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  5. Pets please

    Alright this one might sound familiar, but lets get pets in this game, something I can take care of and watch grow with my civilization. How awesome would it be to get something from a giant egg at random chance at the beginning of... well the beginning. You could crack it open like the meteors and its evolution or education or BOTH could be in the research tree! He could grow big, and learn how to use the prayer spell things that I use all the time and gather his own following and change minorly based on what miracles he does learn how to do, including visually and behaviorally. Barring some huge addition like that, animal husbandry would be cool, tame pets and what not. Get these nuggets some space doggos and meow meows.
  6. GOG key for pledgers

    Hello. Please be assured that my words are pretty calm and respectful, and I'm a kind of very patient person (pledged for games I knew they would take more than 4 years and still not even in beta) I can't find the precedent (and quite old) thread about this same question. It looks like erased or maybe archived. We are now 3 years after the crowdfunding, and 1.5 years after Steam and GOG release. Steam players get their keys almost instand, and GOG ones get answers like "you'll have to wait, nothing is planned for now". 1.5 years later, still nothing (and I don't want to add and play it on steam, I pledged the game because of GoG). I know and use the standalone launcher, but still... I see more and more advertisements, more and more dlc content (you can even already buy in a store), but still no GoG users key ? Are we that sort of second zone customers ? E.A buyers (post gog release) have their keys, but pledger (long before any plateforme release) don't have (only on GoG). Sounds too much like "hey you paid, we have our money and the effort is worthless". Did I miss something or are we really treated like this ? (I re-re-re-re-rechecked my mails, still nothing)
  7. any downsides to destroying homes?

    No not in the long run. Only thing is that's they will build a new house for them, whit new resources. If all the other hous are occupied they will not do enny more nugets untill they got a new house, the nugets that has no more house will say. homeless=no fun in the bed for them.
  8. any downsides to destroying homes?

    aside from temporary homelessness, does anything negative happen for destroying houses to make room for needed buildings?
  9. there may be very few people who share my request but please have an option to turn off random disasters, wolf attacks, and aggressive exiles, at least in sandbox mode! i've stated this in the discord with no real response from a developer. i want to create a utopian world, no problems, just pure nugget evolution. crime from unhappy nuggets I'm ok with, otherwise, the police, jail and watchtowers would be useless
  10. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I did stream (never did before) , just because this game is amazing https://www.twitch.tv/etermes
  11. Mous Skin

    Hi! I have playad the game off The Universim and loves the mouse skin in the game. (The White dote) So i wonder if i can get it somehow? Was looking for it in the steam map but did not find any. Would make me very happy, if i could get it Sincerely Lars Axelsson Mous skin.mp4
  12. Hashtag Suggestions

    There were a few hashtag ideas for Twitch streaming that I was thinking about. #educate - immediately educate the nugget (or maybe increase their learning rate) #mate - mate with the nugget's current partner (as opposed to #createfamily that mates them with a new partner) #kickstart - like the kickstart power, energizes the nugget into a run (maybe a shorter duration as the creator power) #collect****** - collect a certain resource (****** could be wood, stone, food from a bush, herb from a bush) #spy - make chaos in an exile village (steal, start a fire, etc) #peace - make nice in an exile village (so they become less aggressive) What do you guys think?
  13. Key not working

    Thanks, I did just that. Forgot to check if there was a support system in place.
  14. Key not working

    Hi Denkrisgud, Can you please send in a ticket to our support team on the https://crytivo.com/ site. The support link is in the lower right corner on the main page. They'll get you sorted out and playing asap!
  15. Key not working

    My key is not working on either steam or the launcher. It says someone has already used it.
  16. Does not work on macOS Catalina

    I just purchased this early access game, and it doesn't support macOS Catalina? Do you plan on recompiling with the 64bit flag set? Pretty sure Windows, Linux, and Mac all support 64 bit.... Thanks
  17. Question before purchase

    Intel i5 /i7 Kaby Lake or above, or AMD Ryzen 2600/3600 or above , 16Gb RAM, and Nvidia GTX 1070 or above (AMD RX580, or above), SSD or Nvme drive for 1080p resolution
  18. Question before purchase

    Would you mind recommending the best system requirements before installing this game?
  19. Trading bugged

    I can tell you, next patch will receive a major AI improvement, so if you feel overwhelmed with bugs, play the next, I hope next month
  20. Yeah it is still a thing, just got it aswell. It is hilarious how they STILL cant fix this bug!
  21. Trading bugged

    Cba with that save now anyway since i got the EVER-EXISTING bug with nuggets stopping to do anything. Guess i wont play until next patch AGAIN hoping for a fix for this ooold bug
  22. Trading bugged

    Hi, do you have a save file to check? I play many times, I never had that problem
  23. Trading bugged

    I cant accept any trades made with other villages no matter how good/bad the meter shows. the button gets "pressed" (changes colour) but nothing happens at all
  24. It's 2019 and Nuggets still Freeze..?

    Just did the latest update v - can confirm frozen nuggets Are still a thing upon loading. Pretty frustrating. Was hoping to see them advance. can we get like a “debug” button in the game? Where you can click on an object and debug it.
  25. Modern era is a chaotic process , because all nuggets want a new house, tall and shinne at the same time, but you can go through it, I did, I launched spaceships.... I agree about building priority (broken right now) and priority houses upgrades I can share my save file and you whatch it and you can share also, so I find out what is going on exactly, but as I said , it's a process
  26. Multiple save file deletion

    Hi there, you can delete from the path users/"user"/AppData/LocalLow/.../Saves all of them at the same time
  27. Doing Nothing

    this is a broken AI in the game, known as pathfinding issue, devs need to fix that , sometimes you place buildings too close each to other (or nuggets do, with houses) and AI get crazy about path, nuggets go to oceans, walk-stop behaviour, or stuck, even inside walls or rocks
  28. Plant Trees Power

    Fair enough, did not realise it was 15 trees it actually planted. I just remember in previous build it saying 30 at max.
  29. Question before purchase

    Hello, I think at the beginning of the game is enough, but later your graphic card is short to the task, they game is very demanding you would have to play all low settings
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