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  3. nuggets freez

    hi, i found a bug that freez all nugets when i try to craft the spacecraft and run out of resources, when i canceled the production they started movin again. tryed alot before finding out it was the spacecraft that bugged everyone. was almost at 1700 nuggeds when i ran out of food because no one wanted to harvest food. im runing the latest version
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  5. fire fighters not working when there is a fire

    maybe it's a problem with pathfinding, or maybe the usual , only fire fighters next to the fire are working, the others go inside houses or bunkers, next Beta will be different
  6. fire fighters not working when there is a fire

    I have also had this happen in some game saves.
  7. when there is a fire the sirene goes off and everybody including fire fighters are going to the shelter. anyone a solution?
  8. Major Lag Issue

    I believe the next update is suppose to help with those issues. It’s suppose to be a big one. I haven’t been able to play for months because of the pathfinding issue and such. So just hang on till the new update. That’s all I have for you sorry. Lol 🙂
  9. Major Lag Issue

    I just started playing yesterday, I was doing well until I hit about 90 nuggets and my game started lagging up a storm. I run an I7 7700K, 1080, 32GB of ram and strictly SSD's, resource usage for CPU never goes about 60%, and everything else stays below 50% most people report that it's around 200 nuggets the lag starts. I've tried reloading, I've tried opening and closing the game, but nothing can fix it. Any suggestions?
  10. What is the end game

    Max crime makes riots more likely, and max happiness makes them move a little slower and less chance for twins (IIRC).
  11. What is the end game

    I bought this game yesterday on the steam sale, i have now completed it Well done, its a great looking game, i love the concept of a spherical planet and you are god, the recent news about the size of the planet increase is great and i find the concept of going to other planets a great draw and the main reason i bought the game However I think this games needs to decide what its supposed to be and then focus on that; it feels like there are a lot of good ideas but nothing is completed or balanced. Is this a god sim? if so why are we placing buildings? why arnt we focused more on higher level things like the species management and the relationships with other tribes? how come when i attack another tribe i get negative god points in our own tribe surely if they are none believers we should get more points? how come when i perform miracle i dont get more believers? do we want our species to be good or evil? Is this a city simulator? we need more control over the city design, the resource management as it currently is pointless, need more wood place a bunch more wood mills wait 2 hours, there is no penalty, everything is beat by waiting, I hear a horn go off... Ooo their is probably a fire somewhere, look around to find it and rain on it... cool... 2 hours later, who cares nothing happens if there is a fire anyway i might as well just ignore it, why am i getting told that a nugget is in a relationship when Im not told where a fire is? I would prefer this to be a god sim, please take out the ideas around city simulation and focus more on how a god would use his powers to decide a fate of a species, they wouldn't be placing hospitals would they? they might be deciding on how one faction deals with another, they might be performing miracles to encourage another faction to become believers, watch a few lets plays of "black and white" Decide on direction, consolidate existing functionality, fix bugs, polish then upgrade add new functionality and loop otherwise this project will go on forever One last point: "Me Monday town have sent orators to your city to cause a disruption" I pause game go find their village un pause game, drop a meteor on their town, eradicate everyone and everything near them with lightening: ""Mr monday town orators are causing a disruption for the next 10 mins, you have bad max un happiness and max crime" huh what? where are these orators? what?... but you know the worse thing.... its doesn't matter, max crime and max un happiness did absolutely nothing... no penalty... what was the point... I think this game could be fantastic, converting a whole universe to believing in you as the one true god.... move away from micromanaging a city and lets get to converting a universe to bend under our will! keep up the GOD work guys
  12. Build version: Severity on a scale of 1-5: 3 Description: Could only pick up rocks and trees, could not pick up different types of vegetables, nuggets etc for specific missions that popped up. Also once I reached around the education technology and my society was becoming pretty built up (60 or so nuggets) game would not save even if left for a long period of time Reproduction: - After saving child nugget try to pick up nugget using telekinesis
  13. Text Sizing and text hovers

    I play mainly with UI scaling at max. The text size in some areas like the tech tree is huge while the text in mission text (go save my boy from wolves) is tiny. Having a way to adjust the various text ares or having all the text adjust according to UI scaling would be great. When hovering over a resource in the resource info panel at the bottom of the screen (wood, stone, etc...) it would be great to have text appear while you hover the item so people know what the picture of the resource is. In early game its easy to know the different resources because you only have 2 or 4, but in late game trying to determine what the resource is becomes a game of it's own while I go to each building, seeing what they produce and the picture they use for the resource so I understand what the bottom resource info panel is trying to convey to me. Thanks, Nerfy
  14. Text Size and UI Size Issues

    Playing the latest build from steam and I noticed a couple problems that I wanted to report. I have played the game on 2 different monitors - 1920x1080 initially and then 1280x720. When playing on 1280x720 and I click a building to see it's stats, the info panel for the building seems to remember where on the screen it opened when playing on resolution 1920x1080 causing the info panel to open partially off the screen. Seems to happen intermittently as most times the info panel opens in the center of the screen. Tech tree text size does not change with UI scaling in settings or changes very little. When playing on 1280x720 with max UI scaling, the tech tree text is huge causing the info panel about the tech to run off the screen. Can never position the info panel so you can see all of the text unless very little is written about the tech. Changing UI scaling didn't seem change the text size and the info panel was still running off the screen. Thanks and love the game, Nerfy
  15. GOG key for pledgers

    I believe we were issuing them on request for a while as it was an either or situation.
  16. Steam key?

