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  2. G'day from Australia. I can't wait until this is a fully finished piece of work. Keep up the great work! 😃
  3. I've never seen it happen, it will probabbly be fixed tho.
  4. Yesterday
  5. And Now a New God is Born. Still bought, Lets Play will follow
  6. Last week
  7. I'm Adam, been with the game since the old kickstarter days. Love what you guys are doing with it, and I can't wait to see where it'll go.
  8. How do i download on mac I click on the launcher put in my key and activate but nothing else happens
  9. nuggets building roads across the map

    I had this happen when I upgraded a water pump.
  10. Just here to see how the game is doing, I've owned it for a while and wanted to check up on it.
  11. Just joined today, first time hearing about this game I got really interested. So here we go!
  12. Hi, my name is Mike, and I like games..... (this is the part you say "hi mike"). Excited to see a true god like game, being part of the early stages of it, and looking forward to see what is coming over the horizon.
  13. Hi guys! My name is Cameron and I love this game
  14. Just stopping in so I can see the rest of the forums. Oh, hi and stuff.
  15. Found out about this recently i cant wait to see how far this game will go looks amazing already
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