far along?

    can we go to the moon yet? still waiting for that
  18. French translation

    Hi, I use your game in french and I notice some translation missing. For exemple In the research tree : Oldowan Toolkit : "Might increase +1" -> display "#ERROR!" in French. I could list them if it's help you. And propose some translation if necessary. Thanks in advance for your reply. K.
  19. Title: [V.] Stone Hut : tooltip "%ExtentedBodyText%" - Severity 1 Build version: Current version is V36 : [ALPHA V.] Severity: 1 Description: Invalid tooltip for "stone hut" Reproduction: Start a new game Wait for the construction of the first stone hut Click on the stone hut (Click left) Put the mouse cursor on the tooltip Obtained result: Display a popup containing the message "% ExtentedBodyText%". Expected result: Display of the description. Anomaly reproduced with the French and English language. (Not tested for other languages) Relevant images and saves: https://www.noelshack.com/2019-39-5-1569537766-tooltipstonehut1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2019-39-5-1569537770-tooltipstonehut2.jpg --------------------------------- Titre: [V.] Hutte en pierre : infobulle "%ExtentedBodyText%" - Criticité 1 Numéro de version: V36 : [ALPHA V.] Description: Infobulle erronée pour le bâtiment "hutte en pierre". Reproduction: Pré-requis + Lancer une nouvelle partie + Attendre la création de la première hutte en pierre. Étapes pour reproduire - Cliquer sur le bâtiment "Hutte en pierre". - Placer le curseur de la souris sur l'infobulle. Résultat obtenu: Affichage d'une popup contenant le message "%ExtentedBodyText%". Résultat attendu: Affichage de la description du bâtiment. Anomalie reproduite en lançant une partie avec la langue Française et Anglaise. (Non testé pour les autres langues) Topic to move in a forum dedicated to version 36. Thanks.
  20. V36 - Ui Bug and age bug ?

    Same issues here. Especially the sticking Nuggets case a big dying so its not possible to reach a population more than around 300.
  21. V36 - Ui Bug and age bug ?

    I'm having all the same issues. It seems like it all starts with a wind storm. The wind storm sound doesn't stop when the storm does.
  22. Title: Stuck UI, Election timer stuck, if open nugget ui, is stuck. Build version: Playing on version V. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4 Description: Reboot game doesn"t resolve anything. This problem is this sprite on the midle of the screen : https://i.imgur.com/z19JQ1r.jpg And Stuck Nugget UI cannot close: https://i.imgur.com/knIFf8p.jpg Its appear just after upgrade age. The election time is stuck. My save game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pRgPoegUJjGmgIlpaVhdRAkk-JulCLG5/view?usp=sharing
  23. V35--No Resource Required To Build

    Title: Buildings don't require resources Build version: V0.0.35 Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4, I suppose. It's not literally breaking the game but any resource mechanics are bypassed... which is half the game. Description: Placing buildings AFTER loading a certain saved game don't require resources and the nuggets will automatically start constructing. They don't even clear out the debris if I place the blueprints on tree's or stones. EDIT: This is still achieved WITHOUT holding left shift and placing blueprints, as that bug was reported a few weeks ago. I was able to place any blueprint no matter the building (airports, etc.) Reproduction: Load the game and start building Universities behind my clump of modern homes (although I'm not sure that specific building is the key). Afterwards, any blueprints placed now are free of cost and nuggets will go to town on it. I have the save game if required, just not sure where to upload it at. Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or an unintended feature--when casting a protective bubble miracle ON a tornado, it'll confine it to that area. You can essentially nullify tornadoes by casting the smallest/cheapest CP bubble and it'll never move.
  24. when i load the game the world looks like this when i zoom in it looks like this graphics settings do nothing and i have verified the file integrity twice
  25. Hi. I bought this game more than 1 year ago. I gave up on it last year while waiting months for some crucial bug fixes and decided to give it another try 14 months later. I couldn't believe my eyes when seeing that Nuggets STILL Freeze upon loading games - not to mention any decent sized save being loaded will freeze the game for as long as 10min before actually loading - there are also tons of bug reports about this and 0 solutions. Any saved game past Medival (I didn't really need to save anything prior to that) will load to have all nuggets freeze within seconds, eventually dieing. It leaves me extremely unsatisfied to search for hours for a solution, only to see this has been reported since 2017 and still happens....??? Furthermore you've stated numerous times, at least since V21 that it "would be" or even "WAS" fixed on patch X, Y, Z. What is the point of adding progress to the game if one MUST play it in one go? Without saving ability this game is pretty useless, who has actual fun restarting the game over and over again? Sadly I'm not 15 anymore and can't possibly play this for 20h straight in an attempt to actually see the new content. Can you PLEASE give us an honest update on this issue? Why it keeps reappearing? When can we expect to have it fixed? I understand this is not a finished game, but seeing the new price you're asking (28€) without fixing a (at least) 2 and a half year old bug makes me sick to my stomach. There's not a single accurate Dev / Admin response on this matter and it seems all your attempts of patching this failed - or you keep reintroducing the bug which shows an image of the quality your Devs I doubt you intend to pass to the community. Be honest with us, we deserve it for bearing with you for so long. I can share save game files if you want, but it seems to me you have plenty in your debugging arsenal. Sources: https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1737715419890626375/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1735468693687764917/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1751232561615088251/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1734340257882931950/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1737715419890882164/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1737715419909931337/ ... the list goes on PS: No, I didn't follow the bug report guideline, I'm not reporting one - you have had dozens if not hundreds of well documented reports. I'm just seeking answers to simple questions I believe all of us need answered (and have not so far been correctly answered) Kr, stl
  26. Sorry for the delay! you should have your badge.
  27. Unlocking parks

    Somehow I missed all the quests to unlock the parks, except the small one. Are there other ways to unlock them? Or are you just forever cut off from ever having them? If so that should definitely be changed.
  28. Population cap?

    Thank you very much for the compliment! It was a first play-through and a very smooth ride, except for the last trade that could not be completed due to some bug. This is very unfortunate because the 81 cement offered would have solved my current issue. The game is becoming pretty laggy and very long to load but I will go a bit further to see if I'm up to the cement challenge.
  29. Population cap?

    1360 nuggets is a lot! you are doing great, requirements fot that population are so high and there are many bugs in the game , still
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