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  4. [Hot Fix]Experimental Built

    NRE means Null on Request. Basicly a state of the game that gives a value that was not espected leading into other issues. Like stuck nuggets
  5. [Hot Fix]Experimental Built

    PATCH NOTES Bug Fixes Experimental Patch V0.0.30 Fixed: Gravedigger is getting stuck in a loop of picking up bodies Fixed: Hunters do not move during hunting Fixed: Missing UI at the start of the game Fixed: NRE that prevented to load multiple save files as well as caused all Nuggets to not move Fixed: Issue that prevented for certain players to load the game, when they pressed “Start New Life” Fixed: Nuggets would get stuck while waiting for the new path to move to Fixed: Several AIs that were not taking shifts into consideration and thus were interrupted prematurely Fixed: At certain edge cases, engineers would stop fixing the buildings Fixed: NRE on load, that caused all AI to stop during Nugget escort Fixed: Out of Bounds exception that happened when certain happiness effects were applied in a specific order. Fixed: Prevented ministers to become exiled while they are working as ministers Fixed: Cloud saves were not always properly saved
  6. Too Quick Gameplay?

    Resource requirements of some type are planned on being added back in, but were removed because we're still making so many balance changes to the game. And anytime we do that, the value of the resources may change, affecting the estimated time it takes to finish a piece of research. And that would go for every single research. So while having it be timers is definitely unideal, it's the best way right now because then we have a hardcoded amount of time it takes to finish something in the game that's very easy to change if we need to, but is affected by very little else, so we rarely do.
  7. little-starlyToday at 9:06 AM Recently, I collected some new problems and suggestions found in the 0.3 version of the game: -- Problem /bugs-- 1. After the completion of the distribution center, all Nuggets will no longer carry materials to the construction site, and the distribution center can only allocate two nuggets, the rest of the positions are locked. 2. Nugget will not get sick when passing through the infected area (previous versions will get sick) 3. It seems that the formation of animal piles will happen to all animals, and hunters do not seem to actively hunt these animals (even nearest to the hunter's hut). 4. Some Nugget homes will not be upgraded according to the progress of the times (the upgraded resources are sufficient) 5. Nugget ministers will automatically build production buildings (such as hospitals) within the scope of logging sites. (As creators, we can't make it) 6. If the crops on the farm stop supplying water when they are ripe, Nugget farmers will still not collect the ripe crops, but wait for them to decay. -- Suggestions -- 1. With the progress of the times, the construction steps of buildings are more and more, but the construction speed of Nugget seems to have no improvement. The later the construction speed is, the slower the construction speed is. It is suggested that the speed of construction and the animation display of the construction process should be properly improved according to the tool technology. 2. After the police arrested Nugget criminals and put them in prison, the original position suggested that they should automatically find an idle worker Nugget close to that position instead. 3. Suggest setting up admission time, otherwise those dying Nuggets will still be very good at learning to occupy valuable degrees.
  8. Too Quick Gameplay?

    Well, I don't share this. I don't want to manually activate the next era. I don't want this like Spore. I mean, I suggest to have some requirements like x amount of resources (stone, wood, refined stone, electricity, etc) to unlock a perk. And you manage when you want to advance more, or if you want to advance less. You can upgrade buildings when you want. I'd like the old (not that old) perk system when you needed resources to unlock it. I mean the old system, not the old UI (the actual one is fabulous).
  9. welcome now you can post on other forums as well
  10. Too Quick Gameplay?

    Also I think , with the research you done. It should state that a research will go take you into the next era. Also would be nice if we really can manually activate the next age , AKA in the temple like we can in creator mode
  11. Status of the Game

    Football Story Status Currently there is a playable built that we use to test matches. We will get back to here to plan future testing sessions.Fall 2019 we want to go to early access or get a demo out. So please stay tuned
  12. Too Quick Gameplay?

    I support this. I would add to each perk the some requirements, like x amount of stone, y amount of wood and also that you need more to unlock when you are evolving. The game now is so easy.
  13. Yep, I am right now exploring the content of the forum.
  14. First post will be update with the newest info , bare with us
  15. [Hot Fix]Experimental Built

    Experimental Patch Live On the experimental branch is a quick patch fix. Some bugs will be fixed in this version. This game version has got the log option turned back on. It also means that the game will use more resources AKA the game might run more choppy. This is enabled so that the DEV's can receive the logs back from you players to do better bug hunting. As soon as the bugs will be done , the log option might be turned off again. That willl effect the performance of the game. Just for Info people Small Note Patch notes will follow soon. Make sure to keep on sending those logs
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  17. I am at the end of the game and I am trying to build the cement factory, the glass factory and the hot-air balloon, but my nuggets are a supportor and not a constructor, they will carry refined wood and refined rock, but do not touch the iron, it stays in storage, even construction that not need iron does not work, did you know this problem?
  18. The Universim is a remarkable game but I think the transaction between each era is some kind too quick. What do you guys think?
  19. Ennemies included

    Just warn your nuggets if they don’t behave that Stronkie will sit on them
  20. Ennemies included

    How on earth didn't I think about it? O.o Or - perhaps I did try and fail, I'll try again...
  21. Ennemies included

    Just be creative hehe
  22. Ennemies included

    Hey @eeddow you definitely start the game with powers that can counter an Exile attack. Instead of raining on them, why not grab them and toss them into a lake? Or into space? Or dash them against a rock! We definitely encourage you to be creative with your powers
  23. Ennemies included

    Oh ... indeed, I don't have the research yet ... I guess I'm dead then and should begin a new one researching the watchtower quickly...
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