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  3. It's 2019 and Nuggets still Freeze..?

    Just did the latest update v - can confirm frozen nuggets Are still a thing upon loading. Pretty frustrating. Was hoping to see them advance. can we get like a “debug” button in the game? Where you can click on an object and debug it.
  4. Modern era is a chaotic process , because all nuggets want a new house, tall and shinne at the same time, but you can go through it, I did, I launched spaceships.... I agree about building priority (broken right now) and priority houses upgrades I can share my save file and you whatch it and you can share also, so I find out what is going on exactly, but as I said , it's a process
  5. Multiple save file deletion

    Hi there, you can delete from the path users/"user"/AppData/LocalLow/.../Saves all of them at the same time
  6. Doing Nothing

    this is a broken AI in the game, known as pathfinding issue, devs need to fix that , sometimes you place buildings too close each to other (or nuggets do, with houses) and AI get crazy about path, nuggets go to oceans, walk-stop behaviour, or stuck, even inside walls or rocks
  7. Plant Trees Power

    Fair enough, did not realise it was 15 trees it actually planted. I just remember in previous build it saying 30 at max.
  8. Question before purchase

    Hello, I think at the beginning of the game is enough, but later your graphic card is short to the task, they game is very demanding you would have to play all low settings
  9. how far along?

    You can't yet, I think many people use now Discord channels, and twitter to follow the progress and make comments
  10. Plant Trees Power

    It says Plant 15 trees, and plant a tree cost 2 CP, so maths are good, right?
  11. Priority Fail

    I agree, build priority is something to improve
  12. Taking a stroll/drive into the water

    Hi, this is the same issue as the nuggets stuck Doing Nothing, pathfinding issue, it's related to the AI of the game and still needs to be fixed it happens when they can't reach their destination, because something blocked it for a moment, I think, Like when they decide to build modern houses like crazy in Downtown, and everything is too crowdy, but eventually it happens without particular reason I have the issue also with Rehab center, enforcers with criminals lose the path constantly . and lose health in the proccess without reaching the center
  13. V37 - (3-4) Nuggets still like to walk/drive into the water and then stand there for a few and walk out.
  14. Doing Nothing

    V37 (3-4) Nuggets with jobs walking around doing nothing and need to eat and drink Or saying Going to drink but just standing there jumping in truck and then jumps back out of truck
  15. Plant Trees Power

    V37 - (2-3) When using Plant Trees Power at max it says it will cost 15 CP, but it drains 30 CP
  16. Drained Lake

    V37 - (2-3) Its more like a cosmetic bug that once a lake has been drain the water (visually) is still there.
  17. Hello. I save often, and I number the saves so I can go back if I wish. However, when a new update is released it takes a while to delete them all. Could we install a delete multiple and/or a delete all mechanic?
  18. Had this for a few playthroughs now. After a while (10-15 min or so) the messages from nuggets stop popping up. These nuggets have fallen in love, this nugget has died, this building is done, this building is decaying, etc. They start working again when I load the game and load a save game, but it soon stops again. Anyone else?
  19. Iron not being delivered

    Also been having this issue.
  20. Buildings not being built.

    I have also been having this issue. Buggered up my late game, so I have yet to get to space.
  21. I have at least 10 Iron Mines going and none of the buildings I want to build or upgrade is getting these materials and they are FAR more important than the house upgrades currently. I have absolutely every research point and I am unable to build 50% of the other buildings because I don't have the correct factories and materials to do so. This is making the game EXTREMELY tedious and boring. This is not a matter of making the game more difficult it is simply a broken system. However, I think the easy fix is simply to implement a feature that allows us to turn off housing upgrades. In fact, a far more in-depth system would be even better. One that allows us to further get into advanced features of turning off and on certain upgrades for anything and everything. Whatever you decide, something desperately needs to be done. I am literally about to give up on this until I hear of a fix. It is quite frustrating. Nothing I do helps, I am stuck in a loop of nothingness. lol. I have basically spent the last 1 - 1 1/2 hours just watching houses upgrade and upgrading research. Now research is maxed there is nothing else to do but look at the screen and hope something happens to benefit me. Basically I can't get anywhere past a cement and glass factory because houses won't stop upgrading and using all the materials I need. With that said, another good idea might be to make a priority button for upgrading buildings.
  22. I am not sure if this is a bug or what, however... I am having a LOT of late-game issues in general. One of the biggest is resource issues are buildings not being built, even though the resources are all there. The priority button does absolutely nothing. They are walking up to the building and then just turning around. They are all perfectly happy so that isn't the issue. I am trying everything I can think of but nothing seems to work. Also, it shows 3-4 people assigned to build the building but again nothing is happening. This has gone on for 45 min give or take. Also........I do have plenty of laborers.
  23. Iron not being delivered

    Agreed, there is something bugged with iron. In fact a lot of buggy problems with resources in general.
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  25. how far along?

    196 views but no answers! wow it must take a while to say yes or no...
  26. Question before purchase

    Hello, Sorry my english is not very good I did a game's system requirements test on a website for The Universim and i didn't understand the results of my video card The result : Minimum: GTX 780 | RX 290 or Higher You Have: GeForce GTX 950M Required You Have Pixel Shader 5.0 5.1 Vertex Shader 5.0 5.1 Dedicated Video RAM 3072 MB 4.0 GB The Universim is going to work or not ? Because the things i have looks better Thank you Alex
  27. Priority Fail

    I have been playing this game quite a LONG time now. The priority button works no better than day 1. It is not a matter of not have the proper supplies, or something needed to be built first, lack of labor force, or anything at all like that. It is simply broken and desperately needs to be repaired. I see no reason this feature can't work a lot better.
  28. Still in 0.0.36 and yes, it takes too long to build buildings sometimes, resources are in the warehouse, but iron is not delivered
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