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  2. Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    It did happen to me too, and I think the problem is with the guard towers, didn't try it but I think for now you'll have to place a bunch of them to guard the perimeter, cuz I noticed, that it often happens so that all the guards take breakes at the same time. And the solution to that would be simple, you put 2 slots on the guard towers, and the change shifts so that the guard towers are always occupied and no wolf gets past them:D
  3. Wild Animal Attacks/Guard Bug?

    Hey, Just got this game and ive been playing it a fair bit, overall enjoying it and am sooo excited for the full version when its all complete. BUT this wolf situation needs to be adjusted, I also keep having half my village killed off from a pack of wolves every single winter as i get closer to the medieval stage. I have been playing for three days straight and not once have i managed to progress to a successful medieval village. My frustration on this is ever increasing. The nuggets do not go to the bunkers when they are attacked, the watch tower nuggets....freak out..they are supposed to be the village protectors, and then my village withers and dies because there are not enough villagers to run the place. i had 12 nuggets die the first attack then the next time it was around 20... i have yet to have a village over 75 pop. As god i am helpless to protect my poor little nugz, why cant i smite these nasty wolves? Eliseth you are not alone on this one.
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  5. Find my lost nugget

    Just scout around the globe. The kid will be shouting things like ' help mah', 'mahhhh' in brief intervals and you'll be able to hear it when you're close. Just dont scroll too fast or you might miss it when the kid screams. I think the kid shouts more frequently as the timer comes closer to running out. That said, that house search would work too i guess. Haven't tried it myself.
  6. i have 50 engineers wondering about and still i have buildings crumbling.
  7. I kinda agree... it would make alot more sense if they had to build the evolution tower... but you should still mark a location for it.. perhaps a beam of light would show in that area so the nuggets can see that you want it built there or something... As the other poster mentioned a district mapping system would be very nice to have... so rather than having to place residential/commerical/industrial buildings you could zone an area for it and the nuggets would figure it out on their own... it would at least be slightly better than having to manually place every building yourself.
  8. Hard Crash

    Everything on my computer is fine. I play star citizen (which is the highest graphically demanding game ) on 4k, while streaming on twitch at 60fps at 720p without a hiccup. It only happens when I play this game.
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  10. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    @zaygr Currently you are not able to upgrade the Epicenter. The research is there and the huts will upgrade, its just that the Epicenter will not due to a last minute bug that presented itself right before sending out the update. It doesn't affect game-play, its a cosmetic thing mostly.
  11. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Mine just randomly started updating the huts. I’m also at the end of the research and have all my resources. So I hope yours will start working too.
  12. Hard Crash

    @AceOfSpadez When you say 'Hard Crash to restart', do you mean your computer completely shuts down and restarts? If so, then the game is most likely not the problem. When you are dealing with a hard crash that restarts the PC, there are various issues that could be causing it. My Recommendations: Update Video and Sound Card drivers Check Temps to see if you are getting heat spikes on GPU and CPU Re-seat your Memory Cards Run Malware and Anti-Virus scans In Settings, change the Resolution from Auto to what your native resolution is Hard Crashes that restart a computer are most generally hardware related and sometimes driver related. We have not gotten notice that others are experiencing this type of an issue, so the odds are it is something with your PC that is having an issue. Not saying it couldn't be game related, but based on bug reports, it doesn't seem likely at this time.
  13. Screen Freezing bug

    @wEs Since the game is in Alpha and minimum requirements for the game will continue to change as it progresses, this issue you are having appears to be an issue with your PC configuration. We test the game constantly and there has not been any crashing issues like you have described. My Recommendations: Verify that your PC meets the current minimum requirements (http://support.crytivo.com/crytivo-store-games/the-universim/the-universim-information) Update Video and Sound card drivers Run Malware and Anti-Virus scans If you still have the game crashing, then you may need to do a selective startup for windows and see if you have an app running in the background that is affecting the game. Various programs that try and do overlays could be crashing it or something I am not even familiar with.
  14. @rraccoonn The issue with missing building components is a Unity issue with Mac's that have a single Intel video chipset. Unity is aware of the issue, however they have not provided a fix for the Unity bug. Our developers are looking into other ways to resolve the issue, however at this time there is no ETA on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware and working to resolve it with the Early Access launch.
  15. Screen Freezing bug

    Used to work on my PC with no issues till the patch, no other games or software has any issue either, willing to run any test of any sort to verify. Slight drop in CPU usage, clock speed, and temp during crash, nothing significant. Shows not responding only after a short while, i seem to be able to be able to perform interactions before it stops responding. Completely crashes shortly after I alt tab out, Crash logs attached. error.log crash.dmp
  16. what do you think about this new mechanics to the new medieval era?

    yeah, i understand it, thank you for your opinion
  17. Hard Crash

    Still getting a hard reset crash. Also finally got a crash log. However the system will now allow me to upload a zipped save file crash.zip
  18. God Quests/Missions

    Hey Jean, One way you can do it is: Find the house of the Nugget who is asking for your help. Check his children. Click on the children icon. It will move you to the location of the lost nugget. Bring him back home
  19. God Quests/Missions

    I'm not sitting at home in front of the game, so forgive me if I get some information off. I've been silently watching and playing with the God Mail quests/missions and either it's missing some "help" or I'm missing the help. The base quest of "find my missing child before they get eaten" is quite the painful quest. Are there any hints or clues on how to find this missing child as the visual search over the entire planet is not working well for me, especially within the time allotted to complete the quest. The one time I was successful at locating the child I cause more damage than the poor kid could bear and well, he didn't survive the trip home when I attempted to gently drop him home. Am I missing some type of hint to help locate this missing child, or is it truly a mad hunt and seek mission with a total luck factor on finding this kid? If not, I might suggest some sort of "god power" to aid in finding this mission for the quest.
  20. bridges?

    when is the new patch?
  21. Initially the default was essentially on high resolution for everything and I assumed this was why my laptop was struggling, so everything that I could switch to low resolution was switched to low resolution and shadow distances reduced (basically everything at the minimum settings). This didn't really have much of a visual effect or improve the performance of the game
  22. When are Kickstarter rewards being sent

    I have just sent an email
  23. bridges?

    @Cookie yes, we plan to add bridges to the game. Might be in within next few patches. Alex
  24. When are Kickstarter rewards being sent

    Hi @banksie most of the rewards already been sent to Kickstarter backers. I would say, please go ahead and send us info to contact@crytivo.com. Alex
  25. I was just wondering when the planet cracker and the mother planet will be sent
  26. bridges?

    just recently started playing again and i always start my civilization by a large water source because i want them to survive lol. anyways when the population gets higher they start putting houses on the other side of the ocean because they think its "closest" to the evolution tower. Anyways i wouldn't care however the journey around the ocean kills them because they get over there and they are dehydrated/ starving and no food or water is over there they usually kill themselves on the walk back. Also with this problem when i try to build a well over there it takes forever because im already in refined materials mode and as i said the trip over literally kills them so i just get stuck and its kind of funny how dumb the problem is. So when will bridges be a thing?
  27. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    When talking about the evolution tower and all the related things, I still wonder why the player has to place it. If the tower is supposed to be some sort of shrine, than the nuggets should build it: With the perception of their god/ the emergence of their spiritual consciousness they should create that place on their own. It still would be possible select a starting location though, but also add some depth to the currently one-sided relationship.
  28. what do you think about this new mechanics to the new medieval era?

    Exactly! The reason why I was supporting the Universim was the idea of an over-outstanding revival of that genre after being cheated by THAT british game designer.
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