    Sprool, If you had an early access copy and the key that was given with the stand alone client, that is also your steam key. In the event you never got that key, or have misplaced it please contact our support via the support chat on https://crytivo.com/ (Lower right hand corner) and provide the following information Your backer email (what ever one you to register with kickstarter OR if you provided a different one on signup) Your pledge level. This should help the support team track your backer level down faster and get you the key.
  17. Steam key?

    I've abandoned my old mac for a new windows 10 pc as gameplay and frame rate on the mac is now so bad. How can I transfer Universim over to the new pc? It was purchased early access before it went on steam but i have no product key. If I could get a steam key I can download again via steam on the new Win 10 pc. Thanks
  18. GOG key for pledgers

    Thanks. Does that means GoG keys are already sent but mine is lost in the warp ?
  19. GOG key for pledgers

    Hi Chinook, My apologies for missing this thread the first time around. Can you please contact our team through support regarding your missing key. The support chat can be found in the bottom right corner of https://crytivo.com/ They'll be able to get you sorted out! Please make sure to have the following information to help facilitate finding your pledge easier Kickstarter backer email (which ever email you used to register with kickstarter) Pledge level
  20. GOG key for pledgers

    I don't want to be harrassing, but an official answer of any kind would be appreciated...
  21. Pets please

    Alright this one might sound familiar, but lets get pets in this game, something I can take care of and watch grow with my civilization. How awesome would it be to get something from a giant egg at random chance at the beginning of... well the beginning. You could crack it open like the meteors and its evolution or education or BOTH could be in the research tree! He could grow big, and learn how to use the prayer spell things that I use all the time and gather his own following and change minorly based on what miracles he does learn how to do, including visually and behaviorally. Barring some huge addition like that, animal husbandry would be cool, tame pets and what not. Get these nuggets some space doggos and meow meows.
  22. GOG key for pledgers

    Hello. Please be assured that my words are pretty calm and respectful, and I'm a kind of very patient person (pledged for games I knew they would take more than 4 years and still not even in beta) I can't find the precedent (and quite old) thread about this same question. It looks like erased or maybe archived. We are now 3 years after the crowdfunding, and 1.5 years after Steam and GOG release. Steam players get their keys almost instand, and GOG ones get answers like "you'll have to wait, nothing is planned for now". 1.5 years later, still nothing (and I don't want to add and play it on steam, I pledged the game because of GoG). I know and use the standalone launcher, but still... I see more and more advertisements, more and more dlc content (you can even already buy in a store), but still no GoG users key ? Are we that sort of second zone customers ? E.A buyers (post gog release) have their keys, but pledger (long before any plateforme release) don't have (only on GoG). Sounds too much like "hey you paid, we have our money and the effort is worthless". Did I miss something or are we really treated like this ? (I re-re-re-re-rechecked my mails, still nothing)
  23. any downsides to destroying homes?

    No not in the long run. Only thing is that's they will build a new house for them, whit new resources. If all the other hous are occupied they will not do enny more nugets untill they got a new house, the nugets that has no more house will say. homeless=no fun in the bed for them.
  24. any downsides to destroying homes?

    aside from temporary homelessness, does anything negative happen for destroying houses to make room for needed buildings?
  25. there may be very few people who share my request but please have an option to turn off random disasters, wolf attacks, and aggressive exiles, at least in sandbox mode! i've stated this in the discord with no real response from a developer. i want to create a utopian world, no problems, just pure nugget evolution. crime from unhappy nuggets I'm ok with, otherwise, the police, jail and watchtowers would be useless
  26. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I did stream (never did before) , just because this game is amazing https://www.twitch.tv/etermes
  27. Mous Skin

    Hi! I have playad the game off The Universim and loves the mouse skin in the game. (The White dote) So i wonder if i can get it somehow? Was looking for it in the steam map but did not find any. Would make me very happy, if i could get it Sincerely Lars Axelsson Mous skin.mp4
  28. Hashtag Suggestions

    There were a few hashtag ideas for Twitch streaming that I was thinking about. #educate - immediately educate the nugget (or maybe increase their learning rate) #mate - mate with the nugget's current partner (as opposed to #createfamily that mates them with a new partner) #kickstart - like the kickstart power, energizes the nugget into a run (maybe a shorter duration as the creator power) #collect****** - collect a certain resource (****** could be wood, stone, food from a bush, herb from a bush) #spy - make chaos in an exile village (steal, start a fire, etc) #peace - make nice in an exile village (so they become less aggressive) What do you guys think?
